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Downloads [Download Color Genre Icons v1.1]
File Name: Color Genre Icons v1.1 (6.86 MB) Download
Author: meinmaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 09-01-2006
Downloads: 1909
This download contains Color Genre Icons for SageMC. As of SageMC v6.10, there is an alias properties file in the GenreIcons folder that allows mapping of icons to other variations of the genre name.

To install, extract the zip file to your /Program Files/SageTV/SageTV directory. The Genre Icons will overwrite the originals in


If you want to keep the original icons, be sure to back them up before installing.

Important notes about full size icons.

1. Fullsize genre icons are disabled by default in SageMC. They can be enabled in the SageMC options menu.

2. You will have to use the full size icons in conjunction with my glassy selection bars for things to look right. Things will look really bad if you try to use anything else. My apologies, this issue could not be avoided. The shape of the genre icons is matched to the shape of my selection bars and in SageMC the selection bar will overlay the genre icon so you can see what is selected. The consequence of this is that the selection bar must be transparent (which mine are). The original view will still be available by disabling the new full size view in the SageMC Options menu for those who want to stick with the stock selection bars and/or screen layout.


Version History

v 0.1
Initial test release

v 0.2
Added Crime, Documentary, Film-Noir, Mystery, and War genres
Set now contains 21 genres

v 1.0
1. Added Biography and Music icons
2. Added elongated icons for the fullsize list view in SageMC (*_list.png)
3. Added icons for the fullsize folder view in SageMC (*_folder.png)

v 1.1
1. Added Sport, Series, and James Bond icons
2. Added .psd genre icon file for each of the 3 icon types for use as a template for creating your own personalized genre icons. Note requires Photoshop 6 (or higher), the GIMP, or another image editing package capable of opening .psd files.
genre-icons-screen-shot-1_8BI.png by MeInMaui on 09-01-2006
Downloads [Download Color Genre Icons v1.1]

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The download directory is not writeable!