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Downloads [Download Display Aspect Ratio Switcher]
File Name: Display Aspect Ratio Switcher (158.5 KB) Download
Author: Greg Kusnick (Uploaded by GKusnick)
Date Added: 01-21-2007
Downloads: 927
Display Aspect Ratio Switcher
Version 1.2 for SageTV V6.4

The DARSwitcher STVI provides automatic display aspect ratio switching for people with multiple monitors that have different aspect ratios (for instance, one 4x3 and one 16x10 widescreen).

Install and configure DARSwitcher as follows:

1. Unzip the file into your Program Files\SageTV\SageTV folder.

2. Import DARSwitcher.stvi using the Detailed Setup > Advanced > Import command.

3. Bring up the Display Aspect Ratio screen from Detailed Setup > Multimedia > Display Aspect Ratio Settings.

4. Drag the SageTV window to your primary monitor and click the appropriate aspect ratio button for that monitor. Even if the setting is already correct, click the button anyway to tell DARSwitcher which setting to use for that monitor.

5. Drag the window to your secondary monitor and click the appropriate button for that monitor. Repeat for any other monitors you may have.

That's it. DARSwitcher should now automatically set the display aspect ratio appropriately whenever you drag the window from one monitor to another.

If for some reason you don't want DARSwitcher to switch ratios automatically, you can do it manually by qutting SageTV and setting the following property in your or file:


Enabling manual mode puts a miniature version of the Display Aspect Ratio adjustment circle in the SageTV menu header above the clock. Clicking the circle icon cycles through the aspect ratios you set up in steps 4 and 5 above. After dragging the SageTV window from one monitor to another, just click the icon until the circle looks round again.

To return to automatic mode, quit SageTV and set the property back to auto:


This import require Java version 1.5 or better.

For support, click here.

This download includes gkusnick.sagetv.jar version 0.6. For the latest version of this JAR, click here.
Downloads [Download Display Aspect Ratio Switcher]

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