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  1. SageTV Server Linux with Comskip for Docker (and unRAID) Support Thread
  2. SageTV Docker LIRC/FireWire issues
  3. SageTV Docker/unRAID now has a sub-forum
  4. Importing ISO images fails
  5. Need a guide...
  6. Updated Docker Container
  7. Adding a custom script during startup
  8. UPNP Tuning some DISH receivers with gentuner
  9. Java memory in MB
  10. Windows Docker on Windows 10
  11. Warning in Docker Logs
  12. Problem starting comskip
  13. Appropriate hardware
  14. QNAP ContainerStation
  15. SageTV Docker on macOS
  16. Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/stuckless/sagetv-server-java8
  17. Moving files from Windows to unRAID
  18. Setup questions
  19. Problems with HDHR on unRAID
  20. Is unRAID/Docker the right OS for me?
  21. Can you use SJQ from within unRAID
  22. Multiple instances of the SageTV unRAID Docker?
  23. HD-PVR IR Blaster
  24. Locator ID Not Generated Correctly
  25. Poor Client performance with Docker
  26. how to stop docker?
  27. unRAID with HD-PVR, Firewire and/or USB-UIRT
  28. Installing Sage docker to cache drive
  29. Stopping/starting the service on Docker
  30. Permissioning for Sage server folder
  31. How do you keep track of all of the ports used in unRAID
  32. Restart Docker Container
  33. problem tuning single channel with OpenDCT Docker
  34. How would you run a script when the Docker starts?
  35. cache only setting
  36. Errors in log
  37. unRAID 6.3.0-rc9
  38. 11 Simultaneous Miniclients
  39. Sage crashes after reboot of docker container
  40. Can't seem to change Sage webserver port
  41. OpenDCT on Docker not finding HDHR
  42. Quick question about sagetv docker
  43. What other dockers are you using?
  44. Any tips on working with docker containers
  45. Is there any reason I can't change the docker name?
  46. Use Windows VM for multi-zone USB-UIRT?
  47. opendct location
  48. How to setup a USB-UIRT in unRAID/Docker
  49. unRAID 6.3 is out
  50. What's the solution to tuning multiple boxes in unRAID?
  51. USB-UIRT checksum errors
  52. Sage for Docker crashed on me
  53. If you need DVB don't upgrade to 6.31 yet
  54. Anyone have HD PVR 2 working in a VM on unraid
  55. Firewire enabled in DVB 6.3.1?
  56. FireWire in unRAID How-to
  57. A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
  58. Is it possible to have the CLI version of Handbrake added to SageTV docker
  59. Unraid 6.3.1 Docker Update Error
  60. Unraid Hardware - What did you do?
  61. Is it normal to have this many unRAID upgrades?
  62. Question about server log entry
  63. Server log for new SageTV Docker install
  64. Is my SageTV docker stuck or not ?
  65. Halt detected...or recording "warm up?"
  66. Need advice for getting SageTV for docker as fast as possible
  67. Strange menu behaviors
  68. Ideas for getting notified when Sage dies
  69. time line screwed up
  70. Run Sagetv Client on unRaid server box?
  71. New unRAID/Docker Install questions
  72. Moving to unRAID
  73. Need help with OpenDCT on Docker
  74. unRAID (some additional tips)
