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  1. HD200 connect to a playon server?
  2. SageTV HD Theater HD-200 USB Compatibility List
  3. Connecting to SMB Servers with Extender HD200: invalid directory
  4. No HDMI with HD-200
  5. HD200 Database FULL?
  6. Travel with the HD200
  7. HD200 & ReadyNAS - File No Longer Exists
  8. DVD Cover Art
  9. Problem with HDMI - HD200
  10. HD200 Invalid Directory
  11. HD200 used as standalone
  12. Trying to configure the new SageTV HD Theater - Invalid Directory - FIXED
  13. HD200 x2 on the way - a few questions!
  14. HD-200 Stand alone DVD pixelation
  15. Welcome to the HD Theater forum for its use as a Media Player
  16. SageTV HD200 Standalone-Mode STVs/Themes
  17. HD200 standalone playback problems with MKV and WMV files
  18. Would love some help with "Invalid Directory" error
  19. Viewing ripped DVD's on stand-alone?
  20. STP-HD200 Support
  21. STP-HD200 Firmware Releases
  22. Where can I get basic info
  23. A couple questions
  24. USB Harddrive does not idle
  25. I'd like to see a form based custom site
  26. noob Software License Question..
  27. Browse & play from Network Share - issues
  28. Import Folders
  29. HD-200 Beta update lost ability to play .iso videos
  30. 1st media player - HD200 or Netgear EVA9000?
  31. Photo viewing speed
  32. HD200 - Playon - Netflix & Hulu import file issues - FIXED!
  33. more question before i buy
  34. Music Playlist Question
  35. myihome upnp server
  36. (ERROR -2): Files selected for playback are no longer on the disk
  37. Pre sales questions
  38. Can't update firmware
  39. Deleted DVD file still on Menu
  40. Saving Internet video possible?
  41. Authentication Information for connecting to USB drive attached to HD200 with Samba
  42. Click/Pop Noise when online video starts to stream
  43. Video file with FLV extension locks up HD200 at end of playback
  44. User Interface Options
  45. Losing overscan settings
  46. Sage Server settings
  47. HD200 vs. Popcorn Hour A-100
  48. multiple outputs?
  49. Cannot figure out "stand-alone" mode - FIXED
  50. Got HD200 fo Xmas - Any Tips
  51. HD200 - What time is it?
  52. Need someone to hold my hand and walk me through network browsing - Standalone
  53. Any future updates to include HD audio formats?
  54. Sequential Play
  55. Subtitle (srt) support?
  56. Closed captioning?
  57. HD Theater and Mediasmart
  58. Beta Firmware
  59. HD-200 Conundrum
  60. DVD or Blu-ray Digital Copy Playback
  61. HD200 and usb dvd?
  62. Component Pass through solutions?
  63. video file metadata (title, description, etc)?
  64. [FIXED] HD-200 Arrived Today: Not a good start....
  65. HD200 remote frequency?
  66. Standalone and file organization
  67. Can we add 1080p24
  68. letterbox color?
  69. Subdirectories?
  70. USB HD
  71. Brand new HD200 - very poor DVD playback - FIXED
  72. HD200 not playing Dolby DTS sound ...
  73. How to convert WMA PRO audio for HD200?
  74. Import DVD Images for standalone mode
  75. How to Customize the STP-HD200 Media Player UI
  76. Does HD200 output audio via HDMI and Optical at same time?
  77. (Newbie) Question re: simple standalone uses
  78. HD200 remote goodness
  79. Random freezes - FIXED
  80. Where's the extender forum?
  81. Playing slideshows with NAS folders
  82. HD200: What Is It Inside The Box?
  83. Price point prohibitor?
  84. Will my LCD TV Image Improve?
  85. HD200 Audio Lag on TS files
  86. MKV file pixelization
  87. Coax Ethernet Network connection for the HD200
  88. .ISO Files: Making More Readily-Available?
  89. Standalone vs SageTV software
  90. HD-200 fsining
  91. HD200 Questions
  92. Power Point Player?
  93. HD200 VS ASUS Eee PC
  94. Unable to play certain HD content - FIXED
  95. Questions about HD200 media player
  96. Any way to edit the feeds list in Online Services
  97. Slow/jerky playback of mencoder ripped dvd's
  98. HD200 stopped playing HD content
  99. new hd200 user with questions/concerns
  100. PlayOn on HD200 Amazon VOD (Unbox) Works!
  101. Question b4 buying
  102. what is ID sent for UPNP by hd200?
