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File Name: (68.9 KB) Download
Author: bcjenkins (Uploaded by bcjenkins)
Date Added: 06-03-2008
Downloads: 718
ComChecker - A GUI front end for running Erik's Comskip under Wine on an Intel based Mac. (An AppleScript Studio application which executes a bash script) There were a few people asking for a Comskip application for the Mac which works with SageTV. This implementation method was chosen because it allows you to update to Erik's latest versions as he releases without the need to someone else to create a new OS X application.

Features -
  • Supports concurrent scanning of files, user definable.
  • Displays current running status
  • Can check multiple data locations
Installation -
You will need Darwine and Erik’s Comskip. I suggest placing Darwine in /Applications and Comskip in /Applications/Utilities. Download ComChecker and place it wherever you'd like. Don't forget to adjust your comskip.ini as well.
First Launch -
Click on the Options button to open the text file containing all of the variables, save and exit. Click Start to enable the scanning.
Usage -
To have ComChecker auto-run, simply add it to your login items in the Accounts prefpane in Apple's System Preferences. Enable automatic starting of the scan process by selecting the application menu, preferences and checking the box.
Support -
Please use the forum thread for support.
Version History -
Version .3a - First GA release. No known issues.
Version .3b - Found minor bug when used in conjunction with nielm's xml generator. General code cleanup in bash script.
Version .3g - Script has been updated to unify the linux and Mac OSX versions.
Version .3h - Compiled to work on Tiger and Leopard
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