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  1. Yes, we want support for Spotify!
  2. Ortus Screenshot & Information Thread
  3. Android application: taSageTV
  4. Welcome to the Customization Forum for SageTV Version 7
  5. Upgrading Jetty from SageTV 6 to SageTV 7
  6. Comskip Playback for v7
  7. Plugin :: Phoenix Fanart for SageTV V7
  8. Plugin:: Serenity Theme for SageTV V7
  9. Plugin: Sage Recording Extender (SREv3)
  10. UPnP Browser showing no videos found
  11. SRE for v7?
  12. Online Services Plugin :: UPnP Browser
  13. Plugin - Images - Channel Logos - DirecTV-USA
  14. BMT Time Frame
  15. List of Plugins in the Plugin Manager
  16. Importing XBMC Skins
  17. tvexplorer availability
  18. Web UI for V7?
  19. Malore menus & other hidden extras
  20. Plugin: Web UI for v7
  21. Plugin - Images - Channel Logos - Louisville, KY
  22. Plugin: Mobile Web UI for v7
  23. Slow Video Browsing
  24. SageTV Graph Plugins
  25. UPnP Browser: The Video List is Downloading
  26. Where is the IBDB Search
  27. Will Dynamic Customisable Main Menu import be updated for v7?
  28. Question on new plugin manager
  29. Remove old plugins before upgrading to v7?
  30. Filter Folder Views?
  31. Download CD Coverart
  32. Sage 7 support for DVD Profiler
  33. Play File option from SageMC?
  34. How are plugin updates handled?
  35. STVi Import: VideoOut Tools for the HD100/200
  36. Comskip / ShowAnalyzer
  37. Thanks to the devs!
  38. When a plug-in states it has dependencies, are they installed automatically?
  39. Plugin: SageAlert v2.x
  40. Important note if you are upgrading Sage7 (ie, not a clean install)
  41. STVi Plugin: Phoenix Fanart for Malore Menus
  42. Plugin: Sage Artifact Delete (SAD)
  43. Upgrade to 7 - Plug ins from 6 not showing in plug in list
  44. remove mouse slider bars and volume control from UI
  45. Navigate to Sage Menu and/or Option Box From Java
  46. Basic Sleep Timer for SageTV V7
  47. Webserver error 2.26 Beta
  48. Plugin :: EPG Back-On-Guide
  49. Does MyTheatre plug-in work with Sage 7
  50. Metadata Tools for SageTV7 - Error
  51. Theme: Opaque Panel Theme
  52. Current recordings "recorded movies" title listing
  53. Plugin Creation tips
  54. Metadata questions
  55. Jetty Error "503 - Service_Unavailable"
  56. Theme Backgrounds
  57. Scrub bar/ Icon replacement?
  58. How do I rename a DVD and add descriptions?
  59. Dynamic Backgrounds
  60. Why No Offical Plugins\Add Ons?
  61. BMT no longer working properly
  62. Password protect folders, or MPAA rating?
  63. STV Import: CPU Meter
  64. things I can't live without
  65. BMT/ Which dup jars to delete?
  66. Be sure to save a copy of your starting STV when creating v7 import plugins
  67. No Source for MetaData\fan Art?
  68. Background fanart
  69. "Suggestions"
  70. Plugin Idea: Export/Import Plugins
  71. Metadata is gone?
  72. Commercial Skip
  73. Another Plugin Idea: Blu-ray DVD External Playback
  74. PLUGIN :: twiederTweaks
  75. Stock Manager Plugin for SageTV7
  76. malore menus: using the Options command for xml/commercial detect options
  77. Nice to live under one roof
  78. Sagetv v7 extender Demo Video?
  79. Plugin: Jetty Web Server 2.0
  80. Java Heap Monitor Install Glitch
  81. Future "Left Nav." plugin - need ideas
  82. is there a way to revert back to an older version of a v7 plugin?
  83. CS missing
  84. How do you uninstall a plugin in V7?
  85. Signal Strength plugin not working
  86. Ignore "Failed to find metadata for" a video
  87. nielm & co's webserver vs. "new" v7?
  88. MovieTimes for v7?
  89. Plugin: Movie Trailers
  90. Delete and set watched?
  91. Plugin: Favorite Excluder (Anti-Favorites)
  92. Skins from older versions of SageTV?
  93. No STV Component exists
  94. I made some tweaks to the UI now I need help making it a plugin
  95. How do plugins get into the list of plugins?
  96. Any Interest in a Horizontal Main Menu?
  97. Warring metadata tools
  98. what is a 'not compatible' plug-in?
