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Downloads [Download HAVAChannelChanger]
File Name: HAVAChannelChanger (935.7 KB) Download
Author: Jason (Uploaded by Jason)
Date Added: 01-17-2009
Downloads: 999
*UPDATE* 9/7/2009

With this being mostly a 'hack', it was bound to be super seeded by a replacement...

I urge everyone to switch to the new hava channel changer over on SourceForge... The usage is still the same, but with more options!

Since coming back to Sage, I have tried in vain to get my 'old' HAVA Wireless HD setup as a standalone tuner... With Monsoon not being very... forthcoming... on providing any sort of API or follow up interfaces, I was left to myself.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, until you realize that the HAVA can now be setup WITH NO CONNECTIONS TO THE PC!!! Yes... that is right! A true standalone 'network tuner'.

Again, this may not seem all that exciting, until you further realize that the HAVA can ACCEPT COMPONENT INPUTS up to 1080i! Don't get to excited however, as the HAVA currently downconverts to 480i. In other words, you can feed ANY resolution to HAVA but it will down convert it to 480i (720x480 interlaced). The good news is that the HAVA will also keep the aspect ratio of the source! As quoted, "HAVA down-coverts from the HD to SD inside the box by scaling the image horizontally from 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratios. But when played back on the PC, the original 16:9 aspect ratio is restored giving an HD experience."

OK... The long and short of this program... The HAVA accepts an RTSP (streaming...) command to change channels. Many of the Mac, Linux and non-MCE users of the HAVA use VLC to change the channels. The problem for them is that in doing so, they only get a resolution output of 320x240...

Well, by using the channel changing capabilities of the RTSP stream and the BDA driver capabilities, we now have a tuner that can accept HD input, keep the aspect ratio, is not limited to using a built in RF Tuner (which can only accept channels up to ~150), and now works with SAGE!

By using the exetuner plugin and the help of 'elfman' over on the HAVA forums who suggested the use of openRTSP (and then compiled it for me using cygwin...) we have the basis for our exe!

To use it, you need to have an RTSP compatible firmware for the HAVA, which right now is set at 152.105-32 and then simply setup the exeplugin as normal and set your registry to the following:

"HAVAChannelChanger.exe xx.xx.xx.xx %CHANNEL%"

Where XX.XX.XX.XX = your internal IP address for the HAVA.

In addition, you need both the openRTSP.exe file and the cygwin1.dll file in the Sage program directory (C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV).

So, to whit, get your HAVA firmware setup, setup the exetuner and then just extract this zip file into the Sage directory!

Comments or issues, let me know!
Downloads [Download HAVAChannelChanger]

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