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  1. My Movies for SageTV Coming soon discussions
  2. Plugin:: Sage My Movies for Sagetv
  3. MyMovies client server issues. ARGH!
  4. MyMovies for SageTV
  5. SageMyMovies Where does it go next?
  6. Still trouble starting movies from SMM
  7. Setup and Wiki Read this thread first!!!
  8. CoverProfiles questions and custom created post here
  9. Titles have been added or removed from another client
  10. How do I replace a video file?
  11. New Features Coming Soon......
  12. First working for a week, and now blank
  13. Sage My Movies...Why Can't I Get This To Work?
  14. User Restrictions Wiki and discussion.
  15. SMM Missing Dependancy
  16. MyMovies External Player Support
  17. First impressions, bugs and enhancement requests
  18. Monitoring folder question
  19. Weird bug entering my movies sideways view
  20. Can I keep both "Videos" and "MyMovies" on the main menu?
  21. What happened to free?
  22. Stuck on Folders
  23. Folder View Question
  24. Info popup between into/trailer and movie
  25. Need a couple of phoenix fanart testers
  26. New View by Amateurs not Gentlemen
  27. movies wont play
  28. Works on WHS, but can't get it to work on HD200
  29. SageMyMovies Covers on Extender
  30. Poster view and info screen question
  31. Explanation of Phoenix Fanart Support
  32. Current Release and Known Issues
  33. New Build subscription topic
  34. MyMovies Menu problems
  35. MyMovies not compatible with sagetv core 7.0.15+??
  36. SageClient isn't displaying graphics- unable to see what I'm navigating over
  37. Problem playing movies since plugin upgrade
  38. Multidisc set question
  39. Issues with current version and enhancement requests
  40. Backgrounds bizarre after upgrade
  41. Selecting Disc Feature
  42. SidewaysView page dwn
  43. deactivate imported videos button?
