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Downloads [Download Skype2YAC (caller ID for Skype calls)]
File Name: Skype2YAC (caller ID for Skype calls) (1.55 MB) Download
Author: (Uploaded by
Date Added: 08-02-2008
Downloads: 1065

!! DOWNLOAD LINK FIXED 2011-11-03 !!

Welcome, this is a utility that enables YAC (Yet-Another-Caller-ID) messages to be sent to YAC listeners from Skype calls. In conjunction with SageInfoPopup CallerID/Message popup plug-in for SageTV, this allows you to display Skype caller ID directly in your SageTV user interface.

Install Skype2YAC on the same computer as your Skype Software. Next, go to File / Preferences to define the list of YAC listener addresses. And, yes this software does support alternate YAC listener ports just like Nielm's modded YAC program. This software replaces the YAC program, so unless you are also needing to send caller ID on behalf of a modem connection, there is no need to install the main YAC program.

Skype2YAC runs in the Windows system tray and includes an option to automatically start upon user logon. Skype2YAC also includes test functions that allow you to send test caller ID messages and general test messages to the list of YAC listeners to make sure the YAC listeners are all working properly.

After installing and starting Skype2YAC, you will have to "Approve" access to Skype2YAC in the Skype Software.

Support Thread:
- Support & Comments Forum Thread

- SageInfoPopup CallerID/Message popup plug-in
- Nielm's Caller ID/Message popup plugin
- YAC (Yet Another Caller ID)

- Download Skype2YAC

System Requirements
- Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
- Skype 3.8 (or later)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Q: Do I have to install and run YAC to get Skype caller ID?
A: No, if you only want caller ID info from Skype, then you do not have to install YAC. If you want the caller ID information to show up on another computer, you will need to install YAC and run it in listener mode on the the other computers.

Q: Can I run both Skype2YAC and YAC at the same time?
A: Yes, you can have both Skype2YAC and YAC running if you want to capture caller ID for a traditional phone line using a caller ID capable modem and the YAC software and capture Skype caller ID using Skype2YAC.

Release History

- Release 1.0.4 (2008-09-01)
  • fixed - prevent caller ID messages for outbound calls

- Release 1.0.3 (internal)
  • added web update feature

- Release 1.0.2 (2008-08-09)
  • fixed caller ID telephone number for PSTN calls
  • fixed caller ID telephone number for P2P calls
  • added support for suppressing Skype popups; silent mode
  • added support for configuring text to display for unknown caller name
  • added support for displaying call type in caller ID number
  • added support for enabling/disabling caller ID relay for PSTN calls
  • added support for enabling/disabling caller ID relay for P2P calls

- Release 1.0.1 (2008-08-02 - BETA RELEASE)
  • initial BETA release
  • works with Skype 3.8
  • works with Skype 4.0 BETA

skype2yac_icon_wdD.png by on 08-09-2008
Downloads [Download Skype2YAC (caller ID for Skype calls)]

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