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Downloads [Download iTV Theme for SageMC]
File Name: iTV Theme for SageMC (3.15 MB) Download
Author: Morgan111 (Uploaded by Morgan111)
Date Added: 01-20-2008
Downloads: 2659
This theme was originally inspired by Apple's iTV set-top box. It has a similar background and button look of iTV but using the SageMC STV. Creating a completely separate STV would provide more flexibility in the look, but could be a full-time job to maintain.

This new version of the iTV Theme does not require an import to be loaded. It is simple applied like any SageMC theme. It is compatible with SageMC 6.3.6 and above.

Thank you to MeInMaui for much of the work that had been done to create the glowing control graphics that has been used in here since the first version.

  • Download zip file from this page
  • Extract the zip file in the root folder of your sageTV installation (....Program Files\SageTv\SageTv)
  • Select iTV from the SageMC Theme page.

The theme can be discussed here
preview3_HE5.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview3a_1J1.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview4_dUp.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview5_9EM.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview5a_4g1.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview2_LE4.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-20-2008
preview6_Xf5.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-21-2008
preview10_81m.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-22-2008
preview11_2os.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-23-2008
preview12_EG1.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-23-2008
preview13_P42.jpg by Morgan111 on 01-23-2008
Downloads [Download iTV Theme for SageMC]

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There is no index.html or index.php in the download directory!