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  1. STV: SageMC - 1.0 Jan 9
  2. SageMC and categories
  3. Odd warning when using sageMC and Malore Style Recordings menu in Cayars
  4. SageMC: XML movie info
  5. STV: SageMC Part 2
  6. STV: SageMC 16x9 11/26/2005 Sage 4.x Version 5_10
  7. SageMC and GameEX not playing well together
  8. Cayars missing, SageMC dead, 2.2.7 with no bug fix.. my oh my..
  9. SageMC: little question about recording
  10. SageMC Adult Videos
  11. latest sageMC
  12. XLobbyMC & SageMC...what a cute couple...
  13. SageMC forward and back
  14. SageMC - somtimes won't skip forward
  15. SageMC install question??
  16. sagemc comskip
  17. Localization with SageMC
  18. SageMC Theme Question
  19. SageMC and new Media Extender
  20. SageMC and ShowAnalyser - can't watch current recordings
  21. SageMC & Media Extender questions
  22. SageMC 16x9 and My Weather
  23. SageMC and Caller ID plugin help...
  24. SageMC 16x9 - Toggle Full Screen?
  25. SageMC 16x9 - Jump to Full Screen/Visualization
  26. Add a directory to a playlist with SageMC
  27. SageMC STV DVD library feature that uses DVD Profiler
  28. SageMC and Subtitles/Captions
  29. SageMC, Girder & Commercial Skipping
  30. Help ! SageMC does not remember last channel
  31. STV: SageMC 16x9 Version 6.x (latest dev build)
  32. how to manually refresh All import library paths? (SageMC)
