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Downloads [Download Serenity for SageMC]
File Name: Serenity for SageMC (7.32 MB) Download
Author: bialio (Uploaded by bialio)
Date Added: 05-30-2009
Downloads: 1590
Serenity for SageMC
by bialio

Serenity is a set of replacement screens aimed at the TV portions of SageMC. The following screens are Serenitized :
  1. Main Menu
  2. My TV
  3. Recorded TV
  4. Guide
  5. Guide By Channel
  6. Program Info
  7. TV Subgroups
  8. Airing Browser
  9. Schedule

Credits - jaminben for initial inspiration (some of this is modeled after his work, as well as the cover art graphic is his)
Backgrounds - most are gleaned from nuahs's Serenity wall paper on deviantart.

Installation Instructions
This release is only tested with the latest pre-release of Sage MC -
SageMC_6_3_9a_46.xml. When the final release of SageMC comes up I will test with that update the import if necessary. It is highly recommended to install this first, from a clean version of SageMC (no other imports).

Steps :

1) import the Serenity_Full_*.xml
2) *Optional* Set theme to "Serenity"
3) *Optional* Import Layout file ("All") serenity.layout
4) *Optional* Restore backup file serenity.backup

Quite a bit is tweakable - hit options from My TV to get to the main Serenity options. Most screens that are Serenitized will have a menu item Serenity Options if they don't take you straight there from the normal options menu.

Version History :

RC_2.0 :

Only ship a single XML (instead of two). This no longer applies:

There are two options for installing Serenity. The first is to install the Serenity_Full_<version>.xml. This installs serenity, as well as the Simple OSD.

Serenity_<version>.xml installs just Serenity, without the Simple OSD.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't move the video preview on non-guide screens.
  • Fixed bug where the TV Info screen would give initial focus to the preview instead of the menu.
  • Added System Info Alert icon to the header.

RC_1.0 : initial version

guide_tWO.jpg by bialio on 05-30-2009
Downloads [Download Serenity for SageMC]

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