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  1. Any Chance of a Placeshifting with WinCE/PocketPC/SmartPhone
  2. PlaceShifter and COM-UIRT reciever
  3. SageTV Placeshifter and modifying Ports
  4. Placeshifting client question
  5. Dedicated tuner for Placeshifter?
  6. Placeshifter video breaks when screensaver kicks in
  7. Changing the server's placeshifter port
  8. Placeshifter Security
  9. Placeshifter blank screen on playback
  10. PlaceShifter Functionality
  11. Placeshifter auto UPnP config problem
  12. Run Placeshifter from USB Drive?
  13. Placeshifter license
  14. Placeshifter via Proxy Server
  15. Sound but no video with Placeshifter
  16. Placeshifter notitlebar and alwaysontop???
  17. Placeshifter Buffer
  18. Placeshifter doesn't play video if left inactive for some time
  19. Confused about licenses
  20. Playshifter in Canada
  21. Placeshifter Applet with video/audio????
  22. A few questions..
  23. No Video, I do have sound.
  24. Placeshifter streaming problem
  25. Placeshifter on Secondary Monitor
  26. Placeshifter License - confused?
  27. Placeshifter can't handle DVD's in imported vids?
  28. Locator ID over LAN
  29. Does Placeshifter support DivX/MP4 recordings?
  30. Is Placeshifter Replacing SageTV Client?
  31. could not connect
  32. Pressing watch live tv make placeshifter to freeze
  33. Placeshifter config gone..
  34. Modifying sage menu
  35. If you set background as current tvshow
  36. I am not here to bury Ceasar but to praise him...
  37. Auto Connect/Reconnect for Placeshifter
  38. Placeshifter...Wow! But a few things...
  39. Why is video running several seconds behind the audio?
  40. Serious speed fluctuations
  41. Using STVi's with Placeshifter?
  42. Connecting using locator over VPN
  43. Placeshifter - Configuring
  44. Placeshifter automatically closes
  45. Key is valid and has been stored. You now have 0 valid media extender license(s)
  46. How many users can watch
  47. Linux Placeshifter
  48. Licensing questions
  49. home lan placeshifter problems.
  50. Consensus that Placeshifter is better than Client for 802.11g in-home use?
  51. Don't see the Placeshifter options under setup
  52. Placeshifter on Linksys WIP330
  53. How about adding user rights?
  54. Streamzap Remote
  55. Stuttering
  56. Placeshifter & Firefly Remote
  57. Placeshifter works over LAN, but not over Internet
  58. need help
  59. Configuring Placeshifter Internet Connection
  60. video_buffer_size
  61. license
  62. 12. Added support for using the Placeshifter on any monitor in a multiple monitor sys
  63. mobile Radeon X300 + Placeshifter = 3d acceleration problem
  64. placeshifter connects, Lan clients lose connection
  65. Issues: Linux Placeshifter
  66. Windows Placeshifter in VMWare
  67. Sync issues and security
  68. java error
  69. SendMessage in PlaceShifter?
  70. error on playback
  71. Thanks for Placeshifter!!
  72. Hickup...
  73. Windows Vista Compatibility
  74. Linux Placeshifter Questions/Issue
  75. PSP Support
  76. Display window aspect ratio
  77. Placeshifter (server) streaming performance
  78. What the heck is the difference between Placeshifter and Client
  79. help... Placeshifter does not like new server...
  80. Installing placeshifter on sage client
  81. No video!
  82. Bought PlaceShifter, installed - says trial?
  83. video_buffer_size and Placeshifter
  84. how does placeshifter automatically discover a server on the lan?
  85. placeshifter first time connection issues
  86. Judder on LAN without transcoding...
  87. Trial Period expired after 7 days?
  88. Placeshifter in Paris
  89. Suggestion: Download instead of Stream.
  90. Placeshifter Volume Increase
  91. Placeshifter Transport Buttons Not Showing
  92. What is Video Quality like using PlaceShifter?
  93. Frame rate for 1080i transcoding at half speed
  94. Hidding the PlaceShifter TitleBar
  95. Can't change channels in placeshifter
  96. License stopped working
  97. Question about moving from Lan to Internet
  98. Unable to connect via internet but LAN OK
  99. instructions for beginners on placeshifter?
  100. Placeshifter starts playing channels when stopping video
  101. Use Streamzap remote with Placeshifter
  102. Placeshifter manual
  103. Placeshifter for Mac via Parallels
  104. Concurrent use with SageTV
  105. What does placeshifter replace?
  106. Target stream birate capped?
  107. Bad stuttering when client buffer below 2 secs
  108. save.PlaybackException over wireless LAN share
  109. Client vs Placeshifter...
  110. Port 31099 and firewall
  111. standalone version of placeshifter (no install)
  112. short blip and nothing
  113. understanding placeshifter
  114. XVid over Placeshifter
  115. Error Playing Imported Divx Files
  116. Using 5.0 on 4.0
  117. Placeshifter bug... or not
  118. Make window "stay on top"
  119. Works on WAN but not on LAN
  120. Free trial ends early
  121. video Quality on Sage Placeshifter
  122. What do I need to use Placeshifter?
  123. Can't log-in to Placeshifter over internet, but can connect
  124. Playback video is larger than viewable area.
  125. Stuttering
  126. How about Placeshifter for the Palm?
  127. Placeshifter non-transcoded video
  128. A Couple Placeshifter Questions
  129. Placeshifter suddenly closes after short playtime
  130. How to set default properties?
  131. Placeshifter stopping (hanging) playback...
  132. SageTV Placeshifter and BroadbandAccess AirCards
  133. How to Connect via Internet when on LAN
  134. Should multiple connections from 1 computer work?
  135. placeshifter codec & streaming protocol?
