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Downloads  SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16 : This is the copy ok SageAudioConvert I downloaded back in September. Uploaded again since other link is permanently down now. SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16 Purpose: Create an AC-3 audio track for ev ... [more] (12.75 MB) 01-08-2013 614
Downloads  SageTV Remote for webOS : This is a little app I wrote for webOS a while back and have been updating it every so often. I originally wrote it for myself after trying to use the web remote on my Palm pre and becoming frustrated ... [more] (1.02 MB) 05-13-2011 899
Downloads  Web Feed Encoder 0.9.7 : Web Feed Encoder version 0.9.7 Introduction The webfeedencoder is a means to get web based streaming TV and radio and device output available in SageTV and its extenders as if they were regular ... [more] (12.05 MB) 12-10-2010 1351
Downloads  SageRemap : DISCLAIMER: This is a proof of concept level ALPHA tool. I'm not responsible for any damage it may cause! It requires admin permissions, and will delete the entire folder that it gets pointed at, so m ... [more] (10.5 KB) 11-11-2010 623
Downloads  TWiT TV Online Video Feeds : Add the TWiT.TV video podcasts to your list of online services menu in SageTV. Leo Laporte's network of popular podcasts including: This Week In Tech, Tech News Today, Windows Weekly, MacBreak Wee ... [more] (1.7 KB) 09-04-2010 1853
Downloads  External Status Monitor Interface for SageTV 7 : This plugin is for SageTV v7.0 and is available in the list of "Available Plugins" in the Plugin Manager. I have ported Neilm's External Status Monitor Interface plugin for use in SageTV 7. Thi ... [more] (29.5 KB) 07-05-2010 1020
Downloads  SageBanner : I wrote this application in when I transitioned from BeyondTV to SageTV because I missed a Yahoo Widget for BeyondTV called BTV Ticker. Basically it just takes the RSS feed from nielm's web int ... [more] (77.2 KB) 06-17-2010 662
Downloads  G4 TechTV & CNN Online : :clap:All the CNN & G4 Tech TV You Can Eat! :clap:: Cable Television Podcasts Addition--Updated 6-16-2010- This is my second addition for SageTV. I hope you like it. I made some files which will ... [more] (1.92 MB) 06-16-2010 942
Downloads : I threw together a file to modify the "date modified" values of all of the files in my movies directory. I created the file because I accidentally used BMT to rescan all of my media files thus screwi ... [more] (41.5 KB) 04-25-2010 610
Downloads  AnyDVD Auto Updater : AnyDVD doesn't update itself and if you have AnyDVD HD, it is updated often. I wrote this little script to update AnyDVD if a new version has been released. Forum thread: ... [more] (598.5 KB) 04-10-2010 783
Downloads  AnyDVD Rip Wrapper : A little AutoIt magic I threw together to rip a DVD from a GUI or command-line using tools not shipped with AnyDVD. Please download latest release from SVN: ... [more] (872.8 KB) 02-12-2010 752
Downloads  STVLOS : Introduction: Instructions relate to STVLOS.exe (Version With the release of the excellent new Lights-Out (V1.0) Add-In from AxoNet Software, it is now possible (with the addition of t ... [more] (433.5 KB) 01-09-2010 733
Downloads  SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.15 : SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.15 Purpose: Create an AC-3 audio track for every mkv movie that has a DTS track without a corresponding AC-3 in the same language. If you don't have a DTS receiver this t ... [more] (10.36 MB) 12-15-2009 1231
Downloads : is the script only version of the ComChecker software application for Mac. This script is designed to work on Linux and Mac and should be executed as a background process. I run this com ... [more] (2.0 KB) 09-13-2009 888
Downloads  RegisterFilter : Simple x86 command line application that manages escalation on Vista/7 for runing regsvr32. Usage: RegsisterFilter [args to pass regsvr32] e.g. RegisterFitler /s ... [more] (Unknown Size) 09-01-2009 771
Downloads  VonageSniff : External utility to send SIP/Vonage CallerID info to a YAC listener without using a modem. WinPcap is needed for this to work correctly. Discussion Thread: ... [more] (1.68 MB) 08-29-2009 816
Downloads  Chapters to EDL (0.22b) : Just created a utility that will take a chapters file, and create an .edl file for use with the comskip plugin. This currently works with either an XML file generated by MKVExtract, or with a TXT fil ... [more] (5.3 KB) 08-12-2009 832
Downloads  SubtitleRender : SubtitleRender is a DirectShow filter that pushes SRT based subtitles into SageTV. The main benefit versus a filter like VobSub is that this approach does not break hardware acceleration. The fi ... [more] (Unknown Size) 07-26-2009 922
Downloads  SageSysMessage.exe : This is a Windows program that will send an email when an error condition is reported in a Sage System Message. I wanted a simpler option for notification of HD-PVR failures than setting up the Sage S ... [more] (543.5 KB) 07-08-2009 902
Downloads  Sage PropImport Utility : Version 1.0.2 Sage PropImport is a command line utility that simply imports the contents of one .property file into another. The command line syntax is: /quiet Supress completion message /d ... [more] (9.1 KB) 06-12-2009 685

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