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  1. Plugin: Diamond Theme
  2. Plugin:: Diamond V3.00 for SageTV V7 UI Mod/Themes
  3. Great Job...
  4. You know you have hit the big-leagues when you have your own forum!
  5. Diamond & SMM - Videos Menu
  6. Using "Standard" Sage Thumbnails for TV and Movies
  7. Where is my tv?
  8. You Must be using the Sagetv BETA 7.1.2
  9. Success/Bugs with Using Diamond 3.0 with Non-Beta Sage?
  10. Any way to import the movie info from my movies collection manager?
  11. Recommended Upgrade Procedure?
  12. HD200/HD300 Firmware
  13. Diamond Fanart
  14. What can i use to change movies genre categories?
  15. Imported TV
  16. Where have all the movies gone?
  17. Sorting based on released date and add to library date not working still
  18. FAQ for Diamond
  19. Movies + Home Videos?
  20. Feature Request - Hide Video Folder
  21. More questions from a Noob SORRY!
  22. ComSkip Timeline View
  23. Fanart cache
  24. Diamond Flow lost left/right move thru list
  25. Movie Wall and very few movies showing up
  26. Possible Bug in TV Simplified View
  27. Video Folders
  28. Not sure if this is a bug or just my sage
  29. Weather widget issue
  30. HD100 Diamond Performance
  31. Video Help
  32. Diamond & SMM
  33. Does Diamond cache "no fanart" for a series?
  34. Preview window on main menu
  35. Diamond 3.0 Writeup/Walkthrough
  36. Custom View problem maybe?
  37. Do not USE Diamond with non beta SAGETV
  38. "Metadata In Info List" - "Off" Not Working?