  33. Going back 1 screen at a time in SageMC
  34. SageMC wishes
  35. SageMC Guide (preview window)
  36. SageMC Guide (thin white line on left)
  37. conflicts in SageMC v6.2
  38. Glassy Show Icons for SageMC - Coming Soon
  39. Graphics for SageMC (Glassy Icons, etc.)
  40. SageMC and the missing SageTV3.xml file...
  41. Issue with SageMC and imdb thumbnail import
  42. STV Import: Web Radio Plugin for SageMC v1.1b 7/31/06
  43. What does the record button do in SageMC?
  44. Serious problem with Options menu in SageMC 6.7
  45. Only Use Music Section of SageMC?
  46. SageMC: Default Customizable Menu
  47. Malore's Custom Guide-Menu's for SageMC
  48. Recorded TV FF/RW Freezing v5 with SageMC 6.9
  49. Slow Guide in SageMC 6.12a STV on MVP?
  51. Need help with Comskip and SageMC
  52. Netflix + SageMC
  53. Parental Lock for Imported Videos
  54. STV Import: SageMC MovieTimes Movie Listings v0.64
  55. SageMC on an MVP
  56. Updating mlbdude Original SageMC to Sage V6
  57. SageMC Comskip
  58. STV Import: Malore Menus for SageMC
  59. Accessing google videos in SageMC
  60. Problems using SageMC to launch the MYHD playback utility
  61. iTV Theme & STV Import for SageMC
  62. SageMC - Stop button causes AWTThread Hang
  63. Problems using SageMC 16x9 - Movies Empty
  64. Retro Theme and STV for SageMC
  65. Which SageMC for 4x3 Users?
  66. SageMC 6.13a Question...
  67. Error(s?) in SageMC 16x9 6.20
  68. SageMC 16x9... PlaceShifter Failed!
  69. SageMC 6.20a and DVD file playback via MVP
  70. SageMC 16x9 Forum?
  71. Cannot access SageMC folders
  72. Radio in SageMC
  73. Using Neil's Custom Menus with SageMC?
  74. SageMC 6.2 bug: AWTThread Hang Detected & Standby
  75. Translating SageMC
  76. STV Import: SageMC Video Tools v2.0.1a (2/02/07)
  77. Rip DVD with SageMC?
  78. SageMC and Standby, progress on issue!
  79. How to change Weather Maps in SageMC 16x9 for V6
  80. SageMC 6.3 and standby (again)
  81. SageMC - download not found
  82. Sleep Timer in SageMC
  83. SageMC 16x9 v6 Caller ID Plugin Help
  84. Folder sorting in SageMC video library
  85. SageMC Video Tools
  86. SageMC good, However couple questions.
  87. Requests for SageMC STV
  88. Video Info in SageMC 16x9, where did the info go...?
  89. SageMC - Delete DVD folder
  90. SageMC 6.3.1 Custom3 Menu
  91. More/Customizable sliding icons for SageMC??
  92. Missing Videos in Video folder (SageMC)
  93. SageMC: no recording indicator?
  94. SageMC - .my files
  95. Subtitles in SageMC Videos?
  96. SageMC Theme MCE2.0
  97. Weather Icons for sageMC
  98. How to install ComSkip
  99. SageMC - Numeric Entry Switching to Capitals?
  100. SageMC Interface Question
  101. SageMC 6.31 and calling an external application
  102. Commercial skip not working with SageMC
  103. How-to best optimize SageMC for 4:3 and MVP?
  104. .my files not being used by SageMC + Meekell
  105. STV Import: Slim Player for SageMC (for SageTV 6.3+)
  106. SageMC question
  107. SageMC Help! Can't scroll, pause, resume, etc.
  108. SageMC - Limited Mouse Control?
  109. Showanalyzer & SageMC not skipping commercials
  110. SageMC Video Tools 2.5 Alpha (need testers)
  111. Instructions on how to install stv's particularly SageMC
  112. Suppressing remote commands to SageMC while using external player
  113. SageMC - Screensaver broken in 6.3.2 ?
  114. SageMC + videotools bug
  115. Modifying SageMC Themes?
  116. Can we add a SageMC Subforum??
  117. Issue with SageMC and IMDB
  118. SageMC and offline DVDs
  119. YouTube in SageMC
  120. SageMC Feature request - Station names
  121. SageMC vs Sagemc 16x9 amongst other ?'s
  122. Multiple things not workign in SageMC
  123. SageMC and ComSkip
  124. Feature request sagemc setting...
  125. SageMC Can't change Channel using FCL too
  126. SageMC Fails to see UNC and Comskip
  127. SageMC stretching widescreen videos?
  128. SageMC and Info on tv video window.
  129. SageMC Fade effects?
  130. SageMC and auto compress
  131. SageMC - CallerID
  132. SageMC 16x9 ' MY TV ' Remote Command
  133. Question about sagemc and dvd covers
  134. SageMC Import - First Run Show Filter
  135. Upper case letters in MVP & SageMC w/remote?
  136. SageMC and DVD Profiler
  137. SageMC. State of the Union.
  138. Setting up News Ticker in SageMC
  139. STV Import: Toolbar for SageMC (v1.0a / June 11, 2007)
  140. STV Import: Google Calendar for SageMC (v0.4 / May 24, 2007)
  141. Get FM radio in SageMC through MVP?
  142. Problem with Dynamic Menu in SageMC
  143. Automatic and integrated IMDB info for DVD on SageMC
  144. Spinning circle going crazy in SageMC..
  145. Help with scheduling recordings with SageMC
  146. Does Closed Caption work in SageMC?
  147. SageMC Theme: Foofaraw
  148. Help With Setting Up Podcasts in SageMC
  149. I took the SageMC plunge...mmmmm!
  150. SageMC Questions
  151. SageMC & New Beyond TV convert.
  152. VideoReDo QuickStream Fix from within SageMC
  153. Mac install SageMC
  154. Some SageMC Theme questions
  155. Help with SageMc and video podcast files?
  156. Launching Games via Dynamic Menu in SageMC
  157. SageMC on SageTV Mac (yup!)
  158. SageMC Main Menu Not Working
  159. SageMC and video Imports via network
  160. STV: SageMC Redeux
  161. STV Import: SageMC Enhancements (incuding Import Folder Fix in 6.2.x)
  162. Multiple MVPs Share SageMC Themes?
  163. How do I get the SageMC encoder #'s to show up?
  164. Newbie with a few SageMC questions.. I swear, I looked everywhere....
  165. How to burn TV onto DVD using sagemc??
  166. 2nd MVP in the house - SageMC doesn't work?
