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Downloads [Download Auto Compress for Default STV v1.4.7]
File Name: Auto Compress for Default STV v1.4.7 (66.9 KB) Download
Author: JREkiwi (Uploaded by JREkiwi)
Date Added: 01-26-2007
Downloads: 2319
This module provide the ability to automatically compress recordings, either based on channel recorded on, or defined as a favorite setting. It can use either the inbuilt transcoding function of SageTV version 6 or the evilpenquin's compression profiles. It has the same functionality and more as the default Auto Compress of Favorites found in SageMC. Thanks to flachbar for allowing me to steal his code (once more) and for his import library.

The current version is Auto Compress 1.4.7 (21 June 2009)

Discussion in this thread

- First release
- Can specify target directory for individual favorites
- Can use evilpenguin's compression (mencoder) if SageTV DVD Burning is installed
- Per Favorite Option to wait for Comskip files before starting compress
- Auto Compress by Channel
- Change Import Name to Auto Compress
- Allow Setting a Default compression
- Allow making Default settings for all settings
- Wait for Comskip configurable for EvilPenguin compression
- Option to Wait for Caption file (.smi) before compressing
- Removed restriction on Auto Compress only working when Server UI was running
- Fix not refreshing on change of Wait settings on Auto Compress Channel panel
- Fix not being able to scroll to Close on Auto Compress Channel panel
- Added per client option to not run Auto Compress when client is started
- Added option to workaround in-place mpg to mpg compression names having an extra .1 extension
- Fix channel compression only using default compression settings
- Fix deleting .autoCompress file when compressing a .ts file
- Support for SageTV 6.2
- Added option to Wait until Watched before compressing
- Added option for multiple compression jobs against a single file
- SageTV 6.2.6
- Fix file cleanup in linux
- Added option to Wait until Archived before compressing
- Added option to delete source file when compressing to a different
- Added panel to add/delete/modify Custom transcode formats
- Added panel to list/modify favorites with Auto Compress configured
- Custom Transcode panel now only shows Custom formats
- Fix Target location not defaulting to default value
- Reworked Options menus so that they will display correctly on an MVP
- Add paste button to Specified Compression Target panel.
- Add Favorite name to editing panels
- Fix Compression Target being reset when using the Edit Compression favorites panel
- Fix incorrectly creating compression jobs during import.
- Changed enabling variable to be different from the one used by SageMC
- Reworked logic for the automatic monitoring thread to ensure the thread is killed when switching STVs and if a client disconnects ungracefully. Also removed the requirement to restart after importing or enabling/disabling. Monitoring is no longer global and can be enabled/disabled on a per client basis.
- Reduced the amount of logging done by default with an option to enable full debug logging.
- Set default to not compress h.264 recordings
- Changed monitoring and cleanup code so only one client will perform scans in multi-client environment.
- Reduce frequency and impact of orphan file cleanup
- Added external compression option. It will create an .autocompress file, but not do any processing, allowing an external process to do the auto compression.
- Fixed scheduling to correctly recheck a file that is waiting on a condition before compressing. Also fix not running on old files when a new favorite compression is set up.

Discussion in this thread
ac2_B7V.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac1_4wP.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac3_JNB.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac4_05Y.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac5_1RT.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac6_Q7L.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac7_p19.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac8_HC6.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
ac9_jdP.jpg by JREkiwi on 11-16-2007
Downloads [Download Auto Compress for Default STV v1.4.7]

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