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Downloads [Download Caption Playback v1.2.2]
File Name: Caption Playback v1.2.2 (125.6 KB) Download
Author: JREkiwi (Uploaded by JREkiwi)
Date Added: 02-24-2007
Downloads: 2331
This module is a port and modification of malore's Closed Caption Playback support, previously provided in malore's STV and import for version 4. While the SageTV Closed Caption support is for Closed Captions embedded in the MPEG file, this import provide Caption support using .smi caption/subtitle files and can be used on MPEG and AVI files.

For SageMC installations DO NOT OVERWRITE the existing df_sageutils.jar with the version in the zip file.

The current version is Caption Playback 1.2.2 (25 February 2008) download from here.

- Initial release
- Added some options for font size and position
- Added new ToxMox marker icons
- Fixed parsing of converted .srt file (thanks UGH )
- Centered text and applied alpha to background
- Biggest font option
- First cut at parsing Subtitle Workshop converted files
- Fix display of Subtitle Workshop converted files
- Fix 1st caption displayed from start of video on converted files
- Added marker icons to imported videos browser panel
- Options for Font Style, Colour and more Size and Position options
- Switchable between two different fonts
- Toggle on mute for Embedded Captions
- Reposition Marker Icons like Comskip Playback import
- Fix displaying Invalid Closed Captioning File when there is no caption file
- Option to select Text Alignment of Captions (thanks Opus4)
- Added support for CCExtractor created files
- Importable into SageMC 6.3.2c
- Option to have Both External and Embedded Captions set as Preferred Captions
- Support for SageTV 6.2
- Fix reloading of smi files
- Support for SageTV 6.2.5
- Added support for SageTV 6.2 themes for marker icons
- Added toggling of Captions on/off via a key defined as Custom3
- Changed operation of Options enable/disable to control startup status
- Added option to continuously read .smi file (for a changing file)
- Fixed marker icons placement when "Show recording status marker icons in lists" is disabled
- Reworked options panel in SageMC
- Added option to delete .smi files when a video is deleted (SageTV only)
- Added option for no background on .smi captions
- Added panel to change more .smi display options while playing a video
- Added more options for .smi captions color and background.
- Added option for more fonts choices (9 fonts)
- Fix options panels in SageMC 6.3.4
- Support for SageTV 6.3.1
- Added option for scrolling captions that are within .5 sec of each other
- Added CC Adjustment for skipping captions adjusting timing with arrows, FF/Skip keys
- Fixed Caption enabled status being reset by screensaver etc.
- Changed Default state menu names to hopefully be more intuitive.
- Fixed Continuous Read not reading past the original caption count in an updated .smi file
- Fixed not resetting .smi file name in some situations
- Fixes to Continuous Read and Caption Browsing (thanks StephaneM)
- More Fixes for Caption enabled status being reset by screensaver
- Changes to Caption Browsing

Discussion in this thread
captions3_Z33.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-03-2007
captions1_03k.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-03-2007
captions4_O35.jpg by JREkiwi on 05-03-2007
captions2_9e8.jpg by JREkiwi on 08-26-2007
Downloads [Download Caption Playback v1.2.2]

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