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Downloads [Download Cogs UI Theme for Standard STV]
File Name: Cogs UI Theme for Standard STV (501.0 KB) Download
Author: GKusnick (Uploaded by GKusnick)
Date Added: 09-18-2007
Downloads: 965
Cogs Theme V1.0 for Standard STV V6.2

A loadable UI theme for the Standard STV. Requires SageTV V6.2 or later.


Unzip the package into your Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3\Themes folder.

In SageTV, go to Setup > Detailed Setup > Advanced > Select the User Interface Theme and choose Cogs HD720 (for 16x9 displays) or Cogs SDTV (for 4x3 displays).

The default color scheme is a sort of sky-blue, but I've included alternate earth-toned backgrounds if you prefer. To use them, go into the Themes\Cogs HD720 or Themes\Cogs SDTV folder and rename *2.jpg to *.jpg.

For support or suggestions, see the forum thread here.


Downloads [Download Cogs UI Theme for Standard STV]

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