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Downloads [Download CenterSage Theme for SageMC]
File Name: CenterSage Theme for SageMC (4.69 MB) Download
Author: bialio (Uploaded by bialio)
Date Added: 03-31-2008
Downloads: 2889
Here is the CenterSage theme for SageMC.

This is based entirely on the GUI of CenterStage : The Mac Media Center Project.

Included are three themes, which are named CenterSageNarrow, CenterSage, and CenterSageWide. They are aimed at TV's with different overscan behavior. The only differences between the three are in the background images. Just play with them and you will figure out which works best for your TV.

Also included are two .layout files, one for the main menu and one for dynamic sub menus. You will have to tweak them a little to get them just right on your TV set, but it should be small location and sizing tweaks. The basic look and feel is there.

Credits :

Main Menu Look and Feel : CenterStage : The Mac Media Center Project.
Main Menu Icons : CenterStage : The Mac Media Center Project.
Online Services Icon : modified version of the Online Services icon in microb81's theater icon pack (added shadow and modified the color).
Base Theme - started with the iTV theme for SageMC. For resources I didn't modify, it's the iTV version of the resource.

Here are a few screen shots :

Installation : unzip to your SageTV install folder. On windows computers, this is usually at C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV

Downloads [Download CenterSage Theme for SageMC]

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