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Downloads  thebasicsofsagetv. : I wrote a blog post called "The Basics of SageTV" that I think will be helpful for people. (1,000 Bytes) 06-15-2010 1360
Downloads  Using Firewire to Control a Motorola STB with Sage : My SageTV running on Ubuntu 9.04 is now using firewire to change channels on my Motorola STB. It uses Stuckless' external tuner control plugin, and a program called 6200ch that comes with mythTV. Al ... [more] (97.8 KB) 08-26-2009 1973
Downloads  The SageTV Home : A conceptual deployment diagram of whole home SageTV distributed systems. This diagram is intended to provide an example of how SageTV can be deployed throughput the home, this diagram does not attem ... [more] (1.39 MB) 12-06-2008 2883
Downloads  SageTV Remote Control HTTP Query Listing : This document provides a listing for all the remote control commands that can be executed using HTTP queries. So if you need to create network based remote control functionality for your SageTV syste ... [more] (2.9 KB) 11-28-2008 1113
Downloads  R5000 External Enclosure : Installing the R5000 "Do It Yourself" modification in an external enclosure. Permits fast movement between receivers. Discussions here ... [more] (Unknown Size) 11-16-2008 1283
Downloads  HAVA Wireless HD Install and Review : Here is a review of the HAVA Wireless HD device and typical install into Sage. This also includes photos of the HAVA software, SageTV install screenshots, and screenshots of the Windows Mobile Client ... [more] (2.19 MB) 08-25-2007 5114
Downloads  HIP + EXETunerPlugin for MCE Remote and Blaster : This is a Word document walkthrough for using HIP to control your STB using the MCE IR, Blaster and remote that came with the PVR500 MCE kit. After fighting with HIP and EXETuner I finally got it run ... [more] (Unknown Size) 07-05-2007 5543
Downloads  Firewire Channel Change + ExeMultiTuner (rev 1.02) : These instructions describe a method for setting up channel changing on multiple Set Top Boxes (STB's) via firewire using the ExeMultiTuner plugin. This is intended for those who wish to capture the a ... [more] (53.4 KB) 01-24-2007 5403

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