  136. Will Placeshifter Work For Me?
  137. Garbled Screens w/ PlaceShifter
  138. Placeshifter UI comes up on Server!
  139. Java Error in Placeshifter
  140. No Video In Place Shifter
  141. Improve Placeshifter PQ over LAN?
  142. Placeshifter Stutters Etc.
  143. Placeshifter will not start
  144. Placeshifter Feature Request: Individual Settings Per Bookmark
  145. Placeshifter connection log
  146. Recorded TV Does not play.
  147. Some Stuttering Observations... Make that Observations of Stuttering
  148. New install questions
  149. Black screen playing anything/But sound ok
  150. Separate remote / key profile for Placeshifter possible?
  151. Placeshifter: VMR9/Purevideo
  152. Placeshifter W/O Install
  153. 15 day trial
  154. feature request: capability to define miniclient/local_networks=
  155. placeshifter license for a client license
  156. Placeshifter keeps disconnecting
  157. Question on Placeshifter Licensing
  158. Placeshifting Locator
  159. Placeshifter freezes when in full screen
  160. Trial to Full?
  161. Placeshifter Feature Request: Remember username/password
  162. where to set .stv in placeshifter??
  163. Placeshifter channel bandwidth too low
  164. Thank You! (Mac Placeshifter)
  165. Mac Placeshifter issues?
  166. PlaceShifter Limitations?
  167. Mac Placeshifter issues
  168. Placeshifter version question
  169. Ripped DVDs with mac placeshifter
  170. Placeshifter Feature Request: Larger buffer for key presses
  171. Maybe a bug: no video in second display
  172. New version: 6.0.19
  173. SageTV Placeshifter is unable to connect
  174. Can't listen to MP3s on Mac placeshifter
  175. placeshifter codec selection?
  176. how to choose user on lan connection
  177. Bought licence, have key. NOW WHAT?
  178. Sage client vs Placeshifter?
  179. Two placeshifter clients on one PC?
  180. Stops Respondong on Connect
  181. View captioning with Placeshifter?
  182. Placeshifter picture quality
  183. How well does it perform?
  184. Mac Placeshifter: video on a second monitor
  185. Cool new placeshifter client?
  186. Placeshifter, Selection Sounds Heard On Main
  187. Timeout and Loosing Screensaver
  188. Invalid User Name
  189. Vista Ready?
  190. MAC / PC / sage tv + placeshifter ?
  191. What configuration files now?
  192. MCE Remote not work fully with Placeshifter
  193. trial of placeshifter?
  194. Linux Placeshifter not working
  195. Error discovering servers:java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Receive timed out
  196. Is it legal to placeshift cable TV?
  197. PlaceShifter Not Forwarding
  198. Placeshifter 6 with Vista Business
  199. Studdering playback when placeshifting HD
  200. Mac Placeshifter is unable to connect
  201. remote storage of server recorded programs
  202. Vista incompatible
  203. Placeshifter won't connect
  204. Placeshifter can't find Java
  205. Trouble with PlaceShifter logon
  206. Trouble with Placeshifter video playback on linux
  207. Minimize PS to tray
  208. HDHomeRun & Placeshifter
  209. Placeshifter has java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
  210. HDTV viewing Placeshifter impossible?
  211. Time Shift HDHomeRun QAM
  212. Getting PlaceShifter working through a company fire wall
  213. Download demo of placeshifter
  214. Running Linux Miniclient on Xbox
  215. Place Shifter - no signal on Watch Live Tv
  216. Placeshifter and Windows Vista
  217. Client vs Placeshifter?
  218. IR-Man, Hauppage Remote and Placeshifter
  219. Launch from Command line
  220. Placeshifter inconsistent gui's ?
  221. ANybody running placeshifter on SLED 10
  222. SageTV Placeshifter Completely Self Contained on USB stick
  223. Possible to synch placeshifter playback with server?
  224. Turning SageTV Placeshifter ON
  225. Placeshifter MP3 playback quality issue
  226. Dual Core processors and Placeshifting
  227. PlaceShifter on AppleTV?
  228. Placeshifter Kills Wireless Network Connection
  229. Mac Placeshifter Question - Customize
  230. Linux Placeshifter Problem-Video Out Drivers
  231. I don't like admitting this in public...but i'll keep the port closed for now
  232. Mac Placeshifter: No streaming statistics
  233. Intel Mac Placeshifter 6.1.8 No Music over Internets
  234. Auto-connect to server
  235. Mac IR Remote Issue in PS
  236. Port Failure & Possible Feature Request
  237. Download/buffer whole show?
  238. HD Audio with placeshifter
  239. Placeshifter loosing connection to server
  240. RE: Mac Placeshifter - thank you!
  241. Placeshifter Error (-19) There is no MediaPlayer that can playback the selected file
  242. Client Vs. Shifter
  243. Problem:Linux 7.04 Placeshifter window won't resize
  244. Explain this to me like I'm a four-year old...
  245. Placeshifting Server/Client observations & questions
  246. PlaceShifter Dynamic IP Address Question
  247. Placeshifter vs Orb
  248. Placeshifter 6.1 PlaybackException (issues with both Linux and Mac)
  249. Placeshifter license question
  250. Display placeshifter on large screen TV