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11-24-2012, 01:07 PM

if someone is still using SageTV in Switzerland with Cablecom as provider and wants to benefit from the now free digital tv dvb-c offer, it is well working with this setup:

Hardware: Standard PC (2GB RAM) and Terratec Cinergy C HD (no CI+ module) and HDHomeRun Dual EU

Windows XP SP3
Install Terratec and HDHomeRun drivers (BDA driver part)
Install SageTV

SageTV customization (independent of Linux or Windows):
Use the PredefinedDVB.frq attached (delete the .txt ending)
Start SageTV server
Add your tuner card and use "do not use Program Guide Data ..."
Do a scan (you should find > 50 channels)
Stop SageTV server
Install XMLTV Importer for SageTV
Install WebGrab+Plus (use as well the site.ini.pack which holds the grabber for teleboy.ch)
Customize WebGrab+ (see example for Teleboy and free Cablecom channels including 4+ - set the days to grab to a week or higher)
Run WebGrab+ (with 9 days it runs around an hour for the initial grab)
Custome XMLTV Importer (set the guide.xml from WebGrab+ as grabber, edit lineup using your frequency file from your adapter - an example is attached for terratec and hdhomerun, upload this lineup and do an import of the EPG data from WebGrab+)
Start SageTV again
Set your tuner devices now to "Use US, Canada, or XMLTV Guide Data ..." (no scan needed if the frequencies are the same as in my examples / location basel, switzerland) and enable/disable channels as needed.

Ubuntu 12.10 (32bit is must as sage will not run on 64bit linux)
Install openssh-server in addititon
Install the sagetv-7xx.deb package from the sagetv forum page
Edit (vi) your PredefinedDVBC.frq file and add the swiss cablecom frequencies (see below)
Run keygen and enter your linux oem license
Run startsage
Do your configuration and use "do not use EPG ..."
Run a full scan
-> you should get around 2xx channels
XMLTV is more tricky and you basicaly must set it up manually, more infos found within this forum.

The frq.txt file was generated on Ubuntu with the LinuxTV dvb-apps (scan) in the region Basel, Switzerland.

Have fun!