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Downloads [Download Glassy Show Icons v1.3]
File Name: Glassy Show Icons v1.3 (1.96 MB) Download
Author: meinmaui (Uploaded by MeInMaui)
Date Added: 06-28-2006
Downloads: 4592
This download contains a complete set of glassy show icons and encoder markers for SageMC.

Highlights include:

1. The set includes large icons for HD resolutions and small icons for SD resolution.
2. Encoder specific 'currently recording' icons are included to support SageMC v6.6 and higher.
3. Online and offline icons are included for video collections in anticipation of this functionality being added in the future.
4. Alternate versions of the series record and watched icons are available in this set. Just rename them by removing the '2' from the file name(s).

To install, extract the zip file to a location of your choice. Choose the zip file within that corresponds to the icon set you wish to install and extract to your /Program Files/SageTV/SageTV directory. The Encoder Markers will overwrite the originals in


and the Show Icons will overwrite the originals in


If you want to keep the original icons, be sure to back them up before installing.


Version History

v 1.0
Initial release

v 1.1
1. Increased graphic size in curr_rec icon for better visibility
2. Included icon sets at 35%, 50%, 75%, and 100% opacity in large and small formats

v 1.2
1. Corrected size of series_rec icons. (They will now appear with the same scale as the other icons.)
2. Changed color gradient in watched and watched2 icons to improve their appearance.

v 1.3
1. Added series.png and rec_indicator.png icons to support new features in sageMC v6.10

You can jump to the Graphics for SageMC thread here.
v1.1-thumbnails_JCP.png by MeInMaui on 06-30-2006
Downloads [Download Glassy Show Icons v1.3]

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