  39. Missing Posters in Movie Wall
  40. The time bar has a huge number on the right...
  41. How to Customize theme?
  42. Request: Change to Page Up/Down in Movie Wall
  43. Fanart not showing in TV
  44. Not showing recordings watched/count on groups
  45. OSD Question
  46. Any way to change banner from tv recording series?
  47. Is there a way to disable the reflections?
  48. Diamond 3.1 build preview
  49. Diamond and SageMyMovies
  50. Episode image display issue.
  51. Jumpto For TV menu?
  52. PlayOn Integration
  53. SageTV V7.1.3 Beta & Diamond bugs
  54. Custom Menu - "No Grouping" = NO Results
  55. DO NOT USE 7.1.3 AND DIAMOND!!
  56. Movie Wall Fanart and DVD Cover Issue
  57. Request: Play button w/Diamond Play Options
  58. New Diamond Build 3.10
  59. Multidisc movies
  60. How to get back the play option from diamond?
  61. For Team Diamond: Seeking Permission to use Diamond Screenshots
  62. Thumbnails in recordings screen
  63. Request: Folder & View Filters to TV Menu
  64. No Background Fanart for Episode Listings in Recorded TV?
  65. BMT/Diamond FanArt ?
  66. How can i change fanart directory from Sage Client?
  67. Can i get rid of the little black box in the middle of the banners?
  68. Diamond Category view question
  69. TV Recordings - large thumbnail fanart displayed on top of poster fanart
  70. Coverflow problem
  71. Station ID for Diamond Info
  72. Safe to use Diamond on 7.1.5 or stil must stay on 7.1.2?
  73. Series Banners not showing up
  74. Diamond Sub-theme: "Diamond MKANET Mod" (Version 1.1)
  75. Weather Widget
  76. Can't remove Count/WatchedFormat on one extender.
  77. BG image not there in Episode view?
  78. Feature Request
  79. not sure what I am doing wrong
  80. ListFlow Filters - bug or user error?
  81. Episode Name Alignment When Using No S or E Numbers
  82. Diamond Categories questions
  83. Attempted download/install of plug-in keeps failing
  84. Recordings with padding
  85. Faster display of BG Fanart on extender?
  86. How to map "Videos" button on remote control to Diamond "Movies"
  87. In the Program Guide, where do the small backgrounds come from?
  88. Colors off for some BG Fanart (is this a dup?)
  89. Diamond is awesome! How are folks managing switching between movies and home vids?
  90. Dumb Question, but can't find answer anywhere I looked....
  91. Missing Remote Poll
  92. Not understanding folder filter behavior
  93. Diamond list flow doesnt work.
  94. Any interest in kid show Diamond themes?
  95. Video Conversion Screen
  96. What is everyone using for movies?
  97. Fanart for TV shows...
  98. Unable to Navigate Videos Menu After Disabling Diamond Movies
  99. How do I return to full screen video from menu preview?
  100. Update on new build for sagetv 7.1.5
  101. Diamond on SageTV demo
  102. New Diamond Build 3.20 for sagetv 7.1.5
  103. Diamond 3.20 + SMM issue
  104. Fanart doesn't fit
  105. 3.2 Fanart Differences
  106. Missing TV Menu List
  107. Diamond 3.2 Lost program guide
  108. One thing I miss
  109. No Diamond menu on when in options for TV recordings and font problem...
  110. Diamond Support Reminders
  111. Timeline bars behind thumbnails in Recordings
  112. Bug? Diamond Custom View Options
  113. Top OSD Display Issue
  114. Feature Request?
  115. How do I get poster images to update?
  116. Anyone else having problems with Slide Panel in Movies section?
  117. Diamond & Always Show Submenus: missing menu
  118. Bug in Wall View?
  119. Bug or feature in wall mode?
  120. How do I delete a custom view I made?
  121. Issue with sorting by Season/Episode
  122. Missing TV Series Banners
  123. HD300 GUI Elements Not Displaying Properly
  124. Replacing CAP font with lower case
  125. Can I add a top level grouping?
  126. Double entry record Sched.
  127. Possible to customize/launch external EXE?
  128. Metadata for Diamond Info View?
  129. Misc Files
  130. Replace Videos with Movies option
  131. Can you do this in Diamond
  132. Main Menu Widgets
  133. Folder View - What am I doing wrong?
  134. Two Excluded Folders?
  135. Same episode from multiple sources?
  136. S/E display in Recording Schedule
  137. Propogating Diamond settings to many clients
  138. Customizing Diamond
  139. After stop it goes back to the wrong menu
  140. ERROR (-8): User rejected conflict resolution options for playback request
  141. SLOOOWWWW response
  142. DVD Cover art in DVD folders already
  143. Live TV in MovieFlow
  144. Client Crash to Desktop
  145. Can you have Custom TV views
  146. I hozed my Diamond, how to get it back?
  147. Creating sub-themes
  148. Anyway to I.D. Bluray or DVD from move menu?
  149. Properties Files Showing up as videos
  150. Does Diamond/SMM/BMT/Phoenix play well together?
  151. newbie: keep main menu like default skin?
  152. Anyone else reporting some instability issues with Diamond
  153. Help - migration to new setup, Diamond movie views now messed up
  154. Just a Thanks
  155. letter\numbers showing up next to show titles
  156. How much PC memory for Diamond?
  157. Cover art won't show for one movie only.
  158. Display Name: Fanart title vs Movie title
  159. noob question
  160. Java Heap running low after 12 hours
  161. Metadata Problems for Netflix movies in Diamond Movie Wall
  162. Hiding timeline bar
  163. What is missing from Diamond? We are listening....
  164. Diamond Bug in Sage 7.17
  165. Sideways view From SMM in next Diamond ;)
  166. Category Filter: Why cant I see 'Children' ?
  167. 7.1.7 support?
  168. need help: fanart not showing up for movies
  169. OT q for Pluckyhd re 30 TB storage
  170. Modified CoverFlow
  171. Migrating from WMC/Diamond to SageTV/Diamond
  172. TV shows saved off box showing up in TV recordings area
  173. I buggered up my Diamond
  174. New Diamond Build 3.30 for SageTV 7.1.5 and later
  175. New Diamond is displaying folder movie resides in in views?
  176. "Top OSD" + Channel # (Compatibility for "ChannelLogos" logos)
  177. Thanks!
  178. MyTV for Diamond UI Mod 3.3+
  179. New Users: Give The Optional "Diamond" Interface A Try
  180. One more click to free me from!
  181. What does this icon mean?
  182. Re-Cache of Posters
  183. Long Clocks: Causation or just Correlation?
  184. Trailers/Previews
  185. Bug with "Bypass Single Seasons" Option
  186. Series Continuing
  187. Sometimes Banners not showing for TV Series
  188. Series Info View Bug? or just me?
  189. Count/Watched Format
  190. When i disable all views diammon breaks
  191. 1 channel logo not displaying
  192. Info fade option
  193. Odd fanart problems
  194. Not sure if this is a Diamond/Phoenix or BMT question…
  195. BMT shows fanart, but nothing in Diamond?
  196. Correct Way to Get Metadata?
  197. BMT or Diamond issue
  198. odd interface option
  199. Noob question about Diamond and Comskip
  200. A good interface idea...
  201. Imported TV shows -> Merged with Sage
  202. Sagetv 7.1.8 Beta and Diamond 3.3
  203. How do you maximize video Windows?
  204. Getting metadata updates to show up properly with Diamond
  205. User Rejected Conflict Resolution
  206. Shortcut Key to Data Visualization?
  207. Folders view like MMFolder?
  208. Request: Diamond development thoughts on Google acquisition
  209. Minimum Memory Requirement for Diamond
  210. Could Diamond become an application rather than a plugin
  211. Problem with Diamond/MyMovies Fanart
  212. Set up Diamond on each extender?
  213. Videos - New additions/Recently added
  214. Bug in Category Flow?
  215. Album Covers: Do They Slow Down List Population?
  216. Diamond Compatibility with the 'Restart Sage from Setup Menu' Plugin
  217. 'Spinning Circle' Behavior w/ Diamond on HD300
  218. What does the future hold for Diamond?
  219. sort movies by date added
  220. Weird comskip problem
  221. Screens Changed Spontaneously?
  222. What does the 'Delete All' really do?
  223. season Title no banner
  224. Getting Started: Diamond + Phoenix? Wha?!?
  225. "Poster" fanart view in Videos
  226. Fantastic! Finally getting fanart for my music! How do I access it?
  227. Diamond MKANET MOD will not install
  228. Strange fanart problem for the movie 'Unknown'
  229. Does anyone know how to define Guide/EPG catagory for programs without categories?
  230. Will Diamond be updated for the new weather sources?
  231. Diamond 3.311 Update
  232. STV stops running when I play recordings
  233. Episode Thumbnail Caching
  234. No Cover Fanart
  235. Movie titles not selectable in Coverflow view
  236. Video folders question
  237. Diamond 3.32 - Weather Icons - Day/Night fix +
  238. Recent Recordings Widget
  239. Bug in Wall Flow filter?
  240. No install option for Diamond
  241. No Fanart
  242. Diamond Sluggish Performance on STV Client
  243. GUI hangs at end of recorded show
  244. Diamond Movies no longer play on Extenders
  245. no fanart on folders?
  246. Themes?
  247. Movie genres
  248. Reload FanArt without screwing up BMT
  249. Is Diamond still alive?
  250. Need some help troubleshooting my diamond fanart