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File Name: (4.39 MB) Download
Author: Stuckless (Uploaded by stuckless)
Date Added: 07-19-2008
Downloads: 6413
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Batch Metadata Tools for SageTV

sflamm created an , but it may be out of date as of 3.0.

Release 3.1 - Sept 8, 2009
Please see this post for an important windows fix, where the bmt fails to work when sagetv is restarted on windows.

Release 3.0 - Aug 18, 2009
See Fixed Issues

Release 2.2 - Apr 20, 2009
See Fixed Issues

Release 2.1-1 - Apr 6, 2009
See Fixed Issues

Release 2.1 - Apr 5, 2009
See Fixed Issues

Release 2.0 - Mar 29, 2009
* This a major rewrite of several components to provider better fanart support and integration with the phoenix apis. See the forum and wiki for a complete list of changes.
* This download now includes the plugin as well.

Release 1.23 - Mar 5, 2009 (more contributions from babgvant)
  • All search providers now use the same scoring algorithm and ExactMatch, PopularMatch, etc have been removed.
  • Support for Multi DVD TV dics (ie, Show - S01D01)

Release 1.22 - Feb 23, 2009
  • babgvant provided support central location for backdrops
  • babgvant also fixed a bug that he was having related to VIDEO_TS folders

Release 1.21 - Feb 18, 2009
  • Fixed bug that where a missing provider would cause the application to fail

Release 1.20 - Feb 11, 2009
  • Missing Metadata will not check for the missing the actual .jpg and not only rely the empy _thumbnailUrl field
  • Fixed --displaySize bug
  • Fixed null[null] when using provider

Release 1.18 - Feb 10, 2009
  • Missing Metadata will not check for the missing the actual .jpg and not only rely the empy _thumbnailUrl field
  • Added Basic TV Support (using Xmbc tvdb.xml scraper)
  • Added scoring system for providers that don't provider thier own score on a result. This means that any providers can now be used for automatically selecting a "good" result.
  • Updated log4j so that it does not use maillog log file
  • Can accept multiple providers. ie,,imdb.xml,imdb,tvdb.xml (it will use each provider, in order, until it finds a "good" search)
  • Added option to re-write titles (The Mummy becomes Mummy, The)
  • Added ${_fileName} variable, so that Title substitution can use ${_fileName}
  • Added TV Specific Title Mask, so that TV Titles can be formatted differently than Movie Titles. TV Titles currently format as eg, "Dexter - s01e01 - Sins of the Father"

Release 1.17 - Jan 18 2009
  • Fixed serveral null pointer issues
  • Fixed issue where DVDs were not be updated from within the plugin
  • Added support for Xbmc Xml Scrapers

Release 1.16 - Jan 10 2009
  • Misc Bug Fixes and debuging.

Release 1.15 - Jan 4 2009
  • Added Fanart downloading from
  • Fixed composite providers so that they can be used by any provider not just imdb providers
  • Added image scaling for thumbnails

Release 1.13 - Dec 21 2008
  • Refactored the code to make the core code more resuable
  • Added new --prompt option so that you can turn off prompting when it can't find metadata automatically
  • Changed the code, so that it will process all files and then queue up the ones that it can't find. This way, when it can't find metadata, it will not prompt at the time, but only when the entire process is finished.

Release 1.12 - Dec 13 2008
  • Added Composite Providers (see wiki)
  • Fixed bug where thumbnails would not overwrite when --forceThumbnail was used

Release 1.11 - Dec 12 2008
  • IMDB Stopped working, fixed a small logic error that was preventing IMDB results.
  • Added support for larger IMDB thumbnails. (thanks vcat)

Release 1.10 - Dec 12 2008
Release 1.9 - Dec 6 2008
  • Fixed search bug

Release 1.8 - Dec 5 2008
  • New Properties Format (please migrate to the new format)
  • New Options (--showProperties, --setProperty, --refreshSageTV)
  • Updated nielm imdb jar to fix 403 error
  • Fixed 403 error in the stuckless imdb provider (user agent can now be set in properties file)
  • Huge code refactoring because of web based metadata tool

Release 1.4
  • Fixed Bug in Sage Exporter (was failing on Nielm Provider)
  • Added DVD Profiler Local support. (see properties)

Release: 1.3.1
  • Fixed some issues in the DVD Profiler Provider plugin.
  • Fixed some issues in Url Caching
  • Fixed Issue with --offline touching too many files.

Release: 1.3-test
  • Added DVD Profiler Plugin (see properties)
  • Added Cached Urls (all urls that are fetched are automatically cached for 24hrs) (configured in properties)
  • Added --offline option to create empty video files with metadata
  • DVD Folders will now have all of their file timestamps updated when metadata is created.
  • Project is now hosted on google (

This is a test release since, DVD Profiler is largely untested, since I don't use dvd profiler. I wrote it mainly as a proof of concept, to show that other plugins could be added fairly easily. Also cached urls is new. Cached urls will cache any fetched url for 24hrs. This means that once you query imdb and get back a result, then re-running the tool will not hit IMDB again. I added this mainly for testing to reduce the amount of traffic going to IMDB and other providers.

For DVD Profiler, you need to put your profile url in your custom property file.

Release: 1.2
  • Fixed Bug in where dvd properties should go
  • added property so that the dvd thumbnail could go in the video_ts folder (see properties)
  • Genre now uses / separator (or you can write a single genre only if the genre property is set) (see properties)
  • Added support for dvd folders without video_ts subfolder (hope this doesn't have a performance impact)
  • Can now pass properties from the command line using -Dprop=value (see properties)

Release: 1.1
  • Added --forceThumbnail arg to force the download of thumbnails
  • Added DVD Folder support (as long as there is a VIDEO_TS folder)
This is a command line tool, not a sage stv plugin. It can be discussed in this thread.

This tool will scan a given file/directory and create/update the required Sage properties/jpg so that Sage can refresh its metadata with what is in the updated properties.
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