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  1. Running SageTV without PVR source
  2. Long ramble on AddShow, AddAiring, AddMediaFile
  3. SageTV Media Player Plugin
  4. Studio Information Resources
  5. SageTV 4 and Studio are out!!!!!!
  6. Studio - Irony???
  7. STV Developers -- THANK YOU
  8. Playing CDs
  9. OK.. Downloaded V4.0 .. Where is studio?
  10. License Question Studio versus SageTV
  11. Access .NET (dll) From Studio?
  12. Holy FUDGE!
  13. Getting started with Studio
  14. Import STV vs Full STV
  15. Creating STVi imports
  16. Two SageTV 4.0 Program Guide Customization questions
  17. Using listener to execute Command line program
  18. Are animated gifs supported in Studio?
  19. Making COM interface calls with Studio?
  20. Studio w/out v4.0?
  21. Calling custom java classes from studio
  22. Thumbnail for album track
  23. What am I missing? (filtering upcoming airings)
  24. Where can I find the menu title theme (Main Menu, Program Guide, Setup Menu, etc)
  25. Theme help!!!!
  26. Changing the OSD
  27. Half Round Shape
  28. HOWTO: Integrate VB or C# .NET Components Using the SageTV Studio
  29. DVD and CD burning commands in SDK
  30. Custom hooks for events from Java?
  31. Which Capture device input was used for a recording?
  32. I'm so happy I could cry!
  33. Working with Arrays
  34. Return to CurrentFolder?
  35. Can studio do this?
  36. In stardard EPG, where in studio can I modify the short little vertical yellow bar?
  37. How to have it return to same show
  38. Tables, Items, Focus (and Themes?)
  39. How do I stop studio from popping up
  40. Stop playback before changing channels?
  41. Information about embedding web browser
  42. Diagonal lines
  43. In place recompression and AddMediaFile()
  44. Executable Error Code Return
  45. Using Studio with the trial version?
  46. Can I rename the "Main Menu"
  47. My V0.1, and only 3 hours into learning Studio!
  48. SageTV & Serial Control customization?
  49. 6 hours later, I find the Debug.UI Components
  50. Slideshow as a Screen Saver
  51. Studio API question
  52. IR Plug-in
  53. Passing image name from action to image widget
  54. Studio Newbie Question
  55. altering variables and process chains and UI Chains..
  56. What gets upgraded
  57. Changing the menus.
  58. Application Integration
  59. Is this possible?
  60. Text wrap and scaling....
  61. Images not getting reloaded
  62. Slideshow Request - from a DVD or CD
  63. SageClient server communication
  64. Execution order for UI widgets...
  65. How would you group SageTV functions?
  66. Missing APIs?
  67. How do you determine index number of a widget?
  68. EvaluateExpression and ExecuteWidgetChain
  69. Studio File Save Error (version 4)
  70. tvtv EPG display customization
  71. Is STudio Avaiable in Trial Version?
  72. Passing Variables between Menus
  73. BeforeMenuUnload
  74. Help finding attribute in scope
  75. Delay rendering of images when scrolling tables (Album view)
  76. How can I get sage to do ALT-TAB when putting it in sleep?
  77. UI Widgets in loops
  78. Dynamically loading/unloading STV
  79. Menu templates: an idea for organizing STV code
  80. Help - Trying to call GetScheduledRecordings from Java
  81. Dummy data for development
  82. Studio/API wishlist
  83. Re-order "Pop Up" menu?
  84. Question for studio experts
  85. Editing the delete pop-up?
  86. There's got to be a better way...
  87. Creating and Repeating a Video Playlist
  88. Change default behaviour of table right-left
  89. Multiple TextInput widgets
  90. Load file via commandline
  91. Generic Importer (15 Feb 2006)
  92. How to get debug logging to work ?
  93. Hook which gets called periodically ?
  94. Refreshing ExisitingWidgets in imports..
  95. GetMediaTime()
  96. Logical AND operator
  97. Group Movies
  98. Question about AddWidgetChild()
  99. Circularities
  100. How to get type of listener widget ?
  101. Animation Q
  102. List constructor ?
  103. GetWidgetMenuHistory()
  104. Conditional themes
  105. A zip of the SageTV API Specification ?
  106. What's "MiscList" used for and is there a "right" way to use it?
  107. Start SageTV with java debugger enabled ?
  108. CancelRecord
  109. RemoveWidget called from java throws exception
  110. External recovery service/app
  111. finding the 'selected item' thingy...
