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File Name: Recipe Viewer for SageMC (158.8 KB) Download
Author: cncb (Uploaded by cncb)
Date Added: 02-20-2008
Downloads: 840
This is a quick and simple recipe viewer import for SageMC that I created to view recipes in my kitchen with my MVP. It allows for simple searching and printing.


Import the Recipes_SageMC.xml file (in the STVs directory) from the Settings screen (Import STVi). Add a new menu item in your main menu to the Internal Screen with the name of "Recipe Browser". Select the new menu item, and then go into Options. Navigate to and select the home directory containing your recipe files (or sub-directories with recipe files).

Recipe Files

All files are assumed to be text files with 1 recipe per file. The text file is displayed as is so no additional formatting is done. However, going into Options when viewing a single recipe allows you to change the font size, font name, and background color of the recipe text display area. Note that if you want text to align properly with tab characters you need to choose a font that is fixed-width (like the default Courier New). Variable-width fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, etc. will not align correctly.


A simple text search is done on all the file names in the current directory. So, the recipe title and any other keywords desired need to appear in the file name.


The recipes are printed by default using Notepad. Note that since I am using service mode on my server, to get printing to work from my MVP I had to change the service to log in as a particular user instead of the default "LocalSystem" account.

You can modify the printing method if you would rather use something else or don't run windows. The "recipes/printexe" property is the executable/command to run (default "notepad"). The "recipes/printargs" property is a list of arguments to the executable. Each argument is separated by two underscores and "RF" is replaced with the recipe file path (for example, the default is "/P__RF").

Discussion thread here.
detail_EK8.jpg by cncb on 02-20-2008
search_4v6.jpg by cncb on 02-20-2008
Downloads [Download Recipe Viewer for SageMC]

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