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Downloads [Download Video Edit V0.2.10]
File Name: Video Edit V0.2.10 (353.5 KB) Download
Author: Bob Phoenix (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 12-26-2006
Downloads: 1875
This plugin will allow you to tweak the output from ComSkip, ShowAnalyzer or VideoReDo AdScan from within the SageTV interface from your couch. You could also do your editing directly with this plugin but I think the automated solutions are better done first and just use this to tweak the output to make it correct. This does have an advantage if you have already converted to another format as it will allow you to create cut points for any file that can be loaded and played back by SageTV. Also you can use your MVP to edit the cut points as well. Once you have the file edited the way you want you can save your cut points to EDL, TXT or Vprj files. If the file is in a format that VideoReDo can take as input you can also call VideoReDo to remove the cut sections from the file from within SageTV and only have a tool tip menu and a system tray icon appear - otherwise it is hidden. This plugin also allows you to queue up multiple files to be processed in a group. You do not have to do them individually. This plugin also has a limited implementation of the SageTV Transcoder available. With it you will be able to set the conversion format and initiate a conversion to another format after VideoReDo has saved the edited file and it has replaced the original in the SageTV database.

There is also a XML version included to be imported into SageMC as well as the STVi version to be imported into the Default STV. The files are identical except for the extension (done for convience).

This should be considered beta code and I suggest all users try it after saving a backup of the Wiz.Bin and the files that they will be editing - at least until you are comfortable with it's operation anyway.

There are some graphics included below of the screen layout and it's operation.

The support thread is here

windowedmode_sTc.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
fullscreenmode_4yS.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
windowedscreenwithvideoredorunning_I0y.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
fullscreenonlytimebar_4Sx.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
fileselectionwithimports_9S9.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
fileselectionpopup_7hF.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
customizeskiptimes_7ij.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
fileselectionpopupwithhighlights_9mx.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
optionsmenu_5cj.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
videoredooptions_qg1.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
videoredoprocessingqueue_1p5.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
afterprocessinginosd_vI8.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
initialscreen_n55.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
savecuts_94g.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
outputoptionswhennotreplace_CH1.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
videoredowithoutputoptions_JgB.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
processingcompletemultifile_Ar0.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
processingcompletesinglefile_CAB.jpg by BobPhoenix on 12-26-2006
configuredisplay_3HZ.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
cutfilesscreen_9uD.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
oldfileprocessing_74X.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
openfileoptions_zti.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
stoporclosefile_I86.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
screenaftervideoredoprocessing_MMx.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
videoeditforsagemc_vI1.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-02-2007
videoredoparmneeded_Cnu.jpg by BobPhoenix on 03-18-2007
timebarconfiguration_P13.jpg by BobPhoenix on 03-24-2007
Downloads [Download Video Edit V0.2.10]

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