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Downloads [Download Menu Shortcut Bars 0.4.1]
File Name: Menu Shortcut Bars 0.4.1 (51.9 KB) Download
Author: Bob Phoenix (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 08-16-2006
Downloads: 771
This plugin allows you to select any menu in SageTV to be only 2 remote button presses away. It uses any of the Custom1 thru Custom5 SageTV commands along with the numeric buttons to allow you to go to up to 50 different SageTV menus from anywhere within SageTV. Now you can get to any menu the Malore Secret menus for instance with just a press of one of the Custom1...5 commands and before it times out and the numeric button assigned to the menu you want to go to. This plugin will go to the same menus as are available with NIELM's dynamic menus - I used the same code as a base for the configuration display. This plugin has also been designed to be as compatible as possible. The configuration menu has internal code only and the only other link points to existing code in the STV are Detailed Setup>Customize and Detailed Setup>Import. This means that it will likely import into more than just the Default STV. It has only been tested with the SageMC STV in addition to the default. This ability also means that the look and feel of the configuration screen matches the Default STV as that is what I developed it for.

The screens below show what the configuration screen looks like. What the options menu on that configuration screen looks like and what the visible version of the popup selection menu looks like. The default is to keep these selection menus invisible so that if you were in the media player for instance you would just press the appropriate buttons and go to the menu you want without disturbing you screen. Also on the configuration screen you can press the number corresponding to order of the menu list or if you can use the keyboard the first few characters of the menu name in the list.

Some of the options that you can configure (in addition to which menu to go to) are: The length in milliseconds the code will wait before just executing the default code for the Custom1..5 button pressed - default is 1000 (1 second). The length in milliseconds the code will wait after pressing a key on your keyboard before going to the menu that begins with the keys that you have typed - default is 50 which will limit you to the first character only. The length in millisecond the code will wait before accepting the numeric buttons pressed and scrolling the list to the menu at that position in the list - default is 1000. The horizontal position of the visible popup menus - Left is the default. The vertical position of the menu number only visible menu - default is bottom. And last is the popup menu type - default is Invisible.

Support Thread:

menushortcutbarsselectionbyname_TgE.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
menushortcutbarsoptionspopup_q4n.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
menushortcutbarsselection_siz.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
menushortcutbarswhencustompressed_IQL.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
menushortcutbarsinsagemc_ZxG.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
menushortcutbarsconfigscreen_I9o.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-19-2006
Downloads [Download Menu Shortcut Bars 0.4.1]

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