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Downloads [Download Control SageTV Clients & Extenders via iPhone]
File Name: Control SageTV Clients & Extenders via iPhone (3.8 KB) Download
Author: (Uploaded by
Date Added: 12-01-2008
Downloads: 1240
Looking for a way to control all your SageTV clients and extenders from your iPhone? This is one pretty elegant way to do it using existing tools and technology and very little effort.

Melloware has been kind enough to add HTTP query capability to his Intelliremote software application. Using this software in combination with his free Intelliphone iPhone app, we can now control all of our SageTV user interfaces directly from the iPhone. I have put together and included here the profile XML file that includes all the necessary SageTV command details and scripting.


1.) You will need to download and install the latest BETA version ( of Intelliremote BETA. (Support for the HTTP scripting is currently only available in the BETA build, but this build is expected to be a released in a few weeks.)

2.) On your iPhone, browse to the App Store, do a search for Intelliremote by Melloware. Download and install it, it is a free app. You will have to navigate to the iPhone settings menu to configure the server address and port for the computer where Intelliremote is running.

3.) Make sure you are running Nielm's web server plugin on each of the SageTV servers and SageTV clients you intend to control.
(User authentication should be disabled in Nielm's Web Server or anonymous access should be permitted for the server computer that is running Intelliremote.)
4.) Download the attached Profile XML file for controlling SageTV via HTTP/TCP. This file maps out all the SageTV commands and HTTP scripting.
Prior to loading this profile XML into Intelliremote, you will need to edit the appropriate settings (using a XML or TEXT editor, i.e. Notepad) in each button script node:
  • SageTV server hostname or IP address
  • Nilem's Web Server IP port
  • SageTV UI Context ID.
(A simple search and replace should accomplish this pretty easily. Each button node should contain same identical values.)
        <Script.Strings.Item>// Up</Script.Strings.Item>
5.) Load the SageTV Profile XML file into the Intelliremote software and give it whatever friendly name you desire. I named mine for each room where SageTV is available. You will need to load a separate unique instance of the file for each SageTV UI you wish to control.

6.) That should be it, navigate to the Intelliphone app on your iPhone and it should connect right up to the Intelliremote software. You can select the icon in the lower left corner to switch between profile instances of each SageTV UI you can control.


Minimum software version requirements
  • Intelliremote
  • Intelliphone 1.1 (installed on iPhone)
  • SageTV 6.4.8
  • Nielm's Web Server 2.22


I was able to get this installed and running in a matter of minutes, it was very simple to setup use and reasonably intuitive. (which means that I did not have to break down and read any help files.. yeah!) It is pretty cool to be able to walk around the house and control any SageTV client or extender from the iPhone. This is a very cool add on and the software can provide much greater capabilities with some savvy configuration. For example, with some simple configuration you could also create a SageTV Server Remote control that could include buttons that could restart the SageTV service, restart the physical server, etc.


intelliphone_30Q.jpg by on 12-01-2008
Downloads [Download Control SageTV Clients & Extenders via iPhone]

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