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Downloads [Download GKusnick's Studio Tools]
File Name: GKusnick's Studio Tools (947.9 KB) Download
Author: Greg Kusnick (Uploaded by GKusnick)
Date Added: 10-10-2006
Downloads: 1933
GKusnick's Studio Tools
Version 0.72

A collection of developer tools and runtime classes for SageTV plugin developers and SageTV Studio users.


Unzip the package into your Program Files\SageTV\SageTV folder. Make sure .jar files land in the JARs folder; everything else should go into the gkusnick.sagetv folder.

Included tools

Studio plugin manager

This component implements a plugin manager for Studio, allowing Java programmers to extend Studio functionality by adding custom commands to the Studio menus. To enable the plugin manager, add to the load_at_startup_runnable_classes property on the system where you do your Studio development (i.e. your SageClient properties, not your SageTV service properties).

To enable or disable individual plugins, use the Manage... command on the Plugins menu in Studio (or edit the studio/plugins property directly). The package comes with two plugins: and (see below). Even if you don't know Java and aren't interested in coding your own plugins, you might find these plugins useful.

For information on how to implement your own Studio plugin, see the tv.sage.StudioPlugin interface documentation in the included Javadocs. Also check out the included source code for gkusnick\sagetv\studio\ for an example of a working plugin.

For full details, see the package documentation in the included Javadocs.

Tools plugin

This Studio plugin implements various Studio extensions such as:
  • Advanced Search & Replace commands.
  • Commands for selecting subtrees for safe deletion, finding shared references buried deep in the widget tree, and adjusting primary/secondary references individually or wholesale.
  • Editing functions such as Paste Before/After/Above, Delete & Promote Children, and Shift Block Up/Down.
  • List windows for keeping track of widget references, variable references, search results, and more.
For full details, see the Tools class documentation in the included Javadocs.

STVI Tools plugin

This Studio plugin implements commands for automating STVI creation by encoding references into and out of exported menus in a form that can be automatically looked up and rebound at import time. You can also use these tools to copy blocks of code from one STV to another.

For full details, see the STVI class documentation in the included Javadocs.

API wrappers

This component implements a set of strongly-typed wrapper classes for the SageTV API, simplifying the use of API functions in Java code. Unlike hand-written wrappers, these wrappers are generated automatically from the official SageTV API docs and are therefore complete (every documented API function is wrapped) and fully up-to-date with the V6.1 API additions.

The wrappers also include a number of useful extensions to the official API.

You're not obliged to use these wrappers when coding Studio plugins, but using them (or your own hand-written wrappers) does a lot to improve the readability of widget-manipulating code.

For full details, see the gkusnick.sagetv.api package documentation in the included Javadocs.

For support, see the forum thread here.
Downloads [Download GKusnick's Studio Tools]

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