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Downloads [Download SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16]
File Name: SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16 (12.75 MB) Download
Author: mikep (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 01-08-2013
Downloads: 614
This is the copy ok SageAudioConvert I downloaded back in September. Uploaded again since other link is permanently down now.

SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16

Purpose: Create an AC-3 audio track for every mkv movie that has a DTS track without a corresponding AC-3 in the same language.

If you don't have a DTS receiver this tool is for you. It is able to take a .mkv, look and see if the only audio is dts for a language, encode a new ac3 track from the dts one and add the new ac3 to the original mkv preserving both the original dts and adding the new ac3.

Syntax: SAGEAudioConvert [options] source

-inplace . . . . . . . . . .replace the original video when complete.
-outputdir=<value> . . directory to place final video if not using inplace option.
-workdir=<value> . . . temporary working directory. Default is OS temp directory.
-language=<value> . . convert this language (ISO639-1) only. Default to every languages.
-stereo . . . . . . . . . .downmix multi channel audio to stereo (Dolby Pro Logic II).
-kbps=<value> . . . . .kbps for AC3 encoding. Possible values are "192", "448" or "640".
-priority=<value> . . .process priority. Possible values are "low" or "normal".
-recursive . . . . . . . process every mkv file recursively from source directory.
-listISO639 . . . . . . .display a list of valid language code to use with -language option.
-markdone . . . . . . . create a .dtsDone file beside the movie file. Useful will SJQ.
-force . . . . . . . . . .replace existing AC3 track with new one. Replace only if language and #channels match, otherwise append.
-defAc3Lang=<value> .set this new language Ac3 Track as default.
-test . . . . . . . . . . do not convert anything, just simulate. Use to preview what will be done.
-debug . . . . . . . . . create a verbose debug log beside the executable.

-inplace -kbps=640 -priority=normal -language=all


Find and proceed every mkv files in z:\movies directory recursively. The originals movies will be overwritten.

SAGEAudioConvert -recursive z:\movies

Find and proceed every mkv files in z:\movies directory, using 448 kbps for ac-3 encoding. New mkv files written to z:\moviesConverted.

SAGEAudioConvert -outputdir=z:\moviesConverted -kbps=448 z:\movies

Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher.
Downloads [Download SAGEAudioConvert v0.1.16]

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