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  2. Actisys + Sage compatibility with UK devices
  3. Hauppauge 350 poor signal
  4. Hauppauge hardware
  5. Sage and Inputs?
  6. Cheap Hauppage PVR 250/350 - any cheaper?
  7. Sorting XMLTV
  8. Sage TV in the UK
  9. Were in the UK are you based?
  10. Digiguide or other EPG
  11. Updated (bit of a hack) plugin for tv_grab_uk_rt
  12. XMLTV grab_uk slow at the mo? anyone else?
  13. Anyone having problems with tv_grab_uk_rt
  14. ananova has stopped there xml listings service
  15. Setting up grab_tv_uk_rt...
  16. Remote for Sky Digital
  17. xmltv import and 'clumps'
  18. New Listings Source
  19. Anyone else lumbered with an old sky digibox?
  20. epg data from sky
  21. tv_grab_uk_rt not working (again)
  22. visual basic alternative to tv_grab_rt
  23. How are you getting xml data at the moment for uk?
  24. rt grabber channel names issues (bbc choice, and movies)
  25. XMLTV 5.28 Problems
  26. PVR350 Scart and initialisation
  27. Bleb.org XMLTV lisitings
  28. Tuning UK TV channles
  29. WinTV 350 and Sage in the UK
  30. xml tv
  31. UK TV Listings, Sage TV V2, trial
  32. Svideo out from NTL box (Pace DI4000-N)
  33. Black Bar on PVR-350
  34. UK TV Listings, Sage TV V2
  35. Setting up channels from WinTV frequencies
  36. epg data
  37. Automatically tuning Set Top Box from SageTV
  38. can not generate an xml file
  39. Update Frequency
  40. How many channels do you get?
  41. E4 line-up
  42. Just lost all my EPG data :(
  43. Radio Times listings prior to 6:00am
  44. Videoplus Numbers on RT
  45. Freeview TV source
  46. XMLTV and Dual EPG Line-ups
  47. XMLTV TV_GRAB_UK_RT - Has something changed these days?
  48. Embarrassingly basic question
  49. I've found a way to have channel logos only in the epg
  50. Current XMLTV in UK situation
  51. Controlling Sky digibox Plan B - Redeye
  52. Probs using fixed uk_rt grabber
  53. winlirc and Sage
  54. XMLTV is working; Now which codec to use?
  55. Cable from sound card (3.5mm jack) to phono
  56. sky digibox ir control
  57. Sage TV shows no data!!
  58. USB UIRT availability
  59. UK Law and PVR - Personal Use
  60. Home Made PVR vs Sky P*us
  61. xmltv_uk_rt batch file
  62. BST -> GMT, EPG data not imported
  63. EPGData inital setup Please help!
  64. Anyone elses RT grabber stopped grabbing?
  65. How to record only one episode of a series
  66. Adding second TV source using Freeview box
  67. Changing recording quality settings for PAL recordings
  68. Category tag in UK RT XMLTV data
  69. Sky Digibox
  70. PVR150 Problems
  71. probs with motors tv in xmltv
  72. Now have USA EPG data as well as UK
  73. reliable 2.1.x for UK PAL with .exetuner plugin?
  74. What dvb tuner card (UK)
  75. Multiple tuner use in the UK
  76. Sage Server Rebuild - What PVR Card
  77. xmltv not working at all. Help please!
  78. Step-by-step guide for setting up the XMLTV plug-in for UK guide data
  79. Sky Digital Problem (Not Sage Issue)
  80. Sky Digital reduces sensitivity to sat signal once a TV SCART is connected
  81. XMLTV UK Channel No.s
  82. tv-out OSD corrupt 50hz/pal
  83. +1 Channels
  84. First Post Here-Card Compatibility
  85. Sky box to S-video
  86. Werid EPG problem
  87. UK Weather
  88. Comskip in the UK
  89. alans rt grabber problems
  90. command line window on top of sage
  91. usbirt codes for sky
  92. xmltv.XMLTVImportPlugin randomly stops working
  93. Anybody else having problems with UK Bleb listings?
  94. Sky remote & IR receiver
  95. SkyEye Controller for Sky Digibox
  96. Just got sagetv 2.2.8 help needed pls
  97. Control Sky digibox with Hauppauge remote and USB-UIRT??
  98. BlackGold DVB-T Cards
  99. can't get it to tune in
  100. XMLTV Channel Numbering
  101. Setting it up
  102. v4
  103. Is anyone using tvtv with v4 in the UK yet?
  104. tvtv for SageTV 4 doesn't work ...
  105. How to get new channels in radio times grabber?
  106. Show Analyzer or Comskip settings
  107. uk tvtv vs. xmltv
  108. Media MVP Results
  109. UK Freeview Frequencies - Help Needed
  110. zip code "00000" shows no results
  111. Options for Freeview Reception in the UK.
  112. DVB-T & Hauppauge MVP?
  113. Annoying SKY channel change!!
  114. Birtles Paramount+1
  115. UK EPG data - Anything but XMLTV/RadioTimes?
  116. DVB-T & Recording Quality Setting
  117. DVB-S (General Questions)
  118. Help to create Media Centre system
  119. birtles.org.uk
  120. Listings for channels Radio Times don't provide
  121. Which TV card?
  122. Who has a 37-42" LCD connected to their HTPC?
  123. Frequency file
  124. Please Help!! Trying to get Nebula DigiTV Working
  125. anyone started losing the end of programmes?
