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  1. Come Back to SageTV - Open Source in "Near" Future
  2. Open Source Project
  3. Welcome to the new Open Source subforum
  4. What is your dream SageTV client?
  5. HD300 extenders will be open sourced as well too?
  6. Day one features
  7. Baby step for the interm?
  8. Has it been that long?
  9. The Future of SageTV - Which Direction
  10. Open Source Sage and (XBMC or Plex)?
  11. Looking for a new @SageTVOpenSrc Twitter account owner
  12. client for smart tv or blu-ray player
  13. What repository will SageTV will be using?
  14. Licensing
  15. Sage "proprietary" vs Sage open source
  16. Opens source clients???
  17. SageTV key usage in open source for SageTV EPG
  18. When?
  19. Hardware requirements for Sage-OS server?
  20. Copy once recordings?
  21. Explicit versions for ffmpeg and mplayer?
  22. Philosophy for core vs plugins
  23. V9 release notes
  24. What's the best way to support more extenders/clients?
  25. Support for IPTV and chromecast
  26. v9 Release Notes
  27. Build SageTV (Linux Specific) + GitHub primer
  28. Docker container
  29. Linux: Core Dump Scanning HDHR QAM
  30. Discussion around Possible Open Source Project restructuring/refactoring
  31. Feature requests
  32. NASs? Docker?
  33. Continuous integration builds?
  34. Rebuild Sage.jar (Windows and Linux and probably Mac)
  35. What is Google's plan with the Open Source community?
  36. Should I use the open source version now?
  37. Anomalies using Sage.jar v9.0.0.3 in SageTV7
  38. EPG with V9
  39. Linux 64bit MiniClient (issues with JTux on 64bit)
  40. SageTV Rasberry Pi Client
  41. Linux server with HD HOMERUN DUAL DVB-C
  42. SageTV Plugin Issues
  43. VS2005 build environment
  44. Vagrant files of 32bit and 64bit images that can be used for SageTV Linux Development
  45. Discussion: Plugin architecture changes
  46. Can V9 be installed along side V7 ?
  47. EPG Server Issues With Latest Linux Code
  48. SageTV Placeshifter on Mac OS/X
  49. Any of SageV7 plugins affected??
  50. STV Updates Discussion
  51. What does this all mean!?!?
  52. v9 branding
  53. Can't connect to V9 Server with V7 Client
  54. Linux 64-bit HDHR Capture Fails
  55. Shall we add more subforums?
  56. V9 API docs posted
  57. Sage Placeshifter on 64 bit Linux
  58. Linux 64bit MiniClient (issues with mplayer)
  59. Phoenix card reader support for Europe?
  60. Live Channels - Android TV
  61. HDCPI?
  62. Linux server native libhdhomerun
  63. New Sage Users
  64. SageTV architecture overview
  65. 'NO SIGNAL' with Placeshifter
  66. client/placeshifter licenses
  67. wiz.bin question
  68. Retrieving old server keys
  69. Reimporting
  70. windows placeshifter
  71. Sage Client open source upgrade from trial
  72. Can't configure inputs with EPG plugin
  73. New Sage.jar
  74. Native HDHomeRun Prime Support
  75. Anyone try to attach remote debugger to server?
  76. Any news on the Windows installer?
  77. Placeshifter Causing Windows Server Crash
  78. How to handle STV updates
  79. MiniClient Information
  80. Windows Executable
  81. Colossus cards
  82. Linux server questions
  83. HDPVR in V9
  84. Schedules Direct plugin not compatible
  85. stationID: string or integer?
