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Downloads [Download STV Import: Recently Watched for the Default STV]
File Name: STV Import: Recently Watched for the Default STV (72.7 KB) Download
Author: tmiranda (Uploaded by tmiranda)
Date Added: 03-15-2010
Downloads: 609
This import tracks the video files you have recently watched in SageTV.

To Install:
  • Stop SageTV and the SageTV service.
  • Unzip to your SageTV install directory which is usually C:/Program Files/SageTV/SageTV
  • Import in the usual manner.
  • Restart SageTV.

  • Recently Watched items are denoted by a script "R" next to their thumbnail and next to their name in the menu list.
  • A script "R" will appear in the icon column on the far left of the Sage Recordings menu. Selecting that icon will take you to the Recently Watched menu.
  • The number of recently watched items that will be tracked can be configured either by selecting "Options" from the Recently Watched menu or by going to Setup->Detailed Setup->Customize and selecting "Recently Watched List Size".
  • Various grouping, sorting and filtering options are available by choosing the appropriate icon from the far left icon column.

  • The import works for both the default Sage Recordings menu and the Malore menus.
  • Linux is supported.
  • Recorded TV, imported video files, and ripped DVDs are supported.

Support here:
default recordings_vG4.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
sorting options_499.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
grouping options_I31.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
menu_Vyo.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
malore 1_T7I.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
malore 2_rN7.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
menu 2_4I5.jpg by tmiranda on 03-15-2010
Downloads [Download STV Import: Recently Watched for the Default STV]

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