  126. Cheap, silent client PC for HD use
  127. Crystal Palace frq file
  128. More4+1 won't tune
  129. confused by the frq file
  130. unable to tune bbc4 - scanchannelsbda "scan timed out"
  131. Some channels show no signal.
  132. Telewest TVDrive over Sage
  133. BBC HD Trial
  134. XMLTV Subtitle problem
  135. Channels Limited on DVB-T
  136. New to Sage setting up DVB-t
  137. Advert Detection in the UK
  138. Censorship on this forum?
  139. UK Freeview DVB-T Setup + XMLTV Program Guide
  140. WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick
  141. New XMLTV Plugin
  142. DVB-T Support
  143. Program guide +9 hours
  144. IR code file for Sky Digibox
  145. Gemini Remote (slightly OT)
  146. EPG Grabbers for Radio Times in UK
  147. radio times
  148. (R) appended to XMLTV GUI's programs
  149. MVP In UK
  150. Sage or device(s)
  151. Comskip.ini for the UK?
  152. Sky Pin
  153. Is XMLTV needed with Freeview ?
  154. sky plus
  155. 2 new Five channels
  156. USB UIRT IR files for NTL Pace 4001 box
  157. Sky Box Digital Interface Card
  158. EPG UK
  159. Problems with grabbing today
  160. ITV2 over DVB-T - black bars down the side?
  161. Copy-protected recording?
  162. XMLTV Re-run status in UK?
  163. Film4+1 comes to freeview
  164. Help Tuning UK DVB-T
  165. Advice on new setup
  166. Sky digibox with PVR-150
  167. Telewest Cable direct via PVR250/350?
  168. EPG shows 'no data' beyond Dec 15th
  169. Driving me crazy
  170. IR blaster unreliably controlling my Sky box
  171. XMLTV GUI RT +1 Problems [Sorted]
  172. ITV +1 (Legal Reason unable to show recording)
  173. Multiple Channels Entries in Guide
  174. Show Analyser settings for Sky in UK
  175. Adding a 2nd tuner and XMLTV
  176. Picture break up after Axa Insurance advert on ITV
  177. HD source into Sage in the UK?
  178. Actisys problems learning Sky digital codes
  179. Complete and up to date Sky channel lineup
  180. Sky channels disappearing from "free"view
  181. Freeview Set top Box
  182. Crystal Palace frq File
  183. Sky have changed channel numbers again
  184. SageTV and Nova T PCI
  185. Channel Setup ?!
  186. Episode Numbers Missing from RT Feed
  187. RT Feed
  188. DVB-T EPG for 7 Days? Any good?
  189. Personal Computer World
  190. Sky, Freeview and Nova-S
  191. New Sky Channels, a "/" and icon filenames
  192. BBC Freesat to launch in 2008
  193. EPG Again
  194. Oh Deary Dear - Novat T - Craigkelly Transmitter
  195. Best DVB-T Dual Tuner
  196. sky channel numbers
  197. Sky Movies pin entry before 8/9pm watershed
  198. No audio on channel4 or E4
  199. Sandy Heath frq file
  200. WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 and UK
  201. WinTV Nova-T Stick and Crystal Palace Transmitter.
  202. Radio times unavailable
  203. lookup.xml for Radio Times data?
  204. Rant about flippin sky
  205. IR Blaster and Sky+ box
  206. Tiscali TV
  207. UK sudbury freeview transmitter .frq file
  208. Lost channel names and EPG data since channel Dave was launched!
  209. Good UK TV listings site?
  210. MTV Channels
  211. Newbie to Sage using DVB-S for Sky UK
  212. Music Distribution - How good is it?
  213. Which digital terrestrial tuner card?
  214. SageTV + DVB-S for SkyUK with XMLTV Guide
  215. Jumpy picture on some programmes
  216. Sky and Viewing cards.
  217. Errors in XMLTV Update
  218. Control Sky+ using Sage
  219. XMLTV data not being updated...
  220. Should we be getting excited about FreeSat HD?
  221. missing channels on DVB-T Waltham
  222. Free to view Sky Channel lists for LMGestions XMLTV importer from Bleb
  223. Anyone recognise these channel logos ?
  224. DigiGuide alternative to RT XMLTV
  225. Nova S2 HD tuner
  226. Setting up EPG with Sky
  227. Latest LMGestion config files for Sky Free to air channels
  228. Sky via DVB S cards directly - any advice?
  229. Sky --> Sage Connection?
  230. Sky automatic power on
  231. Sky HD
  232. New SageTV Media Player
  233. WinTV-CI
  234. Crystal Palace freqs needed
  235. UK Cinema Listings available within SageTV ?
  236. Capture card to provide *BOTH* RF *AND* component channels
  237. DVB-S trouble - No Signal!
  238. Multiple Sky cards.. What's the crack?
  239. Need Advice for Hardware Purchase in UK
  240. Crud in the RT Feed Again
  241. Parental Control In The UK?
  242. SageTv Sky Digibox and USB to RF2 Device
  243. A few sky setup questions
  244. Happague dual tuner newbie questions
  245. BBC iPlayer
  246. C4 now FTA?
  247. HDHomeRun coming to Europe
  248. Channel Logos
  249. Newbie help with STB
  250. TechnoTrend S-1500 CI & CAM problems