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Downloads [Download STVi importer v0.3]
File Name: STVi importer v0.3 (18.7 KB) Download
Author: flachbar (Uploaded by flachbar)
Date Added: 03-08-2006
Downloads: 1375
STVi importer (SageMC and standard STV)

This plugin allows you to load multiple plugin imports in one pass, thus simplifying the re-import of all the plugins you are using after a reinstall or during development.

Simply list the filenames of those plugins you want to import in the configuration file "plugins.cfg", and import the 'importer' plugin as usual. This will import all listed plugin-STVi's in the order they appear in the configuration file.

For the default STV, rename the .xml file to .stvi !

Note: SageTV will still create STV backup files for each single import.

Forum thread:

Installation / Configuration:
  • unzip the installation file into your SageTV directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV). Make sure to preserve the directory structure. This will copy plugins.cfg into the main directory, df_sageutils.jar and df_importer.jar to JARs, and importer.xml to STVs\SageTV3
  • restart SageTV
  • enter the filename of each plugin you wish to import (without path) into the file 'plugins.cfg', each one on a single line. The plugins will get imported in the order they appear in the file.
  • import importer.stvi: Setup->Detailed Setup->Advanced->Import Custom STVi

Note: make sure that you do *not* list the 'importer.stvi' itself in the plugins.cfg file - for obvious reasons ...

Example plugins.cfg (included in the zip file):


Version history:

- initial version

- updated base utility library, no functionality change

- added sample plugins.cfg
- fixed problem with multiple ghost Main Menu's leading to exceptions on large imports
- moved code into separate JAR file, df_sageplugins.jar no longer needed for this plugin
Downloads [Download STVi importer v0.3]

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