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Downloads [Download Media Player Time Jump v0.6]
File Name: Media Player Time Jump v0.6 (8.3 KB) Download
Author: Bob Phoenix (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 05-03-2006
Downloads: 875
This plug-in allows you to press the Time Scroll button and then type in the number of Hours, Minutes and/or Seconds and then press Time Scroll again to go to that absolute position in the video. You can also do relative positioning by pressing the FF/REW buttons to get it to position relative to the current position. The value of the absolute position or relative jump amount is displayed in the same area of the On Screen Display as the channel number does when watching Live TV (top left corner of bottom section).

This plug-in also allows you to store the amount you type in for future positioning by using the Select button after entering the amount. To skip you still need to enter the TimeScroll mode like normal but now the amount is entered for you and you only have to press the directional FF/REW or TimeScroll to reposition.

There are configuration options in Detailed setup > Customize that you can use to configure this plug-in. The options are: Time entry format (Hrs:Min - the default or Hrs:Min:Sec), Immediate Jump on FF/REW button (Yes - the default or No - if you want to only jump when you press Time Scroll so that you can change the amount and direction and have the Time Scroll button actually perform the operation), The longevity that the Jump amount is stored (Temporary: only as long as the current video is playing, Persistent: for as long as the SageTV GUI is executing - the default, Permanent: value is stored in the properties file so that the value is available after a reboot), the last entry in this menu is only present when Permanent is selected. From it you will select the Permanent jump value that gets written to the properties file.

Some things to note:

1. This jump memory feature does not prevent you from changing it to something else it just gives you that value as a default.
2. When you enter your time value it fills from the right. So if the value currently loaded is 0:05 on the display and you want to decrease it to 4 minutes you must enter two zeros first. If you just press 4 the display will change to 0:54.
3. You can override the Permanent amount by typing in a new value and pressing the Select button. But this value will only be maintained as long as the current video is playing. So it acts just like a Temporary setting. The difference comes when you play a new video. When you do it will go back to the permanent value.
4. If you have the Immediate jump feature turned off and press the FF button the display will change to add a + sign to the display to indicated that you are now in relative positioning mode and will jump by the amount listed farther into the video. If you press the REW button the display will change to a leading - and will jump by the amount listed earlier in the video. You can still enter a new amount this since to actually do the positioning you must now press the Time Scroll button again. FYI: The immediate jump feature just issues a Time Scroll command after you press FF or REW. So you are always performing this operation. You just don't see it.
5. To cancel the operation you can either wait for the OSD time-out or you can press the Info button to turn off the on screen display.
6. If you press the Time Scroll button the mouse icons will disappear if they were previously visible - sorry I needed the extra space for the bigger number.
7. You may also use the FF2/REW2/PageUp/PageDown buttons in addition to the FF/REW buttons to perform the same operations.


2006/12/01 - made it compatible with 6.0.x

Support Thread
customizemenu_T9Q.jpg by BobPhoenix on 05-04-2006
configurationpopup_evP.jpg by BobPhoenix on 05-04-2006
osdscreenaftertimescroll_jPW.jpg by BobPhoenix on 05-04-2006
osdshowingdirection_KsF.jpg by BobPhoenix on 05-04-2006
Downloads [Download Media Player Time Jump v0.6]

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