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  49. EyeTV 250 Plus
  50. New dual tuner coming for Macs from ATI
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  54. IMDB Metadata & Cover Art Help ?
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  75. Sage Running Slow
  76. which license to get?
  77. What version for HD Extender?
  78. Mac Version-Questions First
  79. Front Row and SageTV
  80. Get "No Video Capture Devices were found" for Mac MyTV PVR
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  82. black screen
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  89. Tip for those having issues w/ latest Mac Beta
  90. Griffin Firewave
  91. Need help with editing sage.properties in mac
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  93. SageTV client as iMac external display
  94. Setting HD block size to 64KB
  95. Mac Client 6.x on windows MC 5.x
  96. Mac remote control options
  97. Latest info on best tuners
  98. SageTV is a complete waste of money
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  103. Help starting CLient 6.4.8
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  105. Java Update
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  108. AFP Share Favorites Issue
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  111. New Drive Deteced Annoyance!
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  119. Right mouse click?
  120. New to Sage - a few questions about use on Mac
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  122. CAVLC and CABAC entropy offload on MAC?
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  128. Firewire channel change
  129. Mouse Cursor Pointer Hiding
  130. Harmony Remote
  131. EyeTV Hybrid 2009
  132. New to sage - Having service problem.
  133. 6.5.9 Mac woes
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  138. Please help with HDHomeRun and SageTV
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  140. Mplayer on Mac Mini 2009
  141. Where are all the files?
  142. How/Where to install plugins on the Mac?
  143. No Audio
  144. Need Mac Video Capture / Hardware Solutions
  145. Which iMac video card best for HD playback?
  146. What is the name of the server or IP address for trial?
  147. SageTV Mac and ATI remote wonder?
  148. Can anyone talk about their experiences with Sage and iTunes
  149. Possible to get SageTV to handle my library more like Plex?
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  153. UK tvtv / HDHomeRun
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  165. Starting over
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  175. substitute for mplayer?
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  178. Converting Windows setup to MAC
  179. can a mac client connect to a
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  181. Mouse cursor disappears when SageTV is started
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  186. Record To External Drive?
  187. Looking for some help with the Mac client
  188. HDHomerun not seen by SageTV
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  191. Garbled Graphics w/ HD200
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  194. Are windows and Mac versions feature sets equal?
  195. How do you get the apple remote working?
  196. Mplayer H264 cpu utilization and performance
  197. Questions about the Mac version....
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  199. Signal but no audio or Video
  200. Unable to perform any updates
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  206. Time capsule
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  215. Current Mac Downloads
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  219. SageTV Mac Edition
  220. MAC Placeshifter
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