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Downloads [Download STV Import: Intelligent Suggestions]
File Name: STV Import: Intelligent Suggestions (Unknown Size) Download
Author: nielm (Uploaded by nielm)
Date Added: 02-07-2006
Downloads: 1841
So you want to try IR, but are afraid it will fill up the disk in 5 seconds with repeats of Oprah (or perhaps worse, opera!)?

Or you have IR enabled, but want an easier way to play IR Whack-a-mole to persuade Sage for the thousandth time that Friends just is not funny any more

Well, help is at hand (for users of Sage 4.1+).

This STV import adds an Intelligent Suggestions item to the Scheduled Recordings menu (Dynamic menu users need to add the new screen 'IntelligentSuggestions -- nielm')

This displays IR suggested recordings (whether enabled or not) in an easy-to-manage format, with shows grouped together, and with multiple levels of grouping.

Hitting 'right' or mouse-clicking a group views the items in the group, or goes to the detailed info for a single show

Selecting a single show pops up the usual Sage show options popup...

Selecting a show grouping (by default) pops up a menu allowing 'Set don't like'/'Set Watched' on all shows in the group.

Sorting/grouping is customisable with the options popup

Default grouping/sorting is:
In Sage 4.1.5+ 'Intelligent' sort order is also supported. This will list shows using the IR engine to put the highest priority shows first -- ie what sage thinks you will like the most. This would work best if grouping is set to By Title, or is disabled.

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Downloads [Download STV Import: Intelligent Suggestions]

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