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Downloads [Download SageMC16x9 for SageTV 5.x (Build v6.13a)]
File Name: SageMC16x9 for SageTV 5.x (Build v6.13a) (999.7 KB) Download
Author: flachbar (Uploaded by flachbar)
Date Added: 05-23-2006
Downloads: 6381
Forum thread: here

This is the continuation of my previous SageMC Addon and builds on the latest version of mlbdude's latest dev build (5_10). It contains all the features of the plugin:
  1. when the recordings are grouped by title, a group entry will show the 'Watched' icon if all shows in the group have been watched (property plugins/df/sagemc/group_watched_icons)
  2. firstrun icons have been added to the recording lists and the Guide. The install will copy firstrun.jpg to your STVs\SageMCE\Images\ShowIcons folder. The current icon is a quick and dirty modification of the Watched icon, so if anyone can contribute a nicer icon (round ?) this would be highly appreciated. Firstrun icons can be configured separately for recordings and Guide (properties plugins/df/sagemc/firstrun_icons and plugins/df/sagemc/guide_firstrun_icons)
  3. added functionality to toggle the EPG with the same Guide button. You will loose the "Channel EPG" functionality on this button, but since it is also available in the options menu it is still accessible (property plugins/df/sagemc/guide_toggle)
  4. changed the behavior of "LiveTV" to be similar to the standard STV: it will start with the last viewed channel (or currently viewed channel if another client is watching) instead of always the first available channel in the EPG (property plugins/df/sagemc/std_livetv)
  5. added generic color coding for all categories in the EPG (configuration instructions below). The install will copy the samples tvguide_button_movie_middle.png and tvguide_button_light_movie_middle.png to your STVs\SageMCE\Images folder. They are modified versions of the original MC theme bitmaps, so if you are using a different theme you might want to create your own (property plugins/df/sagemc/epg_movies)
  6. the miniguide can now be dismissed before the timeout by pressing the 'Left' button (property plugins/df/sagemc/mg_left_cancels)
  7. added more detailed recording times of shows airing the same: "in XXX min" or XX hr ago". The prefix/postfix "in ..." and "... ago" can be separately disabled (properties plugins/df/sagemc/rec_time_detail and plugins/df/sagemc/rec_time_detail_short)
  8. added new sorting "Grouped" which displays the recordings grouped by title, and the groups sorted by date, based on the most recent member of each group (property plugins/df/sagemc/group_by_title)
  9. added Watched/DontLike/Delete to the options menu for a recording, which is now also available for other sorting modes than by date
  10. the currently showing movies list ('On Now') is now sorted descending, so that movies that started most recently are displayed on the top (property plugins/df/sagemc/on_now_desc)
  11. while in the Guide, pressing the 'Play' button on a channel will play the selected show in the preview window without leaving the guide (property plugins/df/sagemc/play_in_guide)
  12. added year and star rating to movie titles in detailed description (property plugins/df/sagemc/movie_title)
  13. added functionality so that if a link in the "Other Programs" folder ends with "_x", Sage will exit instead of just going to sleep (property plugins/df/sagemc/other_programs_exit)

Almost all features can be enabled/disabled individually by setting properties in (or or changing the option in the SageMC options menu. Any new features will only be listed in the version history (below).

Note: You'll need the SageMC16x9 base package installed to use this STV update

  • if this is a first-time install: download and extract the SageMC base distribution (SageMC version 5_10 by mlbdude) here. Make sure to extract all files with preserving the directory structure
  • dowload and extract the lates dev STV (this download). Again, make sure to preserve the directory structure. This will copy SageMC_196.xml to STVs\SageTV3 and any required JAR files to the JARs directory
  • if this is a first-time install and you are not planning to install any additional icon packs, also extract the default graphics contained in into your Sage directory
  • (optional): download any custom icons or graphics, MeInMaui's are terrific (e.g. those)
  • load SageMC_169.xml in Setup/Advanced/Load Application Package from the default STV
  • now in SageMC, configure your main menu (by bringing up the options menu, ESC on the keyboard)
  • configure all other SageMC specific settings (there are tons of them) to your liking, this can be done from Settings/DetailedSetup/Advanced/SageMC Options


Allmost all SageMC options can now be configured via the SageMC options menu, which can be found under "Settings/Detailed Setup/Advanced". For easier access to the options, you can link the internal screen "SageMC Options" to a menu item of 'My Menu'.

Configuration for colored categories in the guide:

If you want to color a specific show category differently in the EPG, drop two image files 'tvguide_button_light_xxx_middle.png' and 'tvguide_button_xxx_middle.png' into the SageMCE/Images directory (take the existing files as a template and change the color in your favorite image editor), where 'xxx' denotes the category name.

Example: if you want different colors for sports events, create two files 'tvguide_button_light_sports event_middle.png' and 'tvguide_button_sports event_middle.png' in the Image directory and restart SageTV. All shows with the category 'sports event" will use the new image files instead of the standard ones. If there is no specific image file for a category, it will use the standard SageMC ones.

This is a temporary development branch until mlbdude picks up main development again.

For a detailed version history, see the first post in the support thread.

Downloads [Download SageMC16x9 for SageTV 5.x (Build v6.13a)]

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