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  3. Touch Interface
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  19. uPNP support?
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  21. Yahoo Weather selected and see 37C instead of 3C
  22. Delete flows
  23. Install Instructions
  24. Custom menus available?
  25. How to change fonts?
  26. No longer prompting to delete at end of viewing
  27. Where is the bottom diskspace bar?
  28. A Few of Issues with v9 after upgrade.
  29. What is Gemstone?
  30. how to make fanart appear in info menu?
  31. Original air date?
  32. Gemstone Fanart on Multiple Clients w/Centeral Server
  33. menu settings revert to default after starting sage
  34. Widget Font Size
  35. Very Slow loading with Fanart on
  36. Cross-platform paths for properties
  37. Cannot change set watched status
  38. No Fanart displayed - Exception in getValueAsObject
  39. Suddently can't scrape TV fanart
  40. Gemstone 1.402 released
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  42. Java Heap stays high with no noticeable impact?
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  44. Logging
  45. Stuck in Menus
  46. Possibly Gemstone Spamming the Logs
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  49. gemstone z theme files
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  51. Update avail - can't update due to dependencies
  52. Potential bug
  53. listing recording source with recording data
  54. Minor update released 1.0407
  55. customized theme within STV SageTV7
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  59. where to locate merit plugin?
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  61. Navigation Missing
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  63. what does nas configuration setting in linux do?
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