  167. SageMC IMDB issue. Cover art missing.
  168. SageMC Aspect Ratio problem
  169. SageMC - Add Shutdown link on front page to exit/power off
  170. Question for SageMC plugin devs
  171. youtube and google video not working on sageMC
  172. Channel logos for SageMC
  173. Disabling tv/movie preview in SageMC
  174. SageMC: Auto compression for favorites schedule?
  175. observations and questions about conflict management using SageMC
  176. icons for commercial skip in SageMC?
  177. Why has SageMC stopped skipping commercials?
  178. SageMC and v6.2 Setup windows issue?
  179. SageMC Commercial Skip
  180. Where is "resolve conflicts" in SageMC
  181. STV Import: SageMC Video Tools v3.0
  182. Weather doesn't work in SageMC
  183. Placeshifter and sagemc problems
  184. SageMC - Lost folder view?
  185. Usenet integration - SageMC - any takers?
  186. Anyone willing/able to convert an STVi to work in SageMC?
  187. Problem playing back trailers using MovieTimes Interface and SageMC
  188. STV Import: Multispeed Continuous FF/REW Import for SageMC
  189. SageMC with DVD Profiler Help
  190. Comskip and Sage Client and SageMC
  191. GEt filters to work in sage mce?
  192. SageMC 6.3.6b - problems
  193. The SageMC Screenshot Thread
  194. SageMC 16x9 and HD Media Extender
  195. Loaded SageMC, now Extender won't load
  196. folder.jpg issue in MyVideo Library (MyMusic = no issue)
  197. SageMC no Online option?
  198. Comskip & SageMC ?
  199. SageMC customization and Sage for Mac
  200. How Can i tranlsate SageMC ???
  201. SageMC feature list ?
  202. SageMC New User Questions
  203. SD Media Extender - Aspect Ratio modes gone?
  204. SageMC questions
  205. When using MVP I can't open anything from the menu (SageMC)
  206. Double menus on MVP (SageMC)
  207. Custom Main Menu Icons for SageMC
  208. SageMC Menu Layout Repository
  209. STV Import: SageMC Advanced Mini Guide
  210. Theme: Sage Pro MC Theme V0.08 for SageMC 16x9 STV V6.3.7
  211. Sage MC
  212. Big problem with Google Calendar STV import!!
  213. SageMC 6.3.7 in Linux BUG
  214. How to reset SageMC
  215. STV Import: NetFlix for SageMC (v2.1) 28-Feb-09
  216. custom online video feed definitions in SageMC?
  217. Noobish question: SageMC and STX-HD100
  218. SageMC Manual
  219. Which encoder is '1', '2', '3' etc...
  220. SageMC and Comskip on client
  221. STV Import: TMG for SageMC
  222. HD Extender - restarting a video
  223. STV Import: Recipe Viewer for SageMC
  224. SageMC, Netflix icon and dynamic menus
  225. SageMC - Icon Missing
  226. SageMC locks up when trying to repeat a music playlist
  227. Always go to Setup screen
  228. STV Import: Touchscreen Controls for SageMC
  229. Setting up SageMC
  230. SageMC: How to change number of rows and columns
  231. Copy SageMC config to the HD extender?
  232. "Live" commercial skip with SageMC?
  233. HD100 and SageMC - Beyond Irritated - Please Help...
  234. HD Extender and SageMC
  235. Music wil not repeat with SageMC
  236. SageMC? pause at end of show before next one.
  237. Folder.jpg question (SageMC)
  238. Request for SageMC Parallel Recording addon
  239. can't get zoomplayer to work with SageMC
  240. "You have an old version (null) of sagemc.jar installed."
  241. Problem with online services using SageMC
  242. SageMC: Include home videos in My Pictures database?
  243. SageMC recording view request - recordings in order
  244. Problem with SageMC auto compression
  245. SageMC My Videos Menu is Slooowww
  246. new SageTV user with HD100 Question
  247. Can WHS run sageMC?
  248. Moving recordings to imported dirs and metadata files, using SageMC
  249. Saving Youtube or Google videos with SageMC
  250. SageMC Menu Customization