  44. Sage Directories, MyMovies Directory and the MM database
  45. General Overview of SMM, MM, Sage & Collection management For PluckyHD
  46. Basic View with Detail Tab
  47. MyMovies Image folders DO NOT MATCH SMM Extender Image Folders?
  48. HD200 Caching - Google Code #38 Discussion
  49. Getting fanart in fade out view but not in wall view?
  50. Poster art - change, limit, or remove foreign language art?
  51. Need help understanding SMM & Phoenix Fan Art
  52. How to automatically/immediately update front/back cover, artists in monitored folder
  53. Where did my filters go?
  54. Fanart doesnt display on HD200
  55. default view
  56. Noob question about ripping
  57. HD300 + Sage MyMovies
  58. Known issue with ratings restricitons
  59. MyMovies Videos Running on HD300
  60. Setting up Mymovies to SATA RAID from WHS
  61. Software tweaks to help improve My Movies performance on HD-200?
  62. New build up
  63. SMM API install keeps failing
  64. INSTALL API V1.18 NOT V1.17
  65. upgrade via extender has removed MyMovie UI
  66. Rentals/offline discs
  67. where are the posters
  68. Filters
  69. Question about reset defaults option in new build
  70. Installing Client Plugin on Server
  71. Shortcut to Movies by "A-B-C..."
  72. Sage MyMovies and Netflix/hulu que interaction
  73. Display only background/backdrop?
  74. Can't disable MMFolder view
  75. Option to quickly change sort order in current view?
  76. Double sided discs in a multidisc set
  77. Covers Problem
  78. Using BMT to populate MyMovies
  79. MiltiDisk and boxed sets confusion
  80. Can I mix Personal Videos w/ DVDs in List View?
  81. Remove Watched dialog after stopping movies
  82. Will XBMC interfere with SageTV?
  83. New user - Coverart and backdrop?
  84. Boxed/Trialogy Set View
  85. What happened?
  86. Saving filters for a view
  87. Problem with Parental Controls and Multiple Discs
  88. Fixed-Default Sage Parental Controls Disabled Please Read
  89. Upcoming Netflix/Hulu/Playon support
  90. Custom Views wiki and questions thread!!
  91. Menu bug
  92. minor menu issue
  93. Collection Manager and SMM filter results different
  94. Handfull of cover not displaying
  95. My Movies Client Won't Connect
  96. Still having API Failed problems with version 1.15
  97. Next Version to support Instant updates.
  98. Rentals
  99. Future of MyMovies and alternatives in SMM
  100. Where to locate SMM Options or Custom menus?
  101. Main Menu Issues Updating Plug-Ins
  102. "Backdrops" "SageTV" "Covers" folders - what's creating them
  103. What am I doing wrong?
  104. Swirly circle of death while watching blu-ray on an extender and pressing guide?
  105. Api Failing with 1.190 Beta
  106. Wall View - Right Side covers are cut off.
  107. QuickFilters - Broke?
  108. MyMovies icon and sorting issues
  109. Problems WHS Install
  110. Does My Movies work with Serenity skin?
  111. WHS, Sage PC, HD200 install
  112. New movies covers missing
  113. Incorrect Movie Data?
  114. Need help with a collection manager issue
  116. Recorded programs have no show names
  117. MyMovies support continuing
  118. mymovies, whs, and unraid
  119. HomePage Anyone ?
  120. Advanced Info Meu
  121. So when's the new release coming?
  122. Points question
  123. New Build v1.20 api / 1.16 stvi REQUIRES MYMOVIES 3.17 R3 OR LATER!!
  124. SMM API V1.200 Keeps Failing
  125. Don't install new build 1.20/1.16!!!
  126. My Movies cannot un pause
  128. Zero results for Date Added or Coll. #
  129. External App Launcher Question
  130. Can't Play?
  131. API 1.201 Beta failed
  132. [ReProcessHook@21fe4f] sage.e.a(Unknown Source)
  133. Can't navigate SMM sub-menu
  134. Get Hulu Application
  135. Interest in SMM iphone/ipad app?
  136. SMM Thumbnails on an HD300
  137. New HD300 and fanart location?
  138. If you have an issue I need logs!!
  139. Just wanted to express my thanks!
  140. Watched Filter Broken
  141. Cover image resolution - HD200
  142. Movie Won't Play
  143. MKV's play, but not DVD's
  144. WHS Auto Rip ?
  145. Metadata and filters
  146. Which SMM View do you use?
  147. SMM installed and now a few questions
  148. Design the next SMM View!!! Show me what you want.
  149. Another failing API - 1.204
  150. Unraid and my movies, who uses it?
  151. Default Parental Controls and Resume Playback
  152. My Movie Noob
  153. SageServer on Linux / MyMovies on Windows?
  154. Notice Issue In current build where not all movies are showing.
  155. "New Movie"
  156. I see my movies in SMM, but that is all I can do. No buttons work!
  157. Goes back to old "Video By Titles" view
  158. Can I use SMM without MyMovies?
  159. Make default Sideways view in SMM?
  160. Big Thanks To JOrton for upcoming Diamond Theme!!
  161. New Hd300 beta firmware and 1280x720p UI
  162. Diamond Theme Genre Images
  163. So how do I use the new themes?
  164. Screen not refreshing
  165. Problem with update
  166. View?
  167. Movies won't play - Paths issue?
  168. Search Feature--Check!!
  169. Integrating home video collection into SMM
  170. HD-300 with WHS and MyMovies- what else do I need?
  171. Fanart Question
  172. My Movies Unreadable
  173. Duplicate Movies
  174. Mapped buttons don't work in SMM
  175. ok, so I got MMoivies installed and happy, and SMM installed and happy, So now what?
  176. Can MyMovies plugin boot the HD-300 extender directly to the covers interface?
  177. Won't play movie if Mymovies DB shows it having a Side B
  178. Features Requiring Points - Get them?
  179. New Search Wiki Please Read!!
  180. Phoenix fanart: Change background image in SMM
  181. What is a STV or SMM
  182. Blank Screen on My Movies
  183. New Group View Option in next build
  184. My Movies database question
  185. SMM Poster View (no Art showing)
  186. Replaced a movie file, throwing SageID not found error
  187. what happened?!?!?
  188. Boxed sets vs multi disc in MyMovies
  189. Recommended approach for Movies & TV Shows with SMM
  190. Blu-rays not playing on extender or client
  191. Double Entries?
  192. Infinite scrolling horizontally and vertically
  193. iPhone or iPad remote control?
  194. Failure to enable plugin
  195. Poster view crashing - Help please
  196. Caching of images
  197. Playing VIDEO_TS (with DVD Menus) Instead of Monolithic MPEG-2 Copy
  198. MyMovies and WHS, HELP!!!!!
  199. Not maintaining "Watched" indicator?
  200. Illegible text...
  201. Install help.
  202. SMMFolders question
  203. SMM Options Descriptions?
  204. Connecting to mymovies server
  205. SMM freezes with Placeshifter - Fine on HD200
  206. SMM menu not showing
  207. How to rebuild database?
  208. couple of silly questions
  209. Letter Q missing from alphabetical search ?
  210. No posters on some movies?
  211. Question about "Automatic Library Rescan Frequency"
  212. No sageID found to play for this movie
  213. Rebuilding SageTV database
  214. Noob ? on DVD rips?
  215. 'Info' Unavailable
  216. Parental restrictions on SMM/HD300
  217. "New" movies always shown on main screen
  218. Setup question do i need both MyMovies(WHS) and Collection Manager?
  219. My Movies constantly scanning
  220. Cannot install on extenders
  221. Petition: Could you PLEASE change the font size in Info view?
  222. My Movies not Working
  223. Installing MyMovices CM breaks SageTV install
  224. Broken install - can't reinstall - SMM API Failed
  225. Maximum Movie Count in SMM?
  226. Plucky - it's been awfully quiet around here lately
  227. Caching Issues
  228. Greetings from a noob
  229. while switching from a HD200 to HD300 I screwed something up...
  230. Guaging interest in porting iphone/ipad control app?
  231. Different approach for televisions series- does it depend on MyMovies implementation?
  232. SageMy Movies API Failed
  233. HD200 images Fuzzy
  234. Cannot see TV episodes anymore
  235. For people running Bluray isos through WHS- any blurays not play properly as movie?
  236. Can you use SMM for only part of your video library
  237. Covers and backgrounds show / no show
  238. Two seperate video queues?
  239. correct path for DVDs in a VIDEO_TS folder?
  240. Problem seeing Watched Icon on Multi Disk movies
  241. Running Time for DVDs shows "Days" in standard Sage UI
  242. How to delete a movie title from list?
  243. Is there a way to disable file delete dialog
  244. MyMovies not scanning monitored folders....
  245. Movies will not play
  246. Another multi disc question... And one other thing.
  247. SMM Folders option
  248. How can I edit the MyMovies database?
  249. Information screen in SMM
  250. Error(-12) a null object selected for playback