  103. Help me determine if this is the device I need?
  104. Songs are getting cut off at the end
  105. File Browser (network) - 2 Q's
  106. Stability problems?
  107. Wacky Database
  108. 1 of 3 linkstations wants a password
  109. HD Netflix Content with Playon
  110. bluray playback conundrum
  111. hd200 discussion on mpcclub
  112. HD200 Auto-Connect Time
  113. Movie playing menu
  114. Bad timing - power outage during firmware update
  115. Can't watch Live TV on the HD200 but CAN on the Server SageTV
  116. What hardware is in the HD200?
  117. sage.PlaybackException
  118. Netflix on the HD Theater
  119. Upscaling / Playback resolution ?
  120. Supported files
  121. Uverse with Sage HD theater
  122. I think I'm an idiot..
  123. Question about using Sage HD Theater in Stand-a-lone, Placeshifter mode in Germany
  124. HD200 Newbie
  125. De-interlacing
  126. HD200 Resolution Sizing
  127. HD200 v. Hauppauge Media MVP - SD Content
  128. HD200 PlayOn Hulu Problems
  129. PlayOn... Beginners Manual...
  130. Official word on Hulu Support
  131. Placeshifter License Required?
  132. Pre sales: use with an HDMI to DVI converter
  133. How much horsepower must your SageTV Server have?
  134. Does the HD200 support a USB keyboard? If not, will it ever?
  135. Unable to connect to Windows Vista Ultimate PC
  136. Apparent Network Issue
  137. Planning a roadtrip with HD200
  138. Help I forgot my remote.
  139. When attempting to play avi over network get "file no longer exists"
  140. Transfering Files to Media Extender
  141. HD200 IR sensor
  142. Why can't the "Stand-alone" HD Theater *also* run the SageTV Server function?
  143. Can you browse the internet over HD Theater
  144. HD200 - remotely control music queue
  145. how to do that ..
  146. modding the sagetv media player
  147. "NO" Component-out from HD 200
  148. Output aspect ratio wrong
  149. Pre-Sales:Sagetv with nas - all video formats playable?
  150. HD Theater will not see a file server
  151. Zoom function for slide show
  152. Help - Trouble seeing media files on Vista
  153. Control Comcast box & send recordings to MSS?
  154. New to SageTV HD Theater
  155. DVD/Movie functionality HD Theater vs. SageTV
  156. Support for .TY files extracted from Tivo?
  157. Aspect Ratio Confusion...
  158. Buying soon,but a few questions
  159. Considering buying SageTV w/ Media Center license, playback question
  160. A couple of questions before I buy
  161. will Sage play DV-AVI files?
  162. Congrats to SageTV!
  163. How to enter the plus sign (+)
  164. Mounting question
  165. Blu Ray Voice over
  166. USB Flash for Movie Playback
  167. HD Theatre vs. HD Extender
  168. before I buy....
  169. Interested in SageTV HD Theater - have questions
  170. No Sound on some MKV files
  171. Trouble accessing USB Drive from PC
  172. Stupid General Use Playback Resume Question
  173. HD Theater and HD Home Run
  174. Back to current movie?
  175. Some questions prior to purchase.
  176. DolbyDigital support
  177. HD Theater Won’t Play Some Recordings
  178. Resume Playback On Different HD200?
  179. Converted file won't play
  180. Problem with my new HD Theater
  181. HD200 freezes after all uPNP videos / can't access network shares
  182. Pre-purchase questions
  183. Parental Controls?
  184. Non-english filename character support?
  185. Getting into standalone mode?
  186. sage.playbackexception while using hd theater
  187. playing .iso with or without SageTV Media Center
  188. Playon slowww
  189. Can you mount HD theater on a VESA mount?
  190. Invalid Directory - caused by print server
  191. howto connect to windows7 media server
  192. SageTV HD200 - Trying To Restore Firmware
  193. Ability to jump to certain % in .AVIs by # keys?
  194. Standalone mode help needed
  195. DVD playback issues on select titles
  196. HD200 same as running SageTV.exe on server?
  197. Media Center Running .... However......
  198. What is the difference between
  199. Command Line Control
  200. beta download stuck
  201. Switching Servers without powering off
  202. Slow Remote controlling
  203. Severe video stutter / freeze - SOLVED
  204. HD200 Update Hangs
  205. Jurky mp4 playback
  206. Possible to use LCD monitor?
  207. presales question- Dude wheres the keyboard?
  208. Common Issue? How to solve?
  209. Can HD Theater wake server
  210. Standalone List View
  211. HD200 - Reset Procedures Not Working
  212. Startup of HD200 on TV doesn't show input right away and how to make auto refresh
  213. How to get covertart(Metadata)
  214. My HD200 keeps crashing since latest update. - FIXED
  215. HD200 Standalone Mode Firmware upgrade Fail - Need clearer directions please
  216. Ripped DVD seeking seems flakey on HD200…
  217. Maximum PC reviews the HD200
  218. Closed Caption on the HD200?
  219. HD200 ISO Blu-ray Playback?
  220. SageTV HD Theater question! -usb
  221. Question about getting media to the HD200
  222. HD200 on LAN w/Windows Domain
  223. Selecting a Blu-Ray Movie Playlist with HD200
  224. Bad Blu-Ray playback.
  225. Using HD200 while on vacation
  226. HD200 and 1080/24p BluRay Movies
  227. HD 200 question
  228. Current BKM for Blu-ray containers now that SageTV does Bluray
  229. Copy movie files to Thumbnail on HD200 USB port
  230. Should USB Flash Drive work with HD200?
  231. Accessing files on usb device connected to HD200 from XP
  232. HD200 Source Code Availability
  233. Subtitle position
  234. Wireless and not hooking up to the server
  235. HD200 Extender Mode-1080p with Component Video?
  236. installed import now wont load
  237. new user with subtitle and playlists questions
  238. Online video questions
  239. updating media import directories
  240. cycle power or leave on?
  241. No Audio present
  242. HD200 powers off randomly
  243. SageTV HD Theater & Hiden Video
  244. Update to HD200 with HDMI 1.3 ?
  245. File Browser Authentication Failed
  246. No Audio at all for some of my files
  247. max number of files/folders?
  248. This HD-theatre is costing me money!!
  249. HD200 will not connect to network
  250. HD200 playing BluRay ISO files