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Downloads [Download FavoriteChannelListsV1.1.4a]
File Name: FavoriteChannelListsV1.1.4a (1.81 MB) Download
Author: Bob Phoenix (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 01-29-2006
Downloads: 1496
Support thread:

This import will allow the SageTV standard EPG display to limit the channels displayed to a list that you create with this plugin. You can also choose among many different lists of channels while inside the EPG display. I have grouped my HDTV channels in one list. My local channels in another and the SDTV cable channels in a third. It will install a menu entry in Custom setup options in detailed setup. If you use NIELM's dynamic menus then the menu screen name to use is "Favorite Channel Lists". Just unzip this to the SageTV directory beneath the installation directory - usually "C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV". Included is a usage instruction manual that should explain how to use this plugin. Specifically the file is "Favorite Channel Lists.pdf". By default it is installed to the SageTV directory. Also included is a version that will import into the SageMC STV by mlbdude. The name of the SageMC version of this import is FCLforSageMCv?.?.?.xml where the question marks are the version number.

favoritechannellistsmenu_Kf6.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-29-2006
favoritechannelprogramguide_F08.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-29-2006
programguideoptionsmenu_Lu6.jpg by BobPhoenix on 01-29-2006
customizesetup_C7Y.jpg by BobPhoenix on 02-01-2006
unlockscreen_7Wx.jpg by BobPhoenix on 02-01-2006
unlockscreen_LMI.jpg by BobPhoenix on 04-12-2006
fclmenu_92q.jpg by BobPhoenix on 04-12-2006
fcloptionsmenu_0ya.jpg by BobPhoenix on 04-12-2006
Downloads [Download FavoriteChannelListsV1.1.4a]

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