  75. Remote access via Placeshifter
  76. HDPVR Halts in unRAID
  77. Comskip Updates
  78. OpenDCT on unRaid Docker failing
  79. SageTV docker Java crash
  80. SageTV Docker update on March 31
  81. connect DV Camera via SageTV in unRaid docker
  82. What gets blown away when you upgrade the Docker?
  83. Request tunable: Java Heap Minimum
  84. cat: activkey: No such file or directory
  85. unRAID won't recognize HVR-2250
  86. SageTV/OpenDCT Docker Question
  87. Strange OTA recording errors
  88. 3 Zone IR control with iTach
  89. Advice for moving to unRaid/Sage/OpenDCT production
  90. New Install
  91. Comskip Donator
  92. Preclear Disks Plugin
  93. OpenDCT in the Community Applications
  94. Can't create docker...
  95. Conversions in the Docker container
  96. no tuner access
  97. Docker question
  98. unRAID DVB 6.3.5
  99. SageTV Docker not working
  100. Manual Comskip in Docker
  101. SageTV Web + SSL + Reverse Proxy (Any interest?) (unRAID only)
  102. Moving to Unraid with Docker from Windows Sage V9
  103. UIRT2 Errors
  104. unRAID / SageTV / OpenDCT Problem
  105. can dish vip 211s with r5000 mod work on unRAID?
  106. Docker Questions
  107. Errors in unRAID logs when restarting SageTV docker
  108. Can you run multiple SageTV Dockers on one unRAID server?
  109. Sagetv docker on LinuxMint
  110. unRAID Share Split Level Recommendation?
  111. Comskip is crashing SageTV inside docker
  112. Thinking of switching back to Unraid...
  113. Help setting up new unRAID SageTV9 server
  114. HD Homerun - Bad Station IDs
  115. Bluray iso's not be found
  116. How to get Sage to recognize the HDPVR through Unraid?
  117. Is there a difference in HD-PVR reliability in unRAID vs Windows?
  118. Comskip not autoskipping on unraid /w SageTV3/SageMC
  119. unRAID Stability Question
  120. Windows 10 Docker host network
  121. Nullencodingserver in docker
  122. SageTV/OpenDCT causing extremely high disk IO
  123. OpenDCT stopping..
  124. Network encoders missed show - delay to wait setting?
  125. SageTV / unraid server crashed today. Huge endless recording found.
  126. Pegged CPU for unRaid docker
  127. 250gb SSD cache big enough for sage, dockers, VMs? Pool?
  128. Minimum Win10 VM for driver pass through?
  129. Sage Crashing almost every night.
  130. Anyone lose connection to their HDHR's recently?
  131. Corrupted comskip logo.txt filenames
  132. DVB-S setup
  133. Can't connect to unraid docker, no "TV" Menu Item
  134. Certain channels showing no signal - HDHR Prime / OpenDCT
  135. Purpose of external mounts?
  136. Do you have to restart the docker after power cycling HD-PVRs?
  137. SageTV for Unraid - Growing or declining in Popularity?
  138. safetv.pid Permission denied
  139. Ready to cut over to UNRAID Sage
  140. How did you move files to Unraid? Shutdown? Sync? Folder?
  141. Need advice on Cron job to restart HD-PVRs
  142. r5000 insists on recording to nonexistent var/media/tv?
  143. Moving Win10 to unRaid
  144. Editing Sage.prop in docker- file always in use?
  145. Weird Recording Format
  146. Post-process/transcode OTA MPEG2-PS/TS files to H.264 MP4/MKV
  147. Comskip Using WINE?
  148. OpenDCT / SageTV Startup Order Important?
  149. Anyone know when unRAID 6.4 will be ready?
  150. Fanart in Gemstone on UNRAID
  151. unRAID Array Performance
  152. Unraid/Docker UNC
  153. Problems with Hangups Browsing Videos
  154. Problems configuring SageTV
  155. Unable to start sage
  156. Tuner troubles with unRAID
  157. Missing files: What's wrong with these import/directory settings?
  158. Sage killed occasionally
  159. Can some folks please try something with the web UI
  160. Recover free space from deleted files
  161. SageTV docker on unRAID 6.4
  162. Plex Scanner
  163. r5000 on an Ubuntu VM with WINE?
