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Downloads [Download CableBox Style LiveTV Reminders v0.1]
File Name: CableBox Style LiveTV Reminders v0.1 (497.6 KB) Download
Author: Bob Phoenix (Uploaded by BobPhoenix)
Date Added: 08-31-2006
Downloads: 805
This plugin will allow you to set reminders in the program guide that will function similar to how a CableBox program reminder operates. Specifically if you set this up from the program guide menu then when your show comes on (actually just shortly before) a popup menu will be displayed allowing you to select the show in question and start watching the channel in the media player. You may set as many reminders as you want for as far into the future as the EPG guide goes. This plugin stores the Airing ID in the properties file and read that entry each time SageTV GUI is started. This allows you to save them between sessions as well as during the current session. This does not replace the default Favorite option it just enables further fuctionality for LiveTV only. This plugin has many configuration options and they are explained in the included PDF that by default is installed in C:\Program Files\SageTV\SageTV directory - name is Reminders.pdf. The graphics below show some of the display screens that are displayed.

I have not started a support thread yet because I want to see how this works. It should be considers early beta code as it has only been tested on my system and has not been tested with other plugins for SageTV.

programguidewithreminderscheduled_l1W.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
reminderschedulemenu_S1N.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
remindersoptionsmenu_09a.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
reminderspopupwithmediaplaying_mE2.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
reminderspopupwithnomedia_3aF.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
schedulerecordingmenuwreminderentry_28U.jpg by BobPhoenix on 08-31-2006
Downloads [Download CableBox Style LiveTV Reminders v0.1]

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