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Downloads [Download Toolbar For SageMC v1.3 (10/17/08)]
File Name: Toolbar For SageMC v1.3 (10/17/08) (1.09 MB) Download
Author: MeInMaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 04-15-2007
Downloads: 2420
At least SageTV v6.3, Java v1.6, and SageMC v6.3.8 are required

This import adds a toolbar to the top of the screen for SageMC, providing enhanced mouse support. The toolbar is normally hidden and will roll down when the mouse cursor is moved to the top of the screen. It will roll back up when you move the mouse away. In the Video OSD, the behavior is slightly different, requiring a mouse click at the top of the screen to activate the toolbar.

In the first release, the basic functionality includes the following commands: back, forward, home, sleep, fullscreen toggle, exit, transport controls, volume controls, mute, and direct access to the weather menu and calendar.

Version 1.0 of the toolbar import adds two user configurable toolbars (in addition to the Minimal and Fullsize configurations) and two user configurable fixed button layouts for placing buttons directly on menu screens. Different combinations of toolbar + fixed button layout can be selected for the Main Menu, Submenus, and the Media Player OSD. By default, the fixed button layouts are disabled in all screens and the Minimal toolbar configuration is enabled in all screens.

Editing of User Configurable Buttons

Buttons and button groups can be enabled/disabled from the toolbar options menu or by highlighting any button in the toolbar or fixed button layout to be edited and pressing the options key and then selecting Enable/Disable Buttons.

Any editable button/button group can be moved or rescaled by highlighting the button to be edited, pressing the options key, and then selecting Move/Scale Button. You can then use the arrow keys to move the button(s), the Pgup/Pgdn keys to rescale, and the stop key to restore the default size/location.


The Minimal and Fullsize toolbar configurations are still available. The Minimal toolbar is now the default.
There are now two additional custom toolbar configurations labeled MyBar 1 and MyBar 2. These two configurations are user editable.

Fixed Buttons

There are now two user editable configurations (Layout 1 and Layout 2) for placing fixed buttons and button groups on screen. Separate Back, Fullscreen/Windowed, and Sleep icons are available in the fixed button layouts in addition to all of the buttons available in the toolbars.


This import also adds functionality to the record and conflict icons. The record icon takes you to the Schedule menu and the conflict icon takes you to the conflict management menu when clicked. There is also now an option to disable the invisible navigation spots in SageMC to prevent conflicts if buttons are placed over the spot (upper left corner of the menu).

Note: There is currently a limitation when using the stop popup screen for video playback. One option is to press stop a second time. This is currently not possible using only the mouse.


Unzip the contents of the download into your SageTV directory. Then start Sage and import Toolbar_Import.xml (in the STVs\SageTV3\ folder) into SageMC.

For use with the Google Calendar plugin:

Install the Google Calendar STVi first. (Very important! The calendar menu must exist for the Toobar to properly link to it.)
Install the Toolbar as per above.
Go to the Extras section of the SageMC Options menu and enable 'Toolbar Calendar Icon Selectable'
Also in the Extras section, go to the Calendar Options and disable the Navbar.

Version History

Initial Release


- Added an Options Menu for the toolbar. It is accessible from the SageMC Options / Extras section or by pressing the options key while any button in the toolbar is focused
- Added shortcut button to jump to the Playlist Manager
- Added user configurable shortcut button (configure button in options menu)
- Added TV command button. (This toggles fullscreen video/video preview)
- Added Record button. (Initiates a manual recording while watching live tv)
- Added option to select alternate toolbar backgrounds from the options menu. (I have provided glassy backgrounds in blue, red, green, smoked and purple in addition to the original metallic background.)
- Adjusted layout and button sizes to (hopefully) improve aesthetics

v 0.2b

- Added minimal toolbar view. This view has a smaller footprint and eliminates the diskbar, calendar, and weather items. The background image is set independently of the fullsize toolbar. Both background settings are preserved.

v 1.0

- Complete redesign. (See description above)

v 1.0a

- Misc. small bug fixes
- Added option to disable toolbar animation separately in the Main Menu, Submenus, and MediaPlayer OSD
- Added Diskbar to custom toolbars. (Because the diskbar does not gain focus, you must click on the diskbar to bring up its options menu for moving/rescaling.)
- Added standalone shortcut button. (This is the same button that is grouped with the playlist and TV buttons, just made available separately.)

v 1.1
-Updated plugin to support SageMC v6.3.4+

-Compatibility update for SageMC v6.3.7
-Toolbar should now be importable on Placeshifter clients

Compatibility update for SageMC v6.3.8
toolbar3_psE.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-04-2007
toolbar2_0PG.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-04-2007
toolbar1b_td7.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-04-2007
toolbar4_3Nl.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-04-2007
toolbar5_o40.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-04-2007
minimaltoolbar1_zx3.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-07-2007
minimaltoolbar2_Pk0.jpg by MeInMaui on 05-07-2007
Downloads [Download Toolbar For SageMC v1.3 (10/17/08)]

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