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File Name: (41.5 KB) Download
Author: jryan15 (Uploaded by jryan15)
Date Added: 04-25-2010
Downloads: 589
I threw together a file to modify the "date modified" values of all of the files in my movies directory. I created the file because I accidentally used BMT to rescan all of my media files thus screwing up the order when sorted by most recently added.

I noticed that the modified date of the folders had not changed, so this script will reset the modified date of the files to that of the parent folder. The script can be used to process all folders in a directory or it can be used to modify only files in one specific directory.

The script also allows you to choose to ignore files modified before/after a specified date.

I only know how to hack/program using excel , so you'll have to open the file in excel. When the program opens, there will be four buttons to choose from:

List time stamps of all files in a directory
This will list the time stamps of all files and folders in a primary folder. The "Modify" routines below will do this automatically, but if someone would like extra, extra security, this will passively generate a list of files and date stamps.

Modify time stamps (includes option to index the ".properties" file by 1 second)
This will modify the time stamps of all files inside of all subfolders inside of one primary folder. Also it will only index "*.properties" files by one second. The routine will automatically create a list of all files modified, their complete path, their original date modified value, and the new date modified value. The "Revert time stamps to original values" button can use this list to restore all of the time stamps to their original values.

Revert time stamps to original values (includes option to ignore, increase, or revert ".properties" files)
This routine will revert all of the modified timestamps from the log sheet back to the original values. The routine also offers special handling of any <*.properties> files.

Please use at your own risk... I did setup the file to create a new sheet that logs all of the files and there respective old/new timestamps. This way if you'd like to revert to the original modified dates, you can do so using the "Revert time stamps to original values" button...

Sorry about the sloppy code in the macro, I threw it together pretty quickly. Feel free to modify as you wish.

Edit 4/28/10:
- Fixed bug that would exit the revert routine early.
- Added special handling of <*.properties> files.

Edit 5/4/10:
- Corrected several bugs (last time I code at work where proper debugging is not possible (sorry)!
- Combined the all files / specific folder buttons into one function capable of doing either.
- Added option to modify or ignore files found in the root folder.
- Added status updates to the bottom of the excel window.

Edit 5/8/10:
- Modified list view to also include files in the root folder
datestampmodifier_jUA.jpg by jryan15 on 05-04-2010
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