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Downloads [Download JRMC Media Explorer 2 (Default STV and SageMC)]
File Name: JRMC Media Explorer 2 (Default STV and SageMC) (214.2 KB) Download
Author: cncb (Uploaded by cncb)
Date Added: 01-12-2009
Downloads: 626
This import allows you to explore and play from your J River Media Center library, view schemes, playlists, smartlists, etc. inside SageTV. I am calling this version 2 - besides including an STVi for the Default STV it differs from the first (SageMC-only) JRMC import in that:
  1. It manages the playback queue on its own so that your media files do not have to be imported into the Sage database (note that it still uses Sage for the actual playback and not JRMC).
  2. It uses a custom plugin/server that runs inside JRMC so that Jacob does not have to be used (which should alleviate some connection headaches from before).
  3. Navigation is performed all within the JRMC explorer screen with new "cascading" menus.

The following screens are included:
  1. Explorer - allows you to browse your view schemes, playlists, etc. with shortcuts to specific areas.
  2. Music Mix - allows you to play a mix of selected music genres with a specified number of tracks.
  3. Now Playing - shows currently playing track with customizable details as well as next track, queue, or more details (lyrics, notes, etc.).
  4. Slideshow Player - displays image slideshow with animated transitions.

Discussion thread here.

Update 2.1, 09-14-09 (SageMC Only)
  • Can select picture playlist, smartlist, or playlist group to use as photo slideshow screensaver (select and enable in settings menu).
  • Added Date and Caption text to slideshow photo (can customize text in .Properties file). The text display can be toggled with Info button.
  • Added music popup to slideshow on track change (see screenshot).
  • Added thumbnail list display option to Now Playing screen.
  • DVD playback now prompts to resume or restart.
  • DVD title is transferred from JRMC so correct title is used in Sage OSD.

JRMC Setup
  1. Shut down JRMC if it is running.
  2. Make sure you have the .NET Framework v2.0 installed.
  3. Download the zip file and extract the contents to the appropriate SageTV directory (usually "c:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV").
  4. Double-click the "install.reg" file in the "SageTV\cncb" directory and allow it to add data to the registry.
  5. Open a Command Prompt (*must 'Run As Administrator' if using Vista) and run the following command:
    "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe" /codebase "C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\cncb\SageJRMCServer.dll"
    It will give you a warning but the last line of text must say "Types registered successfully". If it doesn't then you will need to change the paths in the above command to match your setup and try again.
  6. Start JRMC, expand "Services & Plug-ins" in the tree, select "Sage Server" and make sure it is running.
  7. JRMC must be running at all times for this to work so you might want to have JRMC launch at system startup.

Installation - Default STV
  1. Make sure the zip file has been downloaded and unzipped as above.
  2. Go to Detailed Setup|Advanced|Manage STVi Plugins.
  3. Add a new STVi plugin file, navigate to the "SageTV\STVs" directory (usually up one directory), and select the "JRMCExplorer2.stvi" file to import.
  4. Close the plugin manager and rebuild the STV with the import.
  5. Select the "JRMC Explorer" item in the Media Center menu. *If you are using the Dynamic Menu import you need to add a menu item manually as described in the SageMC setup below.

Installation - SageMC
  1. Make sure the zip file has been downloaded and unzipped as above.
  2. Go to the My Menu, Settings page and select "Import STVi".
  3. Navigate to the "SageTV\STVs" directory (usually up one directory) and select the "JRMCExplorer2_SageMC.xml" file to import.
  4. Select Yes to load the new STV.
  5. Add a new item to the main menu with the Dynamic Menu options screen. This item should be a "New Internal Screen" and select the "JRMC Library Explorer" screen in the list.
  6. Select the new item you created on the main menu.

Shortcuts Into Your JRMC Library
You can add any number of shortcuts into your JRMC library that will show up in the appropriate navigation sub-menu in the JRMC Explorer screen (e.g. the Artists/Album view scheme under Audio, the Calendar view scheme under Images, a custom view scheme under Video, a particular Playlist group, etc.). To add a shorcut:
  1. Bring up the navigation menu from the JRMC Explorer screen ("Options" or "Left" and select "Go To >").
  2. Select the desired media type and "Browse All" (e.g. "Go To > Audio > Browse All").
  3. Navigate to the desired view/path by selecting and drilling down into view schemes.
  4. Bring up the "More >" menu and select "Add Shorcut".
  5. Now this path will show up as a shortcut in the navigation menu under the appropriate media type.
  6. The display type (thumbnails,list,etc.) will be saved independently for each shortcut's subviews and files display as well as the sorting for files display.

Special Commands For Each Screen

All Screens Except Slideshow Player
  • LEFT - brings up main options menu or goes BACK depending on settings.
  • OPTIONS - brings up main options menu.

  • HOME - navigates to shortcut "home" or to main menu if already there.
  • PLAY - brings up Playback options for selected item.
  • INFO - shows all child files for selected view item (bypasses subview selection).

Now Playing
  • SKIP FWD #2 - advances to next file in queue.
  • SKIP BKWD #2 - goes to previous file in queue.
  • INFO - toggles lower display ("Next", "Queue", "Lyrics, etc.").

Music Mix
  • PLAY - plays current selection.

Slideshow Player
  • SELECT- toggles pause/play for slideshow.
  • CHANNEL/PAGE DOWN - advances to next image.
  • CHANNEL/PAGE UP - goes back to previous image.
  • LEFT - goes BACK to previous screen.
  • INFo - shows details for current image.

Reload Library Menu Commands
These commands cause the JRMC library of the given index to be reloaded as read-only. This is useful to refresh the library if changes were made from another PC. Note that this will cause a warning message box to be shown on your server that you will have to answer or it will look like your library is empty (you can set it to not display the warning in the future).

Advanced Options (must be edited in .Properties file manually)

File Title Text (jrmc/filetemplate): This is a JRMC expression filled in for each file caption/title. It can contain pretty much any field - see the JRMC documentation for expression examples.

File Details Text (jrmc/detailstitle,/detailstext1-4): These are JRMC expressions filled in for each file in the Now Playing and file details screens. "detailstitle" is shown at the top ('Name' by default). "details1-3" are for the three lines under the title next to the art image and "details4" is for the scrolling text area below.

MyMovies Data Importer for DVDs, etc.
I wrote an import tool to bring MyMovies data into JRMC. You can get it here.
nav1_XLC.jpg by cncb on 01-12-2009
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Downloads [Download JRMC Media Explorer 2 (Default STV and SageMC)]

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