  112. Renaming Sage recordings through API
  113. Show menu in STVImported hook ?
  114. Transformer Exception in Studio when saving STV file
  115. Custom commands
  116. Question regarding 'NewUnresolvedSchedulingConflicts()' hook
  117. Java very noob questions...
  118. TransmitCommandUsingInfraredTuningPlugin()
  119. Need Help From Studio Gurus
  120. Removing Server Property
  121. Version to Use for JAR File?
  122. Accessing JAR's From Within Sage
  123. vb6 mouse hider
  124. Fork()
  125. Themes....
  126. Utility functions to simplify STV import
  127. Developing STV for Client and CLient on Server machine
  128. PlaySound vs others...
  129. making button for touchscreen
  130. Representing * in Java/Removing symbols for Airings
  131. Studio Capabilites
  132. Scheduling API ?
  133. Can we paginate a text box?
  134. Is MediaFile Required?
  135. Creating shortcuts in XP
  136. Animate using true / false
  137. Having Problems with RemoveElement(AtIndex)
  138. Studio User Guide Link
  139. Development Confusion
  140. executeprocess arguments
  141. VerticalReorderingTheme Problem
  142. ActiveX Com Object
  143. Code does not get executed, need help ...
  144. API Changes in 5.0 ?
  145. Removing garbage widgets from STV
  146. Table scroll direction
  147. Get current menu ?
  148. Can I do this with Studio ???
  149. Debugging with a wiz.bin from a different Sage install
  150. Looking for info on network encoder
  151. String manipulation in Studio
  152. CaptureDevice question
  153. Listener Question
  154. Test if MediaFile exists
  155. Find out if Airing is scheduled
  156. Webserver source code....how to get?
  157. Having trouble handling what an api call returns...
  158. Background Images
  159. Year attribute of favorites
  160. What widget gets executed first when Sage Wakes up from sleep?
  161. Question about MediaPlayerFileLoadComplete hook
  162. STV to make a placeshifter user READONLY?
  163. Studio String help
  164. Question about some Sage output in the debug log
  165. Identify which DVD is playing
  166. TextInput Widget focus for multiple input fields
  167. how to setup listener/hook for close/alt+F4
  168. Help me to understand MVP rendering
  169. SageTV database?
  170. Hookup to current running sage, and perform actions?
  171. Automatic refresh?
  172. Populate table with arraylist
  173. Help Me With My Import
  174. Error trying to remove widget while importing
  175. Obtaining correct UI context
  176. coding help
  177. How to get the DVD ROM Drive Letter...
  178. Stumped at java exception
  179. SnapStream Plug-in Developer With Questions
  180. Console outputting, and stopping playback via the API.
  181. Very interesting ...
  182. Anyway to update or remove a show from the DB?
  183. Studio bug on German OS?
  184. A means to check if Sage is shutting down?
  185. Backing my changes to Program Guide & Parallel Recording menus ..restoring as STVi
  186. Adding files from imported videos to recordings
  187. Peculiarities with GetMediaDuration and Time
  188. UI layout question (variable height text)
  189. A note about using Refresh() in FocusGained/Lost hooks for v6.0 (OK to use in v6.4)
  190. Custom STV - Access to Placeshifter
  191. How to determine timezone?
  192. ExecuteWidgetChain()
  193. FilePlaybackFinished hook
  194. Java version error....
  195. Delete existing part of show
  196. Conditional not working ?
  197. Troubling Tables
  198. Picture Library API questions
  199. Missing Record Icon in Guide
  200. Widget type and property names
  201. .NET Plugin Example?
  202. Developing STVs/STVIs using SageTV6
  203. Translate STVi
  204. GetRecentlyWatched() in 6.0 beta
  205. Sage TV API
  206. Problems with Sage
  207. Studio n00b wants .my file support in latest beta
  208. GetPeopleInShow() changed in 6.0 ?
  209. New tools for Studio users
  210. STV string to long questions
  211. New v6 widget properties: Background Component & Scaling Insets
  212. Add "Additional Airings" to Basic menu?
  213. XML Parsing Library (Exist?)
  214. Changing properties of existing widgets using import file
  215. Text input widget, copy from clipboard
  216. Using the Sage API
  217. Need a little help with CenteredDirectoryBrower
  218. IsChannelViewable()
  219. Help with accessing Variables and variable Context.
  220. Removing symbols for Airings
  221. How to remove server properties ?
  222. SageTV color depth message
  223. Changing Navigation Wrap properties
  224. save sage.MetaImage to disk?
  225. Sorting
  226. Can't get .NET sample to work - stuck on javah
  227. Disabling the Setup Wizard..
  228. Java Typeof
  229. Running Studio with Debugger
  230. Proof of concept: Scollbars
  231. Feature Request: Split from Reference
  232. Program Guide Filtering of Junk Shows
  233. Scaling Text widget size within image widget area
  234. Passing variables to a method
  235. Call Batch File
  236. Importing videos into SageTV Recordings
  237. Question about replacing a SageTV recording
  238. Help ! Can't 'search' in Studio any more
  239. Bug in java calls with boolean parameter ?
  240. Feature Request: Recent Files
  241. Exiting global forked threads that loop
  242. Documentation error in GetAiringForID
  243. Table refresh not happening after calling RefreshArea
  244. how to change a Widget's property in an STVi
  245. Is there a registry value that holds the path to the SageTV Folder?
  246. how to copy the entire "mediaplayer OSD" widget from one stv to another
  247. Studio without SageTV/Client
  248. Trying to get a "Watch this Channel" button added... help?
  249. Runnung studio on linux version
  250. Missing API?