  99. Request For Mini Guide
  100. Any way to make "Local" (unshared) plugin?
  101. Plugin: Multi Function Stop
  102. Plugin: Upcoming Movies
  103. Slow scrolling thru shows
  104. Delete After Watching a Show
  105. STVI: Custom Main Menu
  106. STVI: Enable/Disable Favorites
  107. Run ComSkip Manually?
  108. Question regarding folder view
  109. Plugin :: PlayON for v7
  110. Update Client and Placeshifter Title Bar from XP Luna to Vista/Win7 Aero theme?
  111. Plugin: Intelligent Suggestions
  112. Plugin:: Plucky's Menu Mod and Plucky's Theme
  113. TWIT Live
  114. ui/window_title_style=10
  115. Properties files appear from nowhere...
  116. REQ: Upcoming recordings on main screen :)
  117. Plugin: MiniGuide for V7
  118. Channel logos comcast
  119. Menu Selection differences
  120. Plugin Verifier Has Been Updated
  121. Future Airings, etc.: will they retain v6 Malore look?
  122. Plugin: Music Tweaks for SageTV7
  123. Phoenix not downloading backgrounds
  124. Interest in a music visualization plugin?
  125. Automatic Aspect Ratio Switcher by Nielm?
  126. SlimPlayer Internet Radio plugin
  127. Plugin Request: Run external command on error
  128. Netflix - how to?
  129. Anyway to get YouTube movies?
  130. Request - GUI that looks like Win7 MCE?
  131. Plugin: IMDB Search
  132. SageTV, SqueezeBox Server and WHS
  133. Plugin :: My TV for V7
  134. Plugin: J. River Media Center / Jukebox Explorer
  135. Is this possible with v7 default?
  136. JREkiwo Close Media file
  137. Plugin: Display Aspect Ratio Switcher for V7
  138. Stop scrolling when get to the top of tv recordings
  139. Plugin: Encoder Names
  140. How to do a couples of things with Playon
  141. Plugin: Hide Volume Area from OSD
  142. Music and Video Library Tweaks
  143. Theme: MBDiamond
  144. Movie trailer scraper
  145. STVi: Restart Sage from Setup Menu
  146. FavoriteAPI Javadoc Error
  147. Old SageTV Recordings Screen
  148. Strange returns?
  149. Mcafee thinks Showanalyzer has Trojan
  150. Online streams of kids shows v7
  151. Custom Guide Colors V7
  152. Manual Padding
  153. Netflix movies not downloading right
  154. V7 Plugin Statistics - A question from my wife...
  155. Double episode titles?
  156. Plugin: Favorites Filter
  157. Main Menu Issues
  158. SageTV V7 plugins and classpaths
  159. XM/Sirius Radio Integration
  160. is there a plugin to read .my files yet?
  161. SendSageTVCommand for v7?
  162. Jetty and BMT
  163. how do you disable or remove a plugin?
  164. MyTV screen
  165. Plugin: Automatic Aspect Ratio Mode Switcher
  166. Plugin: Read, Write and Edit Metadata
  167. Scrobbling?
  168. External Media Player using Sage v7?
  169. Metadata Tools missing from Installed Plugins
  170. Out of memory error
  171. [PLUGIN] Season-Episode for Malore Recordings.
  172. Still no backgrounds!
  173. Group movies together in SageTV Recordings list
  174. 7.0.11: Menu Header Disk Space Bar Option
  175. Port nielm_sagexmlinfo?
  176. Plugin installation and restart
  177. Always Record as an option??
  178. Theme Menu Text Color ???
  179. 7.0.11: CPU meter defect
  180. tmiranda Recently Watched SageV7
  181. BMT change?? can't set video as tv recording
  182. How to modify "Favorites Defaults"?
  183. Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.0.8
  184. Metadata Tools 4.2 Bugs in Sage V7?
  185. Online Videos (Youtube/Google)
  186. Alphabetized jump like sagemc?
  187. [PLUGIN] Move Imported TV Shows to SageTV Recordings
  188. Plugin: InfoPopup / CallerID for SageTV 7.0
  189. Plugin: External Status Monitor Interface
  190. Plugin: External Apps
  191. Showanalyzer / Comskip Help
  192. Plugin :: All Titles for Video Menu
  193. Plugin :: No Default Action in Main Menu
  194. [PLUGIN] Always Show SubMenus
  195. Hide F/A/M/W/HD/1 Icons in Lists
  196. Missed recordings
  197. v7 Playlist always starts from begining
  198. help - SageMC uninstall on SageTV 7
  199. Recordings preview image showing the same (wrong) image
  200. Item numbers in Recordings list
  201. What's the new SageMC?
  202. SageTV 7 BD/DVD Metadata
  203. IMDB Search Text Cut Off
  204. Themes: Can I uninstall / reinstall them?
  205. Background Images Copyrights etc...
  206. sagex-api Log File 50GB+?
  207. Any Recored TV replacements in the works?
  208. Stupid ? (How to delete TV Recording?)
  209. V7 Menu Elements Placement in the GUI
  210. Standard plugin configuration and event handling - How?
  211. Plugin :: Ortus Trailers
  212. Any worries about SageTV's reliance on playon?
  213. Suggestion: Plugin Version Testing
  214. Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.2.0 BETA
  215. TV Explorer
  216. Ortus Core Services
  217. Plugin: Install Disk Usage
  218. Plugin: CVF - Custom Video Folder
  219. Plugin: Web Radio and TV Encoder for SageTV V7
  220. Malore Menus in SageTV 7
  221. online video subcategory defined in feed?
  222. Plugin:UghsMenu
  223. Latest Playon not working
  224. A way to mark Imported Videos?
  225. Season/Episode number display
  226. Some tweaks I'd really like!
  227. Plugin: CommercialDetector
  228. Help me understand: MyMovies, MovieWall, Ortus, etc.
  229. EPG Favorite Channels ?
  230. Unofficial Secret Extra v7 UI Features
  231. Fanart in Sage7
  232. Metadata issue
  233. Phoenix Screen Shot Sneak Peak
  234. Phoenix Fanart issue in video browser
  235. Metadata tools says wrong version (I think) ?
  236. Can tv show info be edited?
  237. Theme: BlueTwo Grey
  238. Upcoming Recordings status bar from v6?
  239. Plugin Upgrade on v7?
  240. Where should Fanart be stored?
  241. SageTV Gadget
  242. How To Get Updating Playlists from iTunes in SageTV
  243. SMM: Read this if you don't see any Sage My Movies topics
  244. Adding custom main menu item -Video Folder or Category
  245. v7 missing Video titles
  246. Plugin port request: MP Time Jump
  247. system message about plugin license?
  248. Theme: BlueTwo (addon for MBDiamond)
  249. Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.3.0 BETA
  250. Customize Main Menu