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Downloads [Download Touchscreen Controls for SageMC v1.3]
File Name: Touchscreen Controls for SageMC v1.3 (619.1 KB) Download
Author: MeInMaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 02-26-2008
Downloads: 1006
This import adds a control bar to SageMC intended to provide touchscreen users with access to some necessary controls.

Minimum Requirements

Java v1.6 or higher
SageTV v6.4.1 or higher
SageMC v6.3.8 or higher


The control bar contains the following buttons: Back, Home, Stop Play/Pause, Skip back/fwd, Skip back2/fwd2, Record, Sleep, and Fullscreen. In the Video OSD, the play/pause button is removed and replaced with Left and Right Buttons. (The Play/Pause functionality is already built in to the time bar)

  • Download and extract the zip file to your SageTV folder.
  • Start SageTV and go to Settings >> Import STVi from within the SageMC UI.
  • Locate and import touchscreen_control_import.xml in ...\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3

In any menu, click on an unused area or within the title area at the top of the screen to activate the control bar. To deactivate, click anywhere outside the control bar or just let it time out (~5sec).

In the Video OSD, the control bar is attached across the top of the time bar. It will appear whenever the time bar is activated.

Version History

v1.0 (2/25/08)
Initial Release

v1.1 (3/3/08)
Rewrote control bar so that menu retains focus and navigation when control panel is active
Added volume and mute controls
Added four-way direction controls. (Act as Page Up/Dn/Left/Right in guide)
Added 'Opt' (Options) button to activate options menus in context
Added jump to 'Browse by Channel' menu by clicking on channel in the guide

v1.2 (8/11/08)
Fix: Missing vol and mute controls
Fix: Missing touchscreen controls when in menu using 'Empty Menu Theme' (i.e. Online Services)

v1.3 (10/17/08)
Compatibility update for SageMC v6.3.8
menu_screenshot2_1Ek.jpg by MeInMaui on 03-03-2008
video_osd_screenshot2_0GC.jpg by MeInMaui on 03-03-2008
Downloads [Download Touchscreen Controls for SageMC v1.3]

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There is no index.html or index.php in the download directory!