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File Name: SageBanner (77.2 KB) Download
Author: EnterNoEscape (Uploaded by EnterNoEscape)
Date Added: 06-17-2010
Downloads: 662
I wrote this application in when I transitioned from BeyondTV to SageTV because I missed a Yahoo Widget for BeyondTV called BTV Ticker. Basically it just takes the RSS feed from nielm's web interface for upcoming recordings (and extender activity if you choose) and puts it into a highly readable banner/ticker format.

The intended purpose of this is to be able to run on a visible computer display such as a laptop converted to a picture frame. Because of this, the banner doesn't drag around the screen, it just has three settings: top, bottom and (above the) taskbar. It essentially fills the length of the screen and scales text accordingly. I added a lot of custom settings in an effort to make most people happy if they decide to try this out.

When you first open the application, at a minimum, it needs your server address, plus username and password if you have one. To exit or change the configuration, simply right-click on the banner.

I've wanted to contribute to the community for a long time. I hope someone else finds this as useful as I have!

Please visit the discussion thread. Comments, suggestions, and issues are welcome.

1.2 (7-12-2010)
  • Fixed:
    • The info for the next screen is loaded in the background. This should remove any strange pauses.
  • Changed:
    • Cleaned up a lot of code to create consistent output from either the web server or External Status Monitor.
    • Web server info is merged with ESM info if ESM is enabled and available.
  • Added:
    • Support for External Status Monitor plugin to get a little more info about what clients are doing. If you are running this anywhere other than on the server, you will need to change the "Listener IP Address" to
    • Populate button that uses the ESM output to auto-populate the clients list.
    • 3D effect for the progress bars. I feel this makes it look a little more polished. This can be disabled if you don't like it.
    • Fade in/out effect for text. This also can be disabled.
1.1 (7-04-2010)
  • Fixed:
    • Grabbing the XML for extenders from the webserver. (It only worked for me because my MAC address was in there. I have a feeling many didn't even know this was a supposed to be a feature.)
    • The upcoming favorites wouldn't take into account if the favorite was manually set to start early.
    • Recording progress bar wouldn't take into account if the favorite is set to finish late. (Note: There is currently no way to get this info from a manual recording. The info is nowhere in the XML.)
    • Logic for DVD and Bluray so the title contains only the movie title and not "VIDEO_TS" or "BDMV".
  • Changes:
    • Made a few changes to the configuration screen because it was getting a bit crowded. This isn't my strong suite, so if anyone has specific suggestions on how to better organize this, I'm open to suggestions.
  • Added:
    • Logic to determine if you're listening to music or playing a video on the extenders and display the info more appropriately.
    • The ability not only to create a list of your extender MAC addresses, but to give them friendly names and have the option to display it in place of the channel, category, rating or status.
1.0 (6-17-2010)
  • Initial release.
dscn0967_crop_N7C.jpg by EnterNoEscape on 06-17-2010
banner_live3d_gep.jpg by EnterNoEscape on 07-12-2010
banner_rec3d_QX1.jpg by EnterNoEscape on 07-12-2010
banner_upcoming3d_5Ga.jpg by EnterNoEscape on 07-12-2010
banner_watching3d_gu2.jpg by EnterNoEscape on 07-12-2010
Downloads [Download SageBanner]

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