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File Name: SageTV Remote Control (610.3 KB) Download
Author: (Uploaded by
Date Added: 11-12-2008
Downloads: 1035
This add-on provides a rich web-based remote control for SageTV using Flash Player. This utility includes the ability to switch between multiple SageTV servers, SageTV clients, and multiple extenders all from a single user interface. SageTV Remote Control also accepts keyboard shortcut keys to initiate control to the connected Sage UI. SageTV Remote Control contains a very flexible user configuration XML file were you can customize the button commands, the menu commands, and keyboard shortcut keys.

This add-on is intended to be hosted by a web server. While you can deploy this to any web server you like, the instructions here describe how to deploy using Nielm's SageTV Web-based user interface (and web server).

(For instructions on installing this web application using Jetty instead of Nielm's web server, please see this post #49 in the support thread)

Before installing this add-on, you need two things (PREREQUISITES):
  1. Install and configure Nielm's SageTV Web-based user interface. You can download and obtain information here.
  2. Second, you need Stuckless' awesome sagex.api (ver 6.4.8-3 or later). This api provides the remoting service that SageTV Remote Control will use to communicate with SageTV. Installation instructions for installing this api on Nielm's web server can be found here.

Next, download the ZIP file from this page and extract all the contents from the zip into a new folder named "Remote" under the "sage" folder in the webroot of Nielm's web server.
C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\sage\remote

Next, copy the "crossdomain.xml" file and place this file in the root directory of the web server. This file must be placed in the root web server for each SageTV server/client you wish to access.
C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\crossdomain.xml

** ATTENTION ** If you are using the Jetty web server instead of Nielm's web server, you must copy the crossdomain.xml to the SAGE_HOME/jetty/static folder. You will also need Jetty Starter plugin version 1.5 or newer and stuckless remote API version 6.4.8-12 or newer.

(OPTIONAL) If you would like to replace the webremote that is used in Nielm's web user interface, all you need to do is to rename the existing "webremote.html" file in the under the "sage" folder in the webroot of Nielm's web server to something else like "webremote.old" ...

RENAME - C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\sage\webremote.html
TO - C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\sage\webremote.old

... and then copy the "webremote.html" file out from the new "remote" directory and paste it in the "sage" folder in the webroot of Nielm's web server. (effectively replacing the old implementation with this new one)

COPY - C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\sage\remote\webremote.html
TO - C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\webserver\webroot\sage\webremote.html

That should be lets move on to configuration.

In the new "remote" directory, there should be a "config.xml" file. All configuration is defined in this single file. You can look at the examples and the comments defined to get an understanding of what all you can customize, but there is one important section we need to setup before using this add-on.

Look for the <servers> section. You will need a <server> node defined for each SageTV Server and SageTV Client instance you have running. (Each SageTV Server and SageTV client must have Nielm's web server and the Stuckless sagex.api installed and configured.) Inside each <server> node you can optionally define a <ui> element. If you don't define anything, the web remote will automatically detect the available UI contexts, but if you do define these here, you can specify friendly names rather than seeing the rather cryptic ui context names appear in the SageTV Remote Control user interface.
  • server name : friendly name you want to display for this server
  • server url : the base web server address for the SageTV server or client
  • ui name : friendly name you want to display for this ui instance
  • ui context : the real context identifier for each extender instance

<server name="Main SageTV System" url="http://sage_server:8080" >
<ui name="Bedroom Extender" context="000000000001" />
<ui name="Living Room Extender" context="000000000002" />
<server name="Media Room SageTV Client" url="http://sage_client:8080" >
<ui name="Local Instance" context="SAGETV_PROCESS_LOCAL_UI" />
(Note: If you run a SageTV server and also run the SageTV client on the same server box, you will have to have the SageTV client configured ( to run a separate instance of Nielm's web server on a separate IP port. Then you would just create two server records in this config.xml file.)

Now you should be able to access this web remote using a link similar to this:
(replace the hostname and port based on your environment setup)

Please Note:
If you open the web remote application before configuring the settings in the config.xml file, the browser may have cached an older copy of the config file. You may need to clear the browser's cache to obtain the latest configuration file.

Download SageTV Remote Control
Support Thread:
Support & Comments Forum Thread
System Requirements
  • Flash Player 10+
  • IE 7 / Firefox 3
Release History
Release 1.0.1 (2008-11-28 - BETA RELEASE)
  • fixed config.xml file to load every time and not get cached
  • added detailed error information for communication failures
  • added crossdomain.xml file to resolve security issues
  • updated to support sagex.api-6.4.8-6
  • added support to run on JettyStarter plugin
  • added preview selected server URL below server listing
  • added preview selected UI context ID below UI context listing
Release 1.0.0 (2008-11-12 - BETA RELEASE)
  • initial BETA release
remote_menu_5t7.png by on 11-12-2008
remote1_rYn.png by on 11-12-2008
remote_select_ui_7OH.png by on 11-12-2008
remote_select_server_5X7.png by on 11-12-2008
remote_select_command_YVJ.png by on 11-12-2008
Downloads [Download SageTV Remote Control]

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