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  1. smdear
    11-13-2008 11:20 PM

    It seems as though videometadata.exe is not parsing my media files correctly.

    I have my media files in the form
    d:\TV Shows\<Show name>Show.Name.102.Title.Of.Episode

    I am finding that your tool is not able to parse the season (1) and episode (02). It parses the season as 0 and the episode as 102.

    Also, I have some media files in the form:
    d:\TV Shows\<Show name>\5.02CC(1).avi

    The season parses as 0 and the episode as 0, when it should be parsing the season as 5 and the episode as 02.

    I created a test directory called Cold Case, copied a few episodes into it, and renamed them d:\Cold Case\S05.E01.avi and S05.E02.avi. I also copied the showid.txt with the correct number for (16989).

    Output from tool:

    VIDEO :
    d:\Cold Case\S05.E01C.avi
    Loading episodes...
    Fetchin url list from internet...

    COLD CASE(SE5.EP1)--> Episode does not exist
    Title----Cold Case
    Season --5
    Episode --1

    I have verified that this episode DOES exist at;title;1

    Is there any way this can be fixed ?

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