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Downloads [Download Advanced Mini Guide for SageMC 2.0]
File Name: Advanced Mini Guide for SageMC 2.0 (41.1 KB) Download
Author: bialio (Uploaded by bialio)
Date Added: 10-20-2008
Downloads: 1166
This plugin is only for the SageMC STV. SageMC version 6.3.8 is required.

Here is the Advanced Mine Guide for SageMC. This is an alternative to the standard mini-guide. See pics down below. It works just like the normal mini-guide - pressing up or down arrow while viewing live or recorded TV brings it up.

Discussion thread is here.

updated 10/20/2008
Installation :
  • shut down the Sage UI
  • extract all files in this package into your SageTV folder (eg. E:\Video\SageTV\SageTV). Make sure to extract with preserving the directory structure, and overwrite older files if necessary
  • start Sage up again
  • in SageMC, goto My Menu -> Settings, and select "Import STVi" and import the SageMC_AMG_2-0.xml file

This import will not import on top of a previous install of AMG - so start with a version of SageMC that doesn't have the AMG already imported.

Release Notes :

There are lots of options - just hit options while the AMG is visibile to pull up the options menu. The following property is also available - in the .properties file :

This controls the number of channels shown above and below the focused channel.

Theme Support :

SageMC supports themes, and the color controls available for AMG are now in the file. There are 4 controls available for theme designers. I will list them here with their default values. These all control the colors used in the 'focus' area of the AMG.


For version 6.3.7a of SageMC, download the AMG located here.

Revision History :
V 2.0
  • updated to work with Version 6.3.8 of SageMC

V 1.3
  • modified Channel UP and Channel Down in AMG to skip the number of channels visible, and to honor the "Miniguide Reverse Up/Down" setting
  • modified AMG navigation so that if you have navigated to a future time slot (via the right arrow) and then go up or down, the AMG stays in the future time slot instead of going back to the currently airing time slot.

V 1.2 :
  • changed layout of focus channel to give more room for the title
  • added options non focus channel number / show title font size
  • added info for shows with no description - the "category :: subcategory" of the show is used for these instead of nothing
  • renamed "Navigation" option to "Channel Order" - Ascending and Descending

V 1.1 :
  • moved color related properties to the file.
  • added a color property for the channel number text in the focus area
  • added options for Vertical and Horizontal Alignment, Height, and Focus Airing Info Font Size
  • fixed bug where description text wasn't scaling

V 1.0 : Initial Release
thumb_52G.jpg by bialio on 10-20-2008
Downloads [Download Advanced Mini Guide for SageMC 2.0]

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