  86. Meaning of fields in .frq file?
  87. Debug SageTV Server on Linux (focus on native libraries not java)
  88. Register open issues / bugs
  89. Windows key in a linux server?
  90. Linux sagetv-server DB error on startup
  91. New Video Import Showing Imported As Music
  92. A few questions
  93. Installing on Linux Mint
  94. Kodi
  95. Clients not seeing server IP
  96. Ceton InfiniTV 6 PCIe under Linux?
  97. Video Conversion Problems
  98. NAS issue in SageTV OSS9
  99. Having a hard time with upgrading EXE's
  100. Removing the JAR package type from plugins
  101. Wiz.bin SQL importer
  102. Any details around the Database Improvements?
  103. Jar conflict when installing v9
  104. Jetty 9 for SageTV 9
  105. Upgrade Question - having an issue
  106. Where does Sage build the recording file name?
  107. How to create a Linux placeshifter client
  108. SageTV 9 with HD300 can't read the duration of MKV files in Linux
  109. Apple TV 3 Client
  110. v9 doesnt wake computer
  111. Adding a network or network drive or Directory
  112. No audio from Linux sageclient
  113. Odd Weather Info Issue (not sure if it's related to the Open Source version or not)
  114. Problem building on Linux (not Ubuntu)
  115. Clock Font
  116. STV UI Feedback 9.0.0.x
  117. Problem Playing HD in Client
  118. Unwanted channels on Linux with HDHomeRun
  119. Clueless on fresh install of version 9
  120. Support for newer HDHomeruns
  121. Anyone know how to create a debian package repo?
  122. Windows installer and running as a service
  123. Compile Server For Mac OS X
  124. Can't see tuner after updating sagetv 7 stv
  125. Feature request: Scan video libraries only
  126. Problems running Linux 64
  127. VS2015 build environment
  128. Can no longer maximize the video using the SageTV Client
  129. Can I mix server and client versions?
  130. SageTV Media Extender
  131. SageTVDX93D.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
  132. Adding fav by actor blank
  133. Closed Captions and Ceton
  134. Building for FreeBSD Jail?
  135. ffmpeg development
  136. bugs in open source
  137. Sagetv9 Hostpost Error
  138. Ubuntu 15.10 Unsupported Compiler
  139. FreeBSD Port
  140. Tests? Continuous Integration?
  141. What version of Java?
  142. Chromecast Client
  143. ver.9 does not play files named in Cyrillic
  144. Playback duration/progress issues
  145. External tuning command in SageTV V9 Linux
  146. SageTV V9 core dumping when I stop recording with HD PVR
  147. Changeable rec directory path mayhem.
  148. Universal Windows app for Xbox One?
  149. What's the current state of Sage 9 on Windows
  150. Linux install and a few questions
  151. Windows 7 playback failure
  152. Some Win7 to linux migration questions
  153. Audio missing on old MPEG2 Recordings with HD300
  154. Audio Described Video
  155. Milestones
  156. EPG data licensing question
  157. Any one working on Windows EXE Source
  158. Will client v9 play well with server v7?
  159. I'm not a coder. Can I still help?
  160. Bugs and feature requests
  161. EPG not working
  162. Keyword on Favorites not working.
  163. Open Source Status
  164. Quickmode- is this possible on Sage?
  165. Extender Smooth FF/REW x16 Stuck Issue
  166. Open Source subforums?
  167. How to update SageTV7 to SageTV9 OSS when using Schedules Direct for guide data
  168. Intelligent Recording selection?
  169. Shot in the dark trouble shooting...
  170. QAM channel scan unreliable, reports DTV-x-y; testers wanted
  171. Moving Recordings From Windows to Linux
  172. Where to start with learning how to use Jetty?
  173. no luck with HDHR Prime channels in new Ubuntu install
  174. SageTV 7 License Key
  175. Many MCE Remote Buttons Not Working,
  176. Windows: Rapid LiveTV Stutter When a New Program Begins
  177. V9 of various plugins are coming... but...
  178. Open Source Windows Installer
  179. Sage API question
  180. Is 4K playback in Sage a possibility?
  181. Ceton InfiniTV 6 upgrade to V9 Q?'s
  182. SageTV UI as a Roku App?
  183. SageTV and 64 bit Java on Windows
  184. Limited SageTV Usage Case: Value to Upgrade?
  185. Context names in the API?
  186. Condsidering to switch
  187. Thanks!
  188. Questions about the Sage Full Client Architecture
  189. HD-PVR2 Linux drivers and SageTV 9
  190. In Windows what's the diff between Vs 7 & 9?
  191. Does Placeshifter work with 1080i files in V9
  192. Building SageTV v9
  193. SageTV v.9 on Ubuntu 15.10 64bit video quality
  194. Issues with Homerun Prime Network Tuner
  195. Java version for SageTV v9
  196. TV section is gone...from client
  197. Windows 10 - Sage9 Wakes But Doesn't Record
  198. Where's the favorites list?
  199. Placeshifter doesn't play H.64 1080i files
  200. FF REW Bug in Client
  201. Featue request - more SkipFwds
  202. Timelise is NOT in sync with the movie...
  203. Empty channel slot in EPG
  204. Clients / Extenders
  205. Windows Installation V9 Success Stories
  206. Audio "Fanart" in a UI - possible in Sage?
  207. Block Level vs File Level Storage
  208. Windows to Linux - How to?
  209. For those running V9 on Linux...
  210. FFMPEG update log
  211. ffmpeg error creating thumbnail
  212. Freetype Font UnsatisfiedLinkError in Linux
  213. TV Guide Data
  214. Some channels missing guide data and some remote buttons not working
  215. Request: Bolean logic for keywords in Favorites?
  216. open source v9 doesnt wake computer
  217. Network Encoder Channel Scanning
  218. Favorites Not Automatically Scheduled
  219. A couple tips for installing to SageTV 9
  220. Windows DShow capture code
  221. Updated FFMPEG Posted to GitHub
  222. Clients Cannot Connect - HD 2000 Can
  223. Cannot play MPEG-2
  224. FFmpeg generate thumbnail from transport stream
  225. lucene core clarification
  226. Team Favorites Error
  227. Can I run an open source client with a licensed server?
  228. One UI font is different on Linux vs Windows
  229. Network encoder question - HDPVR on Linux
  230. GetShowSeriesInfo issue with V9
  231. Couple quick questions
  232. SageTV9 disappears when trying to watch tv
  233. mplayer compiling
  234. HD PVR on Linux - no preview
  235. Problem with UNC shares from Linux server
  236. Has network encoding changed with V9?
  237. successful upgrade
  238. Airing History
  239. SageTV 9 Web UI (Discussion)
  240. Keeping system updated
  241. User interface for v9
  242. Linux or Windows?
  243. HDPVR Video Conversion Error
  244. Is there a Wiz.bin / sage.properties importer
  245. Linux: Sleep/Wake
  246. Don't Like function changed
  247. V9, linux, getting the band back together
  248. Struggling with moving to Linux
  249. Playing a folder...
  250. Windows problem with browsing SMB import