  164. New to Docker on QNAP, Setting up stuckless' SageTV Container
  165. At my wit's end with UNRAID in general
  166. UNRAID not seeing Colossus 2 in system devices
  167. Before I dump my failed SuperMicro/Intel UNRAID setup...
  168. SageTV Docker Problems
  169. Stress test hardware before unRAID/Sage install
  170. Docker Containers updated to 1.0.3
  171. SageTV Docker sees HDHR-Prime, but doesn't play channels
  172. Anyone have Hauppauge Colossus 1/2 working in a VM? What hardware?
  173. Be weary of unRAID 6.5
  174. Docker Containers updated to 1.0.4
  175. Commercial Skip Not Working
  176. Docker Configuration via Synology Docker GUI
  177. Sage Not auto-deleting (Shares? Settings?)
  178. USB woes
  179. Trouble wit 2 HD PVRs
  180. comskip not starting on mpg recordings
  181. Hauppauge Quad Tuner
  182. OpenDCT and Tuning_Delay
  183. Some insights about setting up a new SageTV Unraid Setup
  184. new unRAID setup on existing windows machine
  185. New docker install
  186. HDHR OTA in unraid/docker
  187. Debugging Hung SageTV in Docker
  188. Sage webUI and BMT not working after upgrade.
  189. Renaming / Moving sage recordings
  190. BMT working but not web UI?
  191. SageTV Unraid/Docker install - log file errors, server not found
  192. Unraid 6.6.0 issues with HD-PVR
  193. Comskip mostly making 0 byte files?
  194. SageTV Docker Freezes When Moving Large Files
  195. Issues recording on Unraid
  196. Which version should I install
  197. Time set to GMT for web server only
  198. UnRaid 6.5.3
  199. Native support for hauppauge cards in UNRAID?
  200. SD EPG Not Updating
  201. All Imported MKVs Show Zero Length
  202. Linux Help Needed - Unraid FireWire Tuning
  203. Comskip and corrupt wiz.bin
  204. Unraid & Hauppauge 2250
  205. SAGETV Docker VNC or RDP?
  206. Docker startup error.
  207. unRAID and SageAlert
  208. Why does opendct keep crashing? logs attached
  209. Docker/OpenDCT/Ubuntu
  210. Moving from Win10 to Unraid
  211. Bonus virtual soundcard when Playon installed on an UNRAID Windows VM
  212. New dockers for Java 9 and 10
  213. What unRAID version are people using?
  214. Anyone have any advice on replacing cache drive?
  215. Cleanest way to ad multiple Colossus cards to same VM?
  216. Access WebUI? I keep getting forbidden
  217. Client freezing on UNRAID Win10 VM?
  218. SageTV Docker Schedules direct
  219. New Unraid Hardware - Firewire Tuning Issue
  220. Help upgrade SageTV server to UnRAID
  221. Lost CW Sound
  222. SageTV playback stalls when mover running
  223. Upgrade to unRAID 6.8.2 - Lost HD-PVRs
  224. new SageTV Docker install not exactly working terribly well...
  225. Sage TV Docker Not Running Sage?
  226. Use EventGhost in Windows VM for USB-UIRT multizone
  227. UNC Paths For Docker?
  228. Live TV Partial Recordings Not Deleting?
  229. Template URL for docker application stuckless-sagetv-server-java8 is missing
  230. location for sagealerts process exec file
  231. NAS Options In Sage?
  232. Setup of HD Homerun Primes
  233. Recording Issues With HDPVR
  234. When does unRAID recognize hardware device changes?
  235. unRAID - linuxserver falling out
  236. Does anyone know the current status of DVB in unRAID
  237. YAY!! Just found this after not using SageTV for several years...
  238. Automatically "power on" extenders on docker start
  239. Taking the plunge into Unraid/SageTV Docker
  240. Docker sage upgrade script and new user questions
  241. Updated SageTV Docker images
  242. What's the process for restarting a tuner in Sage - unRAID
  243. Java 8 - No Android / Java 10 - No Schedules Direct - Stuck?
  244. Media Import Directory for NAS Folder
  245. Can't get comskip to work with docker on Synology