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Downloads [Download SageMC16x9 for SageTV 6.x (Build v6.3.9a)]
File Name: SageMC16x9 for SageTV 6.x (Build v6.3.9a) (1.99 MB) Download
Author: flachbar, MeInMaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 10-21-2006
Downloads: 12660
The latest SageMC16x9 STV development version, updated 8/1/2009.

Note: this version will only work with Java 1.6 and SageTV 6.x. If you need SageMC for SageTV 5.x, download the version 6.13a here.

Forum thread: here

Note: You'll need the SageMC16x9 base package installed to use this STV update. If this is a first-time SageMC install, then please download and install the SageMC 6.3 base distribution instead

  • shut down the UI (and server if you use Placeshifter/MVP)
  • extract all files in this download package. Again, make sure to preserve the directory structure. This will copy SageMC_169.xml to STVs\SageTV3 and extract any other required files
  • (optional): download any custom icons or graphics, MeInMaui's are terrific
  • restart UI
  • load SageMC_169.xml from Settings/Load STV if already running SageMC, or from Settings/Load Application Package when running the default STV
  • now in SageMC, configure your main menu (by bringing up the options menu, ESC on the keyboard)
  • configure all other SageMC specific settings (there are tons of them) to your liking, this can be done from Settings/SageMC
For a detailed version history, see the first post in the support thread.
Downloads [Download SageMC16x9 for SageTV 6.x (Build v6.3.9a)]

